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2000_May-31: [World DRAM Price] Prices of DRAMs Decline Only in Asia Market
2000_May-31: Large TFT-LCD Module Production Zooms 41 Pct. Worldwide in Q1
2000_May-31: IBM Japan Develops Lightweight TFT-LCD Panels for Notebook PCs
2000_May-31: LG.Philips to Establish Fifth-Generation Production Line for TFT-LCDs
2000_May-30: Samsung Electronics Develops 16M SRAM for IMT-2000 Handsets
2000_May-30: Matsushita to Sell BS Digital Hi-Vision TV, Tuner
2000_May-30: Keypad Makers Boost Output to Keep Up with Demand for Cell Phones
2000_May-30: China to Speed Up Microelectronics Industry Development
2000_May-26: Cando Mulls Expansion to Meet ITO Glass Demand
2000_May-26: DRAM Price to Maintain Status Quo Around US$6-6.5: Dataquest
2000_May-26: Sony Aims for Rapid Penetration of SACD Player at US$750
2000_May-26: Nikon Unveils 12-Megapixel Digital Camera for Micro-Photo Use
2000_May-25: Sony to Establish ‘Memory Stick Forum’ in Taiwan
2000_May-25: Fujifilm to Sell SLR Digital Camera with 6.13M Pixels
2000_May-25: Hyundai Electronics to Spin Off Monitor Division in Latter Half of 2000
2000_May-25: Sony Sets Tech Ties with Taiwan Ministry for Memory Stick
2000_May-24: [World DRAM Price] Rise of DIMM Spot Prices for Large Users Eases
2000_May-24: Taiwan’s Nan Ya to Invest US$800M to Boost Production of Low-Cost DRAMs
2000_May-24: Fujitsu to Boost Flash Memory Production Eight-Fold by 2002
2000_May-23: Silicon Wafer Suppliers Set to Raise Prices
2000_May-23: Taiwan’s TFT-LCD Makers Squeezed by Japanese, Korean Firms
2000_May-23: Miyazaki Matsushita Develops Super-Small Antenna for Bluetooth
2000_May-23: LG Electronics Unveils Rewritable DVD with 0.3mm Cover Layer
2000_May-22: Canon to Debut Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera for US$3,300
2000_May-19: ITRI, Matsushita-Kotobuki to Develop Transceiver Modules for Bluetooth
2000_May-19: TSMC Steals Orders from UMC, Wins Over AMD
2000_May-19: Hitachi Starts to Sell Secure, Small-Sized Memory Card
2000_May-18: J-Phone Releases Small Printer for Cellular Phones
2000_May-18: Japan FY99 Digital Camera Shipments Top 5 Million: JEIDA
2000_May-18: Trecenti Technologies Aims to Set World Standards for 300mm Wafers
2000_May-18: TSMC to Transfer Skills to Motorola, National Semiconductor
2000_May-17: Intel’s Woes Trigger Shortage of 2MB Flash Memory Devices
2000_May-17: Samsung SDI Begins Construction of World’s Largest PDP Factory
2000_May-17: Fujitsu’s Priority is Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Si-TFT-LCD, LCD Group President Says
2000_May-17: TSMC Exploits Transmeta Ties
2000_May-17: Sony to Debut Small Walkman Player in June
2000_May-17: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices for Large Users Rise in Europe
2000_May-16: Demand for Chips Surpasses Production
2000_May-16: Large TFT-LCD Market Shared by Samsung, LG.Philips LCD, Hitachi: DisplaySearch
2000_May-15: Matsushita’s Profit Falls on Sluggish AV Sales, Strong Yen
2000_May-15: Sony Computer’s PS2 to Debut in North America in October
2000_May-15: Wintek to Unveil Bi-Stable LCD Panel
2000_May-15: Korea’s Electronics Industry Hitches Up Sales Goals for 2000
2000_May-15: Samsung Electronics to Boost Non-Memory Sales by 15 Pct.
2000_May-15: Lite-On Launches Assault on Barebone-System Market
2000_May-15: Wuhan to Build Optical Electronics Base
2000_May-12: Hungien Group Joins Jiang Zemin’s Son in Semiconductor Venture
2000_May-12: Tomy to Sell Low-Cost, Round Digital Camera in August
2000_May-12: Taiwan’s Motherboard Makers Hard Hit By Intel’s Recalls
2000_May-11: Sanyo Electric, Kodak Jointly Develop OLED Display
2000_May-11: Half of Desktop PCs Equipped With DVD Drives, BCN Says
2000_May-10: Taiwan Firms See SAW Filter Shortage
2000_May-10: Half of Japan’s Cell Phones to Get Color LCDs in 2000: Nikkei Market Access
2000_May-10: Winbond, Toshiba, Fujitsu to Co-Develop 0.11-Micron Technology
2000_May-10: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices for DRAMs, DIMMs on the Rise
2000_May-10: Pioneer, Sony, Sanyo Establish DVD-RW Promotion Group
2000_May-9: Matsushita Companies Develop Power-Conservation System for Home Appliances
2000_May-9: Chipset Makers Shrug Off Slack Season
2000_May-8: China’s DVD Player Market to be Upbeat in 2000
2000_May-8: Yageo Acquires Philips’ Component Lines
2000_May-8: LG Philips LCD to Launch Low-Temperature Poly-Silicon TFT-LCD Biz
2000_May-8: First International to Cooperate with Acer and Inventec
2000_May-5: Cable Modem Makers Compete for Tuner Supplies
2000_May-5: Hollowing Out in Japan is Boon to China’s High-Tech Production Base
2000_May-3: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Spot Prices Rebound, Show Upward Trend
2000_May-2: Fujitsu Develops Environmentally Friendly LSI Packing Material
2000_May-2: Taiwan Makers Expect Rosy Prospects for DRAM Industry
2000_May-2: Seiko Epson Invests US$465M to Boost Output of LCD Panel Driver ICs
2000_May-1: Winbond, Toshiba Jointly Develop Higher-End DRAM
2000_May-1: Mobile Phone Makers Suffer Intensifying Parts Shortages
2000_May-1: Sharp to Make Substantial Capital Investment in TFT-LCD Biz


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