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2000_Nov-30: NTT DoCoMo to Offer I-Mode Mobile Phone with Music Feature
2000_Nov-30: Sony Recalls Crusoe Notebooks, Following NEC
2000_Nov-29: Computer Viruses Conference Convenes in Tokyo
2000_Nov-28: Cell Phone Users to Gain Access to NTT DoCoMo’s Mobile VPN Service
2000_Nov-27: Sony Demos Walking Humanoid Robot Capable of ‘Dancing’
2000_Nov-24: TSMC Begins Making CMOS Image Sensors Using 0.25-Micron Technology
2000_Nov-22: IDC Japan Survey Says Japan’s CRM SI Service Market to Grow Sharply
2000_Nov-21: ICANN Decides on New Domain Names, Including ‘biz’ and ‘info’
2000_Nov-20: Venture Firm Launches Japan’s First Free Internet-Phone Service
2000_Nov-17: TSMC Develops 0.13-Micron RF Test Chip
2000_Nov-16: NTT DoCoMo Sees Large Increases in April-Sept. Sales, Profits
2000_Nov-15: MPT Advises NTT Regional Companies to Improve Phone Number Changes for Users
2000_Nov-14: Microsoft, Hitachi Software Reach Agreement on Net Business
2000_Nov-13: Online Securities Trading in Japan Grows Sharply, IDC Says
2000_Nov-10: Japan’s Internet Users Would Prefer CATV Broadband Services
2000_Nov-9: Chinese Government Bans Unauthorized Web News
2000_Nov-8: Computer Associates to Emphasize ASPs in Asia
2000_Nov-7: Cable Internet Use Grows Dramatically, MPT Survey Says
2000_Nov-6: Microsoft, Kinokuniya Bookstore to Market EBooks
2000_Nov-3: Sanshin Electric Develops Thumbnail-Sized FM Tuner
2000_Nov-2: U.S. Enron to Enter Japan’s Telecom Market, Set Up Broadband Infrastructure
2000_Nov-1: KDDI to Reduce Packet Fee for IMT-2000 to 1/100th of Present Level


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