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2001_Feb-28: Oversupply of Flash Memory Brings Down Prices: Survey
2001_Feb-28: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Makers to Suffer from Price Drop in Most Products
2001_Feb-28: NEC, Group Firm Complete Production Line of Graphics LSI for 'Gamecube'
2001_Feb-28: Sampo to Seek Chinese Partner for Digital TV Business
2001_Feb-28: Sony Computer to Boost Output of Graphic LSIs for PlayStation2
2001_Feb-27: Samsung Japan Launches 17-Inch TFT-LCD Monitor for US$1,000
2001_Feb-27: NEC to Commercialize Reflection Color TFT-LCD Panels for Cell Phones
2001_Feb-27: Daewoo Electronics to Export Wall-Hanging Televisions to GB of U.K.
2001_Feb-27: TwinMos Technology Unveils 184-Pin SDRAM Module
2001_Feb-27: Toshiba Tec, Microsoft Tie Up in Retail Industry, to Ship .NET-Based Development Tool
2001_Feb-27: Samsung Electro-Mechanics to Build Production Facilities in Brazil
2001_Feb-27: Chipset Makers Gear Up to Embrace Intel's Tualatin
2001_Feb-27: 'Dreamcast Shock' is Only the Beginning: Sega Undertakes Major Corporate Restructuring
2001_Feb-23: China Develops Advanced Laser Diode for DVD Pick-Ups
2001_Feb-23: Mitsumi Electric Develops Bluetooth Modules Close to Version 1.1
2001_Feb-23: LED with High-Brightness Level Passes Evaluation in China
2001_Feb-22: Sony Develops 13-In. Organic EL Panel
2001_Feb-22: NEC, Casio Unveil Notebook PCs with Transmeta's Crusoe CPU
2001_Feb-22: VIA Gets CPU Orders from Four Major Chinese Computer Firms
2001_Feb-22: Guizhou Province Starts Lithium-Ion Battery Production Line
2001_Feb-22: Pilot to Market Bluetooth Electronic Ballpoint Pen
2001_Feb-21: Mitsubishi, Samsung Unveil Phones Based on Microsoft's Smart Phone
2001_Feb-21: CMOS Sensor Inc. Gets CCD Sensor Orders from Toshiba, HP
2001_Feb-21: China to Establish Electronic Enterprise Group, Minister Says
2001_Feb-21: NTT DoCoMo, Sega Tie Up on Gaming Service
2001_Feb-21: [World DRAM Price] Supply Glut Continues, Despite Low DRAM Prices
2001_Feb-20: Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display Completes World's Largest PDP
2001_Feb-20: Macronix to Unveil Efficient Flash Memory
2001_Feb-20: Canon Distributes Free Downloadable Printer Driver for Linux
2001_Feb-19: Acer Labs Inks Intel Pentium 4 Processor Chipset Licensing Agreement
2001_Feb-19: Global Shipments of Car Navigation Systems in 2001 to Rise 30.7 Pct.: Survey
2001_Feb-19: Taiwan's SYNeregy to Boost Production of its Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery
2001_Feb-16: Samsung to Use Agilent's Miniature Duplexer for Watch Phone
2001_Feb-16: Macronix Expects EPS to Hit NT$5 in 2001
2001_Feb-16: Sanyo to Debut CCD Camera Modules for Mobile Phones
2001_Feb-15: [NET&COM21;] Kanematsu Computer to Link Its IrDA LAN System with Sharp's Zaurus
2001_Feb-15: NEC Plans to Sell PDA in Japan by Fall
2001_Feb-15: Yamaha Provides Tool for Converting to 16-Chord Sound Alert from MIDI Files
2001_Feb-15: Hyundai Electronics to Separate Satellite Services from Parent
2001_Feb-15: Omron to Sell Bluetooth-Compliant Adapter, PC Card for PHS
2001_Feb-14: Matsushita Develops MPEG4 Video Codec LSI Compatible with Core Profiles
2001_Feb-14: PC Makers Face Dilemma of Sn-Zn/Sn-Ag Soldering
