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2000_Jun-30: Oki, Casio Develop PCM Microchip for Mobile Phones
2000_Jun-30: PCs, Mobile Phones Continue to Set Demand Pace for ICs, EIAJ Says
2000_Jun-30: UMC Helps Fill Up Driver IC Supply Gap
2000_Jun-30: Kyocera to Invest US$47M to Increase Production of STN-LCDs for Moblie Phones
2000_Jun-29: Toshiba Ships Samples of Reflective TFT-LCD Panels for Mobile Phones
2000_Jun-29: ISA to Market Small Linux-Mounted CPU Board
2000_Jun-29: VIA Set to Capitalize on Intel’s Woes
2000_Jun-29: Planning Company to Give Up Digital Satellite E-Commerce Business
2000_Jun-28: World’s Flash Memory Market to Hit US$11B in 2000, Nikkei Survey Says
2000_Jun-28: [World DRAM Prices] Prices Likely to Rise Amid Supply Shortage
2000_Jun-28: LG Electronics Develops New Chip for Digital VCRs
2000_Jun-27: Nichia Chemical to Ship 30mW Violet Lasers in July
2000_Jun-26: Sony to Market Hard Disk Video Recorder
2000_Jun-26: Sanyo to Debut Headphone-Shaped Silicon Audio Player
2000_Jun-26: Samsung Electronics Records 10 Millionth RDRAM Shipment
2000_Jun-26: Matsushita to Form Unit for PDP Production in Japan
2000_Jun-26: Winbond’s DRAM Contract Price to Hit US$9 in Q3
2000_Jun-26: Hyundai Electronics Develops 18.1-in. TFT-LCD
2000_Jun-23: TDK Unveils Digital Audio Player with Semiconductor Memory
2000_Jun-23: Yamaha Unveils Tone Generator LSI Chip for Mobile Phones
2000_Jun-23: NTT Labs Makes High-Definition Display System with Large LCD
2000_Jun-22: Kenwood Technology Improves Sound Quality by Filling in Missing Data
2000_Jun-22: JVC Develops Innovative 1.3-in. QXGA Reflective TFT-LCD Panel
2000_Jun-22: NKK to Withdraw from LSI Design Business, Transfer it to Fujitsu
2000_Jun-21: Toshiba to Sell DVD-Audio-Compatible Player from August
2000_Jun-21: Olympus Unveils Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom, Correction Function
2000_Jun-21: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices Remain High Due to Short Supply
2000_Jun-21: Chung Hwa Picture Tube’s Market Share Jumps
2000_Jun-19: Sharp to Market 15-in. LCD Monitor with Improved Color Purity
2000_Jun-19: Samsung Techwin Develops High-Speed Chip Mounter
2000_Jun-19: Nitto Denko to Boost Output of Polarizers for Taiwan’s LCD Makers
2000_Jun-19: UMC, Other Suspended Wafer Fabs Pass Environmental Impact Assessment
2000_Jun-16: Oki Builds ITS Test Environment for Broadband Telecom in Cars
2000_Jun-15: Ricoh to Introduce Thin, Waterproof Digital Cameras
2000_Jun-15: Nintendo to Sell Pikachu Model Nintendo 64
2000_Jun-15: Hyundai Electronics Makes 0.09 Micron Photo Resist Polymer
2000_Jun-15: Sony’s PlayStation2 Attracts Adult Buyers, Few Teenagers
2000_Jun-14: CD-R Makers Modify Marketing Efforts as Demand Shifts
2000_Jun-14: Taiwan to be Home to Four of World’s Top 10 TFT-LCD Makers by 2002
2000_Jun-14: [World DRAM Price] Contract Prices of 128Mb DRAMs in Asia Rise
2000_Jun-13: Samsung SDI Develops Super-Slim Flat Braun Tube for 32-Inch TVs
2000_Jun-12: Sony Computer to Launch Sales of PSone Game Machine
2000_Jun-12: [Computex Taipei] Internet Terminals Emerge for Post-PC Era: PDAs
2000_Jun-12: Taiwan’s Motherboard Industry Sees Good Prospects
2000_Jun-12: [Computex Taipei] Internet Terminals Emerge for Post-PC Era: Stationary Terminals
2000_Jun-12: [Computex Taipei] Information Appliances with Various CPUs Showcased
2000_Jun-9: [Computex Taipei] Taiwan LCD Monitors Accelerate Shift from CRTs
2000_Jun-9: Rambus Pursues Partners in Taiwan
2000_Jun-9: [Computex Taipei] AXIOM Exhibits Single Board Computer Supporting Dual LCD Panels
2000_Jun-9: [Computex Taipei] Where Are Motherboards with Intel’s 820E Chipset?
