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2001_Mar-30: Toshiba Launches Bluetooth PC Card Kit for Wireless PC, Projector Connection
2001_Mar-29: Sony Develops Digital Content Rights Management, Distribution System
2001_Mar-28: Bluetooth Mobile Phones Showcased at CeBIT Show
2001_Mar-27: Samsung Japan to Introduce Lightweight B5-Size Notebook PCs
2001_Mar-26: Takara to Debut Low-Priced Digital Camera with Built-in Printer
2001_Mar-23: Half of Mobile Net Users Discontented Due to Slow Access: Gartner
2001_Mar-22: Access Debuts SSL-Compatible Micro Browser for Mobile Devices
2001_Mar-21: Taiwan has Third-Largest Internet Population in Asia-Pacific Region
2001_Mar-20: NTT DoCoMo May Let Third Party Set Criteria for I-Mode Menu
2001_Mar-19: J-Phone Group to Start Delivery of 3D Images for Cellular Phones in June
2001_Mar-16: Sony to Launch Sales of Bluetooth Adapter for CLIE PDAs in June
2001_Mar-15: Sony Marketing to Debut PDA to Replay Music, TV Programs
2001_Mar-14: Subscribers to xDSL Service in Japan More Than Double to 34,000 in February
2001_Mar-13: J-Stream to Provide Music Sampling Service for I-Mode Browser Phones
2001_Mar-12: NTT DoCoMo Discloses New HTML Tag Set for 503i Series Handsets
2001_Mar-9: ITU-R Prepares to Give HDR Official Endorsement; with Clear Timetable
2001_Mar-8: DDI Pocket’s Java-Enabled PHS to Adopt MIDP
2001_Mar-7: Mitsubishi Chemical, Fujitsu Team for Genome Drug Research
2001_Mar-6: DDI Pocket to Offer 128kbps Packet Communications Service in June
2001_Mar-5: Au’s Java-Capable Wireless Phones to Use Industry Standard MIDP
2001_Mar-2: NTT East, NTT West Aim to Obtain 1.55 Mln. Flet’s ADSL Subscribers
2001_Mar-1: JVC to Market MPEG4-Compatible Portable Digital Video Camera


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