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2000_Mar-29: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Oversupply Continues, Prices Fall
2000_Mar-29: Toshiba to Exhibit 200 Pixel-Per-Inch, Low-Temperature TFT-LCD Panel
2000_Mar-29: Sales of Car Navigation Systems in 1999 Reach 1.4M Units in Japan
2000_Mar-29: Canon to Sponsor Digital Camera, CG Photo Contest for US$120,000
2000_Mar-29: Taiwan’s Semiconductor Manufacturers Respond to Drive IC Shortage
2000_Mar-28: Hyundai Electronics Unveils LCD Strategy for 2000
2000_Mar-28: Toshiba to Shift from DRAMs to Flash Memories, Interim Report Says
2000_Mar-27: Twinhead, Tottori Sanyo to Tie Knot
2000_Mar-27: VIA Technologies Sets Up Venture Capital Fund
2000_Mar-24: Sharp, Toppan Printing Tie Up on Advanced Photomasks
2000_Mar-24: Mobile Phone Components Reported in Short Supply
2000_Mar-23: Chinese Electronics Firm Establishes US$1.2M R&D; Fund
2000_Mar-23: Toshiba Announces Series of AV Devices Linked to PCs
2000_Mar-23: TSMC, UMC Neck and Neck in FPGA Production
2000_Mar-22: Flexible Choice of Foundries Possible in Taiwan, Integrated Circuit Says
2000_Mar-22: AMD Debuts 1GHz Athlon Chip in China
2000_Mar-22: Alps to Sell A9-size Printers in Mobile Phone Market
2000_Mar-22: Approaching Launch of Digital TV Triggers PDP Competition
2000_Mar-22: Contract Prices for 64Mb DRAMs Continue Falling
2000_Mar-21: Mitsubishi, NTT Develop 128-Bit Symmetric-Key Encryption Algorithm
2000_Mar-21: TSMC Launches 0.15-Micron Process
2000_Mar-21: Sharp to Raise Driver IC Capacity for LCD Panels to 30 Million Units
2000_Mar-17: Intel 820-Based Motherboard Sales Flop on Chipset Flaws, High Costs
2000_Mar-17: Japan’s Toy Makers, RoboCup to Set Guidelines to Initiate Robot ‘World Cup’
2000_Mar-16: NF3 Squeeze Deals Blow to DRAM, System Makers
2000_Mar-16: Taiwan Notebook Makers Join Tottori Sanyo Display Plant Venture
2000_Mar-16: LG to Expand TV Tube Production in China
2000_Mar-16: Bandai Develops Mascot Robot That Can Recognize Gestures
2000_Mar-16: Yokowo Develops Antennas for Bluetooth Standard
2000_Mar-15: CD-R/RW Market to Expand Rapidly: JEIDA Report on ’99 PC Peripherals
2000_Mar-15: [World DRAM Price] Contract Prices for 64Mb DRAMs Decline, Spot Prices Inch Up
2000_Mar-15: Toshiba Sells 5.8-In. Low-Temperature Silicon TFT-LCD Panel
2000_Mar-15: LCD Panel Market to See Equilibrium in 2000, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson Says
2000_Mar-14: Matsushita, OpenTV to Promote Development of Multimedia Home Platform
2000_Mar-14: Mitsubishi Develops 250-mW Laser Diode for Optical Communications
2000_Mar-13: Fujitsu-Hitachi Unit to Show 37-In. XGA Plasma Display Panel
2000_Mar-10: NEC, Sanyo Tie Up on TFT-LCD Driver IC Manufacturing, Sales
2000_Mar-10: Taiwan Laboratory Introduces New DVD Optical Head
2000_Mar-10: Samsung Will Be Top in Production of DRDRAM in 2000: Nikkei Survey
2000_Mar-10: NTT’s Lab Developing IC-Card-Sized Power Source Using Solar Cells
2000_Mar-9: Kyocera to Release GSM Dual-Band Cellular Phone in Taiwan
2000_Mar-9: LG Electronics Sees Rising Demand for Wall-Hanging Digital TVs
2000_Mar-9: TSMC’s 8-Inch Wafer Capacity to Hit 32,000 in 2000
2000_Mar-9: Taiwan’s Makers of CD-Rs Switching to OLEDs
2000_Mar-9: PlayStation2 Shipments Reach 720,000 in First Three Days
2000_Mar-8: IBM Japan to Mass-Produce 20.8-In. QXGA LCD Monitor in Q3
2000_Mar-8: LG Electronics to Base Global Production Hub in China
2000_Mar-8: Taiwan’s PCB Production Soars on Global Reputation
2000_Mar-8: Sanyo Affiliate Unveils Digital Camera with PHS Phone System
2000_Mar-8: Plasma Display Panels to Enter into Home TV Market by 2003
2000_Mar-8: [World DRAM Price] 64Mb DRAM Chip Prices Still Declining
2000_Mar-7: Twenty Top IPO Purchases Hit US$22.6B in 1999
2000_Mar-7: Bandai to Sell Low-Priced Digital Camera Capturing Still Pictures, Video
2000_Mar-7: Aiwa Shows Digital Appliance Prototypes
2000_Mar-6: PlayStation2 Predicted to Become Hit Product of 2000
2000_Mar-6: SCE’s Memory Card for PlayStation2 Uses MagicGate Technology
2000_Mar-6: UMC Works to Boost Its Wafer-Foundry Profile Overseas
2000_Mar-6: Sanyo to Sell Music Player Using Various Compression Methods
2000_Mar-6: Samsung Aerospace Doubles Microchip Equipment Capacity
2000_Mar-6: World DRAM Market to Grow 25 Pct. in 2000: Nikkei Survey
2000_Mar-6: Optoelectronics Growth to Top US$59 Billion in FY99
2000_Mar-3: LG Electronics Enjoys Lion’s Share of UK Digital TV Market
2000_Mar-3: Olympus to Market New Camera Module Using CMOS Sensor
2000_Mar-2: Casio Computer to Sell Watch Capable of Wireless Data Exchange
2000_Mar-2: TFT-LCD Panel Prices Continue to Fall
2000_Mar-2: NEC-Hitachi Memory Aims for DRAM Market Share of 20 Pct. by 2001, Pres. Says
2000_Mar-1: LCD/PDP Monitors from Korea, Taiwan Are Showcased at CeBIT
2000_Mar-1: Sony Computer to Sell PlayStation2 Printed Circuit Boards
2000_Mar-1: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices Further Decline by More Than 5 Pct.
2000_Mar-1: Fujitsu to Market Low-Noise HDD for Audio-Visual Devices


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