2000_Jun-9: NTT DoCoMo Unveils E-Mail Device with Keyboard, Digital Camera
2000_Jun-9: [Computex Taipei] Large-Capacity IDE-HDD-Compatible Flash EEPROM Module on Display
2000_Jun-8: [Computex Taipei] AOpen Announces AX3S Pro Motherboard with 815E Chipset
2000_Jun-8: Sharp to Sell CMOS Sensor Module for Mobile Phones
2000_Jun-8: [Computex Taipei] AOpen Announces Mass Production of 4.7GB DVD-RAM Drive
2000_Jun-8: [Computex Taipei] DVD-Drive Makers Promote 16x Models
2000_Jun-8: [Computex Taipei] Boser Exhibits 3.5-in. HDD-sized 370 Socket CPU Board
2000_Jun-8: [Computex Taipei] VIA Technologies Launches Cyrix Processor
2000_Jun-8: Pres. of IPTC Says Goal is to Create LSI Design Industry
2000_Jun-7: Taiwan’s TFT-LCD Panels to Get 15-18 Pct. Market Share in 2000, Acer Display Says
2000_Jun-7: [Computex Taipei] Acer Shows Hybrid PDA with Digital Camera Function
2000_Jun-7: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices Rise in N. American, European Markets
2000_Jun-7: Neocom Tech to Introduce B2B Web Site for DRAM Microchips
2000_Jun-7: [Computex Taipei] Intel Exhibits Motherboards with 815E Chipsets
2000_Jun-6: [Computex Taipei] AMD Announces New Athlon, Duron Processors Ready to Ship
2000_Jun-6: Samsung, Hyundai Notch Up Chip Prices
2000_Jun-6: Matsushita Electronics Develops Color LCD Panel Using Plastic Substrate
2000_Jun-5: China/HK to Outshine Taiwan as Largest Semiconductor Market
2000_Jun-5: [Computex Taipei] Showcasing Network Devices for the Broadband Age
2000_Jun-5: Sintek Opto-electronic to Enter TFT-LCD Color Filter Market
2000_Jun-5: Prices of DRAMs Surge Past US$7 Level
2000_Jun-5: [Computex Taipei] Socket A, 815-Compatible Motherboards on Display
2000_Jun-5: Hyundai Electronics Aims to be One of World’s Top-Three Foundries
2000_Jun-2: Formosa Komatsu Fights for Share of Taiwan’s Silicon-Wafer Market
2000_Jun-2: SiS Steps Up Production of Linux-Oriented Chips
2000_Jun-2: Silicon Foundries Venturing into Design Services
2000_Jun-2: Seiko Epson to Buy TI’s Japan Plant to Ramp Up LCD Driver Chip Production
2000_Jun-1: Microtek to Expand Production for Internet Applications
2000_Jun-1: TSMC Seeks DSP-Related Product Orders from Analog Devices
2000_Jun-1: Information Industry Grows at Brisk Rate in China
2000_Jun-1: JVC to Sell Video Camera Capable of Recording Motion Pictures on MultiMediaCards
2000_Jun-1: Taiwan TFT-LCD Makers May Excel Beyond Their Japanese Masters


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