2001_Feb-14: Samsung Electronics Releases 32Mb RAM
2001_Feb-14: Toshiba Examines Construction of Si-TFT-LCD Panel Factory in Singapore
2001_Feb-14: Nikon to Debut 5.47M-Pixel SLR Digital Camera
2001_Feb-14: Value of 128Mb DRAMs Set at US$4 Range
2001_Feb-14: Sony to Sell Mobile CD-R/RW Drive with Music-Playing Function
2001_Feb-14: ADI Contracts Production of ADSL Chipsets to TSMC
2001_Feb-14: Motorola's Tianjin Factory to Yield 3,000 Chips per Week
2001_Feb-14: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices Slump as Makers of DIMMs Engage in Dumping
2001_Feb-13: Samsung Electronics Develops Technology for 4Gb DRAM Chips
2001_Feb-13: Value of 128Mb DRAMs Falls Below US$5
2001_Feb-13: Zhejiang Province to Focus on Software, IC Industries
2001_Feb-13: Procomp Informatics Muscles Into IA Contract Manufacturing
2001_Feb-13: Applied Materials Learns from Japan and Outstrips 'Teacher'
2001_Feb-9: [NET&COM21;] A.I. Exhibits Bluetooth-Compliant Visor Prototype
2001_Feb-9: NTT Group Announces Cryptosystem for Contactless IC Card
2001_Feb-9: Palm Seeks PDA Contract Manufacturers in Taiwan
2001_Feb-9: [NET&COM21;] Indian Firm Demonstrates OSGi-Based System; Parents Can Watch their Kids Via the Net
2001_Feb-9: Matsushita Battery Develops Coin Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery for Mobile Devices
2001_Feb-9: [NET&COM21;] Shavers on Show with Power Supplied by LAN Cable
2001_Feb-9: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Develops SAW Filters for IMT-2000 Handsets
2001_Feb-8: Jilin Province Aims to Build 'Optical Valley'
2001_Feb-8: JVC Develops Extremely Thin Speaker
2001_Feb-8: Sharp, Five Others Set Up Venture to Develop Next-Generation LCD Technology
2001_Feb-7: Matsushita-Kotobuki to Launch USB Super Disk Drive Using FD32MB Technology
2001_Feb-7: China to Develop Its First 32-Bit, 16-Bit Microprocessors
2001_Feb-7: Fujifilm Unveils 6.03 Million Pixel Digital Camera Designed by Porsche
2001_Feb-7: LG Electronics Develops 4th Generation TV Chip
2001_Feb-7: NEC Develops 'Post-Rambus' High-Speed Interface Technology
2001_Feb-7: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices Fall Sharply in North America
2001_Feb-6: Sharp Develops Bluetooth CompactFlash Card
2001_Feb-6: TSMC Unveils 0.13-Micron Low-K Processing Technology
2001_Feb-5: LCD PCs Set to Replace CRT PCs As Monitor Prices Fall
2001_Feb-5: Hyundai Electronics Resolves Patent Dispute with Infineon
2001_Feb-5: NEC to Boost Procurement of Electronics from Taiwan in 2001
2001_Feb-5: 3Com Japan Develops Cable Modem for NTT's FTTH Service
2001_Feb-2: Taiwan's United Epitaxy Forecasts Revenue Growth of 30 Pct. in 2001
2001_Feb-2: Sindo Wins US$50 Million Supply Contract With Xerox
2001_Feb-1: Samsung Electronics Develops New Photo Resist Product
2001_Feb-1: Takara Unveils Remote-Control Humanoid Robot Toy
2001_Feb-1: Taiwan's IC Assemblers Issue Mixed Market Forecasts
2001_Feb-1: Seiko Epson to Commercialize 260,000-Color TFD Panels for Mobile Devices
2001_Feb-1: Sega Teams with Pace Micro, Incorporates Dreamcast into Set-Top Box
2001_Feb-1: Hyundai Electronics Develops MCU for Internet Use


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