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2000_Aug-30: Global Production Capacity of Large TFT-LCDs Rising Sharply
2000_Aug-30: Gravity of Chip Shortage Waters Down Effect of Intel's CPU Price Cut
2000_Aug-30: NEC Launches 16Mb Low Power Consumption Memory to Rival FCRAM
2000_Aug-30: Tomy to Introduce Disc-Shaped Digital Camera for Motion Picture, Voice Recording
2000_Aug-29: Taiwan's IC Upstream Sector Optimistic; Downstream Less So
2000_Aug-29: J-Phone to Use Yamaha's Sound Source ICs for Its Mobile Phones
2000_Aug-29: Canon to Launch Three Inexpensive, Thin Scanners
2000_Aug-29: Nintendo to Launch Mobile Game Boy Advance in 2001
2000_Aug-28: MITI to Formulate Measures for Used Home PCs, Set Standards for PC Recycling
2000_Aug-28: Casio Adopts HAST-LCD Panel for Pocket PC
2000_Aug-25: Olympus to Release 4-Megapixel, 15 Frames/Sec. Digital Cameras
2000_Aug-25: Samsung SDI Develops 65-In. Plasma Display Panel
2000_Aug-25: Toshiba Power Shortage Affects 1200dpi Scanner Shipments
2000_Aug-25: Intel to Unveil Mobile Phone Strategy for Japan in Sept.: VP Says
2000_Aug-24: Intel Sees Rising Sales in Taiwan
2000_Aug-24: Sony to Sell 'Town-Use' Portable Music Players in September
2000_Aug-24: Samsung Ranked No. 1 LCD Supplier in Q2
2000_Aug-23: [World DRAM Price] DRAM, DIMM Spot Prices Fall in U.S., Europe
2000_Aug-23: Taiwan's Toppoly Optoelectronics Enters Low-Temp Polysilicon TFT-LCD Market
2000_Aug-23: China to Export Two Million Computers
2000_Aug-23: Samsung Electro-Mechanics to Mass Produce Set-Top Boxes for Internet TVs
2000_Aug-23: Motorola to Invest US$1.9B More in China
2000_Aug-23: DRAM Production Up 61 Pct., But Tight Supplies Will Continue
2000_Aug-23: Motorola Invests in New Semiconductor and Telecom Factories in Tianjin
2000_Aug-22: Touch Panels: Taiwan Manufacturers' New Investment Target
2000_Aug-22: Nippon Foundry to Build New Lines for 200mm Wafers
2000_Aug-22: Chartered, Lucent to Jointly Develop 0.13- to 0.08-Micron Technologies
2000_Aug-21: Makers of Passive Components Enjoy High First-Half Profits
2000_Aug-21: Samsung SDI Develops Reflective Display for IMT-2000 Mobile Handsets
2000_Aug-18: Sumcon Starts Volume Production of STN-LCD Panels in Shanghai
2000_Aug-18: Fujitsu Korea to Sell 42-In. Plasma Display Panels in Sept.
2000_Aug-18: Samsung Electronics Completes New TFT-LCD Line
2000_Aug-18: Taiwan's Motherboard Sector Revenue to Rebound in Q4
2000_Aug-17: Taiwan's IT Hardware, Cyber Sectors Grew Sharply in First Half
2000_Aug-17: Motorola Cancels Orders to Wafer Foundry Manufacturers
2000_Aug-17: TSMC Processing Breaks Ground for Communication Chips
2000_Aug-17: Takara to Unveil Stick-Type Digital Camera
2000_Aug-16: Digital Camera Shipments in 2000 to Reach 11M: Nikkei Survey
2000_Aug-16: Hyundai Electronics to Develop Semicon Chip for PCS Phones
2000_Aug-16: [DRAM Price] DIMM Device Prices Level Off at US$135
2000_Aug-16: Toshiba Leads Low-Priced DVD Player Wars in Japan
2000_Aug-15: Expansion of Taiwan LSI Production Depends on Test Equipment Companies
2000_Aug-15: Taiwan's Packaging Sector Enjoys Promising Prospects Despite Some Cancellations
2000_Aug-14: DRAM Microchip Makers Expect High Q4 Profits
2000_Aug-14: Will Rambus Wage Litigation Battle Against Intel?
2000_Aug-11: Sony to Roll Out Crusoe-Powered PC
2000_Aug-11: Intel, Matsushita Develop Music Distribution Mgt. Software for SD Memory Cards
2000_Aug-11: TSMC to Use 0.18-Micron Analog-Digital Mixed Signal Process
2000_Aug-10: LG Innotek to Supply Wireless-Phone Components to Sony
2000_Aug-10: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Begins Flash Memory Card Production
2000_Aug-10: VIA Technologies Unveils New Chipset Architecture for DDR SDRAMs
2000_Aug-9: LG.Philips to Start Volume Production of Low-Temp Polysilicon TFT-LCDs
2000_Aug-9: [World DRAM Price] Soaring Trend of Spot Prices Slows
2000_Aug-9: Compal Group Expects to Reach Revenue of US$3.2B in 2000
2000_Aug-9: Sales, Rentals of DVD Software Rise Sharply
2000_Aug-8: Taiwan's Motherboard Sector Has Mixed Performance
2000_Aug-8: LG Electronics Posts US$6.17B in First-Half Sales
2000_Aug-8: Tokyo Electron Makes 32.7 Pct. of Its Q1 Sales in Taiwan
2000_Aug-7: Asahi Chemical Industry to Enforce Its Lithium Battery Patent Right
2000_Aug-7: Toshiba Halves Power Consumption in Reflective Panel
2000_Aug-7: TI Set to Help Taiwan Upgrade High-Tech Products
2000_Aug-7: Xingri, China's Largest Maker of Chip Condensers, Sets up Shop
2000_Aug-7: Bluetooth: Peer-to-Peer Links Viable in 2001, Multi-Point in 2002
2000_Aug-4: Sharp Launches 5mm-Thin CMOS Sensor Modules
2000_Aug-4: China Starts Producing Color TFT-LCD
2000_Aug-4: Fujifilm to Introduce 6x Zoom Digital Camera
2000_Aug-4: First International Computer to Make Investments in China
2000_Aug-4: Victor to Launch Low-Priced DVD Audio/Video Player
2000_Aug-3: Sony's PlayStation2 Marks Shipments of 3 Million in Japan
2000_Aug-2: Zenith Expects U.S. to Pick Up Its VSB Digital TV Transmission Standard
2000_Aug-2: DRAM Contract Price to Challenge US$9 in Q4
2000_Aug-2: [World DRAM Price] Prices of 128Mb DRAMs Continue to Rise
2000_Aug-1: Sharp to Cooperate with Malaysian Plant on Semiconductor Technology
2000_Aug-1: Samsung, Hyundai Electronics See Increase in Chip Sales During First Half
2000_Aug-1: Kenwood TMI Sells Power Supplies for Evaluating Battery Cells


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