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2000_Feb-29: Sharp Launches Handheld PC With 350,000-Pixel Digital Camera
2000_Feb-28: Matsushita Battery to Sell Solar Battery-Driven Portable Game Machine
2000_Feb-28: Alps Electric Unveils Industry's Smallest High-Quality Printer
2000_Feb-28: Taihan Electric Wire Controls 35 Pct. Market Share in Mongolia
2000_Feb-28: Macronix and Mitsubishi to Produce Flash Memory
2000_Feb-28: JEIDA to Hold Symposium Focusing on Lead-Free Solder
2000_Feb-25: Mosel Vitelic Invests Heavily in New Wafer Plants
2000_Feb-24: Aiwa to Sell MP3 Player/Recorder With Built-In Encoder
2000_Feb-24: Hann Star's TFT-LCD Manufacturing Ahead of Schedule
2000_Feb-24: Production of Taiwan's 4th-generation TFT-LCDs Set to Start
2000_Feb-23: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices Continue to Fall; Some Reach US$6
2000_Feb-23: Korea's Chip Makers Earmark US$4.15 Billion for New Investments
2000_Feb-23: Seiko Epson Boosts Investment in China Venture
2000_Feb-23: Delta Electronics to Develop 60-In. Rear-Projection Display
2000_Feb-23: Winbond to See Anticipated Sales Profit
2000_Feb-22: Supply Shortage of LCD Panels Unlikely, Toshiba Says
2000_Feb-22: Shanghai Asahi Uses US$36M Loan for Color Kinescope Glass Production
2000_Feb-21: Taiwan Enters Burgeoning LCD Monitor Market
2000_Feb-21: Sega to Launch Sales of 'Dreameye' Video Camera for Dreamcast in June
2000_Feb-18: Japan's Digital Camera Shipments Topping 5 Million in FY99: JEIDA
2000_Feb-18: DVD Player Sales Forecast to Double in 2000
2000_Feb-18: DRAM Chip Prices Fall to US$5 Range
2000_Feb-18: Sharp, Nippon Paint to Develop Color STN Panels for Mobile Phones
2000_Feb-18: EPoX, Dynalab Jointly Launch WebTV
2000_Feb-18: Hyundai Electronics Spins off Car Electronics Unit
2000_Feb-17: Hyundai Makes First 64Mb DDR Synchronous DRAM Sample Chip
2000_Feb-17: Samsung Electronics Begins Selling 34-in. Flat Panel TV
2000_Feb-17: Samsung Electronics Forms Micro-Optic Venture with Corning
2000_Feb-17: Alps to Sample Ship Small Thermal Printers for Cellular Phones
2000_Feb-17: Taiwan's Makers Aim to Dominate Global Car-TV LCD Market
2000_Feb-16: NTT DoCoMo's New E-Mail Terminal Enjoys Brisk Sales
2000_Feb-16: Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Gets Onto Right Track
2000_Feb-16: Taiwan's Motherboard Makers Expect Higher Revenues
2000_Feb-16: [World DRAM Price] Prices of 64Mb DRAMs for Large Users Continue to Fall
2000_Feb-15: Sakura Bank, Sony, Others Step Up E-Money Tests Using Noncontact IC Card
2000_Feb-15: Samsung Electronics' Digital Home Network Tech Chosen as Standard in U.S.
2000_Feb-15: Taiwan Makers Say 64Mb DRAM Chip Prices Continue Sliding
2000_Feb-15: Beijing to Increase Imports of ICs, Micro-Electronic Products
2000_Feb-14: China Develops Advanced Semiconductor Laser Device
2000_Feb-11: Passive-Component Facilities Operate During Chinese New Year
2000_Feb-10: CD-R Manufacturers Bypass Holiday Break
2000_Feb-10: NEC Introduces PDPs With Quieter Cooling Fans
2000_Feb-10: Toshiba to Make Organic Electroluminescence Panels in 2001
2000_Feb-9: NGK Spark Plug to Buy Parts from Taiwan's Nan Ya PCB
2000_Feb-9: Prices of 15-in. TFT-LCD Monitors Continue to Drop
2000_Feb-9: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices Decline Due to Inventory Reductions
2000_Feb-9: Association for TFT-LCD Industry Established in Taiwan
2000_Feb-9: Samsung Electro-Mechanics to Raise MLCC Production
2000_Feb-9: Taiwan's Monitor Industry to Get 20 Pct. of World Market in 2000
2000_Feb-8: TSMC to Lead Industry In 2000 Capital Spending at US$4.4B
2000_Feb-8: Sony Computer, Toshiba Disclose Details of Emotion Engine for 'PlayStation2'
2000_Feb-8: Taiwan's TSMC, UMC Seek to Tap Japan's Microchip Market
2000_Feb-7: N. America Market Tops Japan in 1999 Shipments of Digital Cameras
2000_Feb-7: Casio to Introduce 3.34M-Pixel Digital Camera Priced at Less Than US$900
2000_Feb-4: SISC Expects Microchip Supply to Return to Normal in Q2
2000_Feb-4: Details of National Chip Project Set for Release in March
2000_Feb-4: Hyundai Electronics Releases Investment Plan for 2000
2000_Feb-4: [NET&COM21;] NTT East Unveils Picture for Future IP Network Service
2000_Feb-4: Dai Nippon Printing, Others to Establish Council for MULTOS Smart Card
2000_Feb-3: Fujifilm to Sell Digital Camera with 4.32 Million Pixels
2000_Feb-2: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Spot Prices Start to Decline
2000_Feb-2: LG Chemical in Sales Talks for Semicon Chemical Unit
2000_Feb-2: LG Electronics Aims to Become World's Top Supplier of Digital TVs, Monitors
2000_Feb-2: TI to Boost Outsourcing Orders for TFT-LCD Driver ICs
2000_Feb-2: Nikon Unveils Specifications for 3.34M-pixel Digital Camera
2000_Feb-1: Sale of Anam Semicon Fails on Price Difference
2000_Feb-1: LG Electronics Expects Big Royalties from VSB Technology
2000_Feb-1: Taiwan to Join U.S., Japan at Forefront of Semiconductor Industry


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