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2001_Mar-30: Samsung Electronics Ships Memory Module Sample for Servers
2001_Mar-30: Hyundai Electronics to Supply DDR SRAM Modules to HP, Compaq
2001_Mar-30: Shenzhen Encourages Investment in IC Sector
2001_Mar-30: Toshiba Launches Bluetooth PC Card Kit for Wireless PC, Projector Connection
2001_Mar-29: Mitsubishi to Offer 100,000-Pixel Camera Module for Mobile Phones
2001_Mar-29: Mosel-Vitelic to Produce MRAM Chips for USTC
2001_Mar-29: Konami to Adopt Sony's 3D Sound Technology in Horror Adventure Game for PS2
2001_Mar-29: Toshiba Semiconductor President Talks about 'Cell' Project
2001_Mar-28: LG Electronics Debuts 32-Inch, High-Definition Digital TV
2001_Mar-28: [World DRAM Price] Decline Trend Continues; Large User Prices Likely to Fall Below US$5
2001_Mar-28: Samsung Electronics Expects US$760M in Q1 Profit
2001_Mar-28: Sales of PC-Related Businesses Recover Partially, But Overall Industry Remains Weak
2001_Mar-28: Matsushita Expands Investment in Tianjin
2001_Mar-28: SiS Rolls Out Cheap Chipsets to Challenge VIA
2001_Mar-27: TSMC Faces Another Downward Revision of Investment Plan
2001_Mar-27: Samsung Electronics Seals Order with Dell Computer
2001_Mar-27: Taiwan IT Manufacturers Display Cutting-Edge Products at CeBIT Show
2001_Mar-26: U.S. GlobiTech to Build CMOS Epitaxial-Wafer Factory in Taiwan
2001_Mar-26: Takara to Debut Low-Priced Digital Camera with Built-in Printer
2001_Mar-23: Sharp to Load MPEG-4 Player in Its Linux-Based PDAs
2001_Mar-23: U.S. SST to Invest in Shanghai Foundry, Launch Chinese Subsidiary
2001_Mar-23: Apacer Technology, United Test Ally on Advanced Memory Module Development
2001_Mar-23: NEC Develops Personal Robot with Speech, Image Recognition
2001_Mar-22: Samsung Electronics to Strengthen Smart-Card IC Biz
2001_Mar-22: TSMC, UMC Cut Capital Expenditures More Than 40 Percent
2001_Mar-22: Siemens Eyes SMT Market in China
2001_Mar-22: VIA Technologies, SIS See Intensifying Sales Battle
2001_Mar-22: Ireland's Parthus Technologies to Step Up Asian Sales
2001_Mar-22: Gemplus to Build IC Card Production Center in Tianjin
2001_Mar-22: 'Sony Seeks Role as Bluetooth Trendsetter': Sony's Infostick Engineers
2001_Mar-21: Worldwide Production of Large TFT-LCD Modules Increases 40 Pct.
2001_Mar-21: Taiwan's TFT-LCD Makers ADT and Unipac Merge to Assure Survival
2001_Mar-21: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices Still Declining After Micron's Price Cutting
2001_Mar-21: Win Semiconductors Debuts Six-Inch GaAs Wafers Using 0.15-Micron Process
2001_Mar-21: DRAM Chip Inventories Fall, Spot Price Rebound Seen: Merrill Analyst
2001_Mar-20: Silicon Storage Technology to Invest Heavily in China
2001_Mar-19: Hitachi, Parthus to Develop Bluetooth Microchip Products
2001_Mar-19: Taiwan's Two TFT-LCD Leaders Merge into World's Second-Largest Maker
2001_Mar-19: Japan's 2000 DVD/WDM Production Increases 23 Pct.: Survey
2001_Mar-19: Matsunichi, Dalian Group Join to Produce Digital Video Phones
2001_Mar-19: Bluetooth Devices Unable to Communicate with Each Other: Solution Unlikely to Appear Within 2001
2001_Mar-16: SCEI, IBM, Toshiba Join to Develop Teraflops Microchip
2001_Mar-16: STATS of Singapore, NEC Sign Manufacturing Pact for ICs in Hard Disk Drives
2001_Mar-16: Sony to Launch Sales of Bluetooth Adapter for CLIE PDAs in June
2001_Mar-15: Saehan to Expand Chip Material Biz
2001_Mar-15: TSMC, UMC Expect Month-on-Month Sales Drop in March
2001_Mar-15: Alarm Clock Designed to Use MP3 Music Data as Alarm Sound
2001_Mar-15: Chinese Researchers Develop New Solar Cell for Mobile Phones
2001_Mar-15: Matsushita Battery Unveils Alkaline Cell with 1.3 Times Longer Life
2001_Mar-15: Samsung Electro-Mechanics to Expand Output of Rambus DRAM Modules
2001_Mar-15: Toshiba Expects Double-Digit Growth Amid Recession: President of Toshiba Semiconductor
2001_Mar-14: ETRI Develops Key Chip for 3G Networks
2001_Mar-14: Sharp Develops STN Panel Claiming Better Color Reproduction Than TFT-LCDs
2001_Mar-14: Samsung Declared Winner in Large TFT-LCD Panel Market in 2000: DisplaySearch Survey
2001_Mar-14: China's 8-In. Monocrystalline Microchip Line Starts Operation
2001_Mar-14: [World DRAM Price] Contract Price for 128Mb DRAMs Falls to US$5
2001_Mar-13: Toshiba to Market Low-Temperature, Polysilicon TFT-LCDs for Mobile Phones
2001_Mar-13: Samsung Releