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2000_Apr-28: Taiwan’s Prime View to Invest US$1.7B in TFT-LCD Panels by 2004
2000_Apr-28: Yokowo Develops Antenna for IMT-2000, GSM, GPS, Bluetooth
2000_Apr-28: Local PC Makers Join Multinational Companies in Microprocessor Venture
2000_Apr-28: Murata to Deliver Bluetooth Module for Mobile Phones
2000_Apr-28: VIA to Become Self Sufficient in Wafer Production
2000_Apr-28: Semiconductor Production to Climb Rapidly
2000_Apr-27: Taiwan ADT Ships More Than 100,000 Units of 13.3-in. TFT-LCDs Monthly
2000_Apr-27: China Makes Breakthrough in Atomic Laser Technology
2000_Apr-27: Nippon Foundry Plans New 300mm Wafer Lines
2000_Apr-27: Hyundai Electronic Develops MCU for Battery Recharging Units
2000_Apr-26: Taiwanese IC Industry Receives More Consignment IC Packaging Orders
2000_Apr-26: TFT-LCD Panel Prices Still Falling
2000_Apr-26: Support for Parts-Manufacturing Industry Achieves Big Success, Taiwan’s MOEA Says
2000_Apr-26: Mitsubishi Electric to License Encryption Tech for W-CDMA
2000_Apr-26: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices for 128Mb DRAMs Decline for PCs, Rise for Non-PC Use
2000_Apr-25: Taiwan’s Computer Makers Shrug Off Intel Processor Shortage
2000_Apr-25: Hyundai Electronics Develops Microcontroller for Battery Rechargers
2000_Apr-25: Intel Aims to Enhance Pentium III’s Speed, VP Says
2000_Apr-24: China Exports First IC Phone-Card Chips to Europe
2000_Apr-20: Sony Unveils Half-Length Memory Stick for Mobile Phones
2000_Apr-20: Samsung SDI’s Q1 2000 Sales Rise 23 Pct.
2000_Apr-20: [World DRAM Price]Spot Prices for 128MB DIMMs Rise
2000_Apr-19: Seven-Eleven Plans for ‘Strongest Alliance’ for Consumers with IC Card
2000_Apr-19: Hyundai Electronics Develops FeRAM Sample
2000_Apr-19: LG Micron to Manufacture Photomasks for TFT-LCDs
2000_Apr-19: Toshiba, Samsung to Make Color STN LCD Driver Chips for Cell Phones
2000_Apr-19: Korean TFT-LCD Panel Shipments Rise in Q4, 1999: DisplaySearch Research
2000_Apr-19: Info Appliance, Mobile Phone Firms Hungry for Flash Memory ICs
2000_Apr-17: NEC Mobile Energy Debuts Manganese Laminated Li-Ion Secondary Battery
2000_Apr-17: VIA Says Revenues Could Top US$1B
2000_Apr-17: Taiwan’s TwinMos Tech Expands DRAM Microchip Capacity
2000_Apr-17: Hangzhou Natural Group Becomes Biggest CD Production Center in China
2000_Apr-17: Digital Camera Makers Pursue Picture Quality Rather than Pixels
2000_Apr-14: Realtek Aims to Become Top Maker of Ethernet Chips
2000_Apr-13: GVC Aims for Slice of Handset Market
2000_Apr-13: Singapore Thin Film Company to Increase Investment in Yunnan
2000_Apr-13: Hyundai Electronics Boosts Flash Memory Microchip Business
2000_Apr-12: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices of 128Mb DRAMs Fall, Those of 64Mb DRAMs Rise
2000_Apr-12: NEC to Market 20.1-in. SXGA TFT-LCD Panel with Digital Interface
2000_Apr-12: Shortage of Components May Delay Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance
2000_Apr-11: Flash Memory Output to Reach US$9B in 2000: Nikkei Market Access Survey
2000_Apr-11: Communications, Info Appliance Components Seen as Rising Stars
2000_Apr-11: Samsung Electronics Improves Production Capacity of Large LCD Panels
2000_Apr-10: PlayStation2 Popularity Boosts Matrix DVD Game Software Sales
2000_Apr-10: VIA to Purchase S3’s Graphics Unit to Vie With Intel
2000_Apr-10: Nikkei BP Technology Award for 2000 Goes to LSI Development for PlayStation2
2000_Apr-7: Tuner Shortage Hammers Cable-Modem Shipments
2000_Apr-7: AMD Commands 24 Percent Market Share in Japan, CEO Says
2000_Apr-7: Hyundai Develops Non-Memory Chip for Digital TV
2000_Apr-7: Guizhou Constructs Electronic Component Production Base
2000_Apr-7: Mainboard Makers Bear Brunt of 2MB Flash Memory Shortage
2000_Apr-7: VIA Technologies Enjoys Record First-Quarter Shipments
2000_Apr-7: LCDs for Mobile Phones Expected to Surpass Those for Notebook PCs in Q4
2000_Apr-6: Oki Electric to Transfer Chipmaking Technology to Taiwan Start-Up
2000_Apr-6: JEIDA Targets 60 Percent Recycling Rate for PC Industry
2000_Apr-6: Toshiba Group to Recycle Lithium-Ion Secondary Batteries
2000_Apr-6: Toshiba Develops Decomposing Technique for Underwater Dioxin
2000_Apr-5: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices Likely to Hold After April
2000_Apr-5: Samsung Electronics Expected to Report Five-Fold Profit Rise in Q1
2000_Apr-5: LG Chemical, German Firm Ally for Optical LCD Films
2000_Apr-5: NEC Develops Proton Polymer Battery
2000_Apr-4: LCD IC Driver Shortage Pressures Wafer Foundry Manufacturers
2000_Apr-4: VIA Technologies Aims to Buy S3’s Graphics-Chip Unit
2000_Apr-3: TSMC Completes Full-Layer Copper Process Expertise
2000_Apr-3: Solectron Suzhou Scores Booming Sales in China
2000_Apr-3: Samsung Corning to Expand Production of TFT-LCD Plate Glass
2000_Apr-3: Korean Microchip Makers Get 40 Pct. of World DRAM Market
2000_Apr-3: Yuasa Develops High-Energy, NiMH Secondary Battery for Mobile Devices
2000_Apr-3: Internal Structure of the PlayStation2 Unveiled


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