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2001_Jan-31: PowerChip, Etron Announce 0.18-Micron, SDR DRAM Pilot Production
2001_Jan-31: Rohm Launches LSI Trial Fabrication Services for Venture Companies
2001_Jan-31: [World DRAM Price] 'White-Box' Makers Face Heavy Losses from Falling DRAM Prices
2001_Jan-30: Canon Sales to Start Selling Bluetooth Printer Adaptor in Spring
2001_Jan-30: Signs of a Bit-Cross Show in 64Mb/128Mb DRAM Prices
2001_Jan-30: Sanyo to Open Chip Development Center in Tokyo's 'Bit Valley'
2001_Jan-30: Taiwan DRAM Makers Team Up With Corporations to Boost Competitiveness
2001_Jan-30: U.S. Microchip Makers Rush to Construct Assembly, Test Facilities in Shanghai
2001_Jan-29: Sony Lowers Shipment Target for PlayStation2
2001_Jan-29: U.S. Signia, TSMC Develop Bluetooth Transceiver LSI using 0.25-Micron Process
2001_Jan-29: Sony/Tektronix to Launch Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer
2001_Jan-29: Sony Wins in 2001 Poll of Readers' Favorite Products: Nikkei Survey
2001_Jan-26: Yokogawa Electric Subsidiary Debuts World's First IPv6-IPv4 Translator
2001_Jan-26: Matsushita to Build Plant, Expand Li-Ion Battery Production
2001_Jan-26: More Car Navigation Systems Have DVD Function: Yano Research
2001_Jan-26: Matsushita Electric Develops Super Slim CRTs
2001_Jan-26: Samsung Electronics Develops 512Mb Flash EEPROM
2001_Jan-25: U.S. Xpeed to Start Shipping ADSL Modems to Japan
2001_Jan-25: Sony Devises High-Density Magnetic Tape Recording Technology
2001_Jan-24: [World DRAM Price] Prices Continue to Fall; Reorganization of DRAM Makers May Occur
2001_Jan-23: First Analog IC Production Line Built in Sichuan
2001_Jan-23: Epson Commercializes Color TFD-LCD Panel with Low Power Consumption
2001_Jan-22: China Develops New Generation Embedded Microprocessor
2001_Jan-22: AMD Japan Aims to Gain 30 Pct. Market Share in Japan, President Says
2001_Jan-19: Samsung Electronics Releases New 512Mb Flash Memory Chip
2001_Jan-19: Sales of Japanese LSI Manufacturing Equipment Approach US$17B in FY2000: SEAJ
2001_Jan-19: Nanya's DDR Memory Output to Peak in Second Half of Year
2001_Jan-19: NEC Launches Low Sound-Enabling Hybrid Panel Speaker
2001_Jan-19: Taiwan's DRAM Makers Expect to Continue to Report Losses in First Quarter
2001_Jan-19: China Sets Up National Welding Research Center
2001_Jan-18: TFT-LCD Industry to See Consolidation Through Mergers
2001_Jan-18: Sharp, Panda Group Launch 28-Inch Color LCD in China
2001_Jan-18: Chipmakers See Brighter Prospects on DRAM Spot Price Pick-Up
2001_Jan-17: Samsung Remains World's Largest TFT-LCD Manufacturer for Third Year
2001_Jan-17: Zentek to Distribute I-Mode-Supported Java Development Environment
2001_Jan-17: Taiwan, China to Face Off in Optoelectronics Competition
2001_Jan-17: VIA to Build Packaging, Testing Plants in China
2001_Jan-17: Sharp Reveals Low-Temperature 'CG Silicon' TFT-LCD Panels
2001_Jan-17: Orion Electric Inks Contract to Export PDP TVs to U.K.
2001_Jan-16: Matsushita Unveils Networked Future Home
2001_Jan-16: CD-R Maker Postech Bounces Check; Industry Faces Bleak Future
2001_Jan-16: Demand for Large-Scale TVs Rises in Korea
2001_Jan-16: Tianjin Forms First Nanometer Industry Base in China
2001_Jan-15: NOR Flash Memory Demand for Cellular Phones to Grow 185 Pct.
2001_Jan-15: Taiwan's Optic-Telecom Industry May See 102 Pct. CAGR till 2003
2001_Jan-15: Vanguard Intends to Jointly Build 12-Inch Wafer Plant in Taiwan with SST
2001_Jan-15: Taiwan's IC Makers See Lower-Than-Expected Sales in Dec.
2001_Jan-12: Hyundai Electronics Develops High-Speed, 512Mb DDR SDRAM
2001_Jan-12: PC Processors to Speed Up Towards 2GHz in 2001
2001_Jan-12: Seiko Instruments Unveils Bluetooth-Compatible Watch
2001_Jan-12: Taiwan's UMC Starts Producing CMOS Sensors Using 0.18-Micron Rule
2001_Jan-12: SEAJ Decreases 2001 Sales Projection for LCD Panel Manufacturing Equipment
2001_Jan-12: Toshiba to Market Memory Products Based on Samsung's NtRAM Technology
2001_Jan-11: Samsung SDI Succeeds in Offering Digital Broadcasting to CBS
2001_Jan-11: Dai Nippon Printing Sets Up Color Filter Sales Unit in Korea
2001_Jan-11: Samsung Electronics Develops 512Mb Memory Module for Notebooks
2001_Jan-11: Worldwide Semiconductor Market Grows 31.3 Pct. to US$222B in 2000: Dataquest
2001_Jan-11: Sony Develops New Memory Stick for Bluetooth Called 'Infostick'
2001_Jan-10: Acer Display Tech Gears Up for MVA TFT-LCD Panel Market
2001_Jan-10: ASE, Siliconware Expect Poor December Sales
2001_Jan-10: Ningbo to Build Semiconductor Encapsulation District
2001_Jan-10: Demand for DRAMs in 2001 to Rise 50 Percent Y-O-Y: Nikkei Market Access
2001_Jan-10: [World DRAM Price] Declining Trend for DRAM Spot Prices to Continue into 2001
2001_Jan-9: China Develops Super-Density Data Storage Technology
2001_Jan-9: Nanya Tech Sees 2000 Revenue Shortfall, Forecasts 2001 Rebound
2001_Jan-9: Chip Prices on Continuous Fall
2001_Jan-9: Japan's Electronics Industry Production in 2000 Hits Record High of US$226B: JEITA
2001_Jan-8: Taiwan's Makers of Passive Components Perform Well in Nov.
2001_Jan-5: Acer, Chi Mei See TFT-LCD Shipments Pick Up
2001_Jan-5: Taiwan's ICP Markets 3.5-in. CPU Board with Crusoe Chipset
2001_Jan-5: Information Hardware Output Growth to Fall to Single Digits in 2002
2001_Jan-5: LG Develops High-Definition Video Disc Recorder
2001_Jan-5: Asia-Tech.com Bridges Pacific Rim Electronic Component Business
2001_Jan-4: MOEA Tracks Foreign Procurement Patterns in Taiwan, China
2001_Jan-4: DWDM Parts Makers Set for Brisk Prospects: Taiwan's CDIB
2001_Jan-4: LCD Modules for Mobile Phones to Exceed Those for PCs in 2003: Nikkei Survey
2001_Jan-2: TSMC's Morris Chang Envisions New Business Model in Semiconductor Industry
2001_Jan-2: Samsung Electronics Expects 53 Percent Share of Rambus DRAM Market
2001_Jan-2: Taiwan's CDIB Sees Profits of IC Makers Tumbling in 2001
2001_Jan-2: Honda Aims to Add Fun with ASIMO Humanoid Robot, Chief Engineer Says
2001_Jan-2: Worldwide Shipments of Digital Cameras to Rise 71 Pct. to 18.5 Mln. in 2001


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