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2000_Jan-31: Canon Releases Digital Camera with 3.34M Pixels Priced Below US$950
2000_Jan-31: Flaws Found in TSMC-ASMI Merger
2000_Jan-28: Picvue Electronic to Build Glass Laminate Plant
2000_Jan-28: Chi Mei Expands Presence in Optoelectronics Industry
2000_Jan-28: Singapore’s Chartered to Boost Production Capacity of 8-in. Wafers in 2000
2000_Jan-27: Toshiba Pilots ‘MPEG4 over Bluetooth’ System
2000_Jan-26: Mitsubishi Electric Aims to Expand Flash Memory Biz in 2000
2000_Jan-26: Taiwan to Rank Third in 200mm Wafer Input
2000_Jan-26: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Spot Prices Rise in Asia
2000_Jan-26: Hitachi Sets Up Recycling Plant to Process 400,000 Used Home Appliances A Year
2000_Jan-26: Taiwan Disc Makers’ Duel Extends into Internet
2000_Jan-26: Singapore’s Chartered to Double Production Capacity, Senior VP Says
2000_Jan-25: Foreign Investors’ Stake in Hyundai Electronics Rises to 14 Pct.
2000_Jan-25: Sega to Market Camera for Dreamcast to Attach Animated Video
2000_Jan-25: Sony to Market Very Thin 15-In. LCD Monitor
2000_Jan-25: EIAJ Forecasts Rapid Growth of DVD Players by 2004
2000_Jan-25: Ricoh Acquires ‘Eco Mark’ Supporting ISO14024 for 28 Types of Copiers
2000_Jan-24: World Semiconductor Market Grows 18 Pct. in 1999, Dataquest Says
2000_Jan-24: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Spot Prices Fall to US$7 Level in Two Major Markets
2000_Jan-24: Taiwan’s CD-ROM Drive Shipments Emerge from Slump
2000_Jan-24: PC Makers in Taiwan Forced to Buy Intel CPUs from Black Market
2000_Jan-24: Global LCD Monitor Shipments Grow in Q3 of 1999
2000_Jan-21: Murata Markets Small-Sized Isolators for Cell Phones
2000_Jan-21: Fujitsu Introduces FCRAM, New IC for Graphics Multimedia
2000_Jan-21: China Opens First Polycrystalline Silicon Production Line
2000_Jan-21: Taiwan’s DRAM Makers Woo New Expertise from Abroad
2000_Jan-20: NEC Starts Selling Optical Video Disc that Can Record on Both Sides
2000_Jan-20: Matsushita to Market Digital Camera with 120MB Disk
2000_Jan-19: Winbond Electronics to Expand Capacity in Tainan Park
2000_Jan-19: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Spot Prices Remain at US$8 Level
2000_Jan-19: Intel KK to Focus on Networking Business in 2000
2000_Jan-18: Six IC Makers Team to Develop DRAM Microchip for 2003
2000_Jan-18: Sharp Introduces Compact, High-Definition LCD Panel
2000_Jan-17: Can Japanese Semiconductor Industry Rise in 2000 from the Brink of Crisis?
2000_Jan-17: Tottori Sanyo Electric to Build Second Plant for TFT-LCD Panels
2000_Jan-17: Prices of Large LCD Panels Decline to Record Low
2000_Jan-14: MIC Aims to Resolve Taiwan’s Electronics Duel with Korea
2000_Jan-13: Samsung Expects US$400M in Flash Memory Revenue
2000_Jan-13: SEAJ Raises FY99 Forecast of Chipmaking Equipment Sales
2000_Jan-13: Olympus Digital Camera Allows Photos to be Sent Via Net
2000_Jan-13: Driver IC Shortage May Hurt Taiwan’s TFT-LCD Growth Plans
2000_Jan-13: Vanguard International Semiconductor to Switch to Wafer Foundry Business
2000_Jan-12: Acer to Tap China’s Info Appliance Market Via DVD Chipsets
2000_Jan-12: Philips Taiwan Retreats from CD-ROM Market
2000_Jan-12: Supply Shortage of Large TFT-LCD Panels to Ease in 2000: Survey
2000_Jan-12: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Spot Prices Decline to US$8
2000_Jan-12: Casio to Release Wristwatch-Type Digital Camera, MP3 Player
2000_Jan-11: LG Develops Enhanced Transmission Tech for Digital TVs
2000_Jan-11: Taiwan’s Optimax Forecast to Become World’s Fourth-Largest Panel Maker
2000_Jan-11: Samsung Electronics is World’s Fourth-Largest Semicon Vendor: Dataquest
2000_Jan-11: Samsung, Shipley to Co-Develop Photoresist for ArF Lithography
2000_Jan-11: New IC Designers Mushroom in Taiwan, Plan to Issue Stock in 2000
2000_Jan-7: Taiwan’s Chipset Makers to Launch Products Supporting 4X AGP
2000_Jan-7: Taiwan IC Packaging Sector to Enjoy Business Peak in 2000
2000_Jan-6: Taiwan’s DVD Player Shipments to Exceed 1 Million in 2000
2000_Jan-6: LG Electronics Develops Optical Disk Technology
2000_Jan-6: Beijing Software Firm Expands into DVD Market
2000_Jan-5: Output of Direct Rambus DRAMs to Reach 270 Million Units in 2000
2000_Jan-5: Japanese LSI/LCD Plants Survive Y2K Threat with Flying Colors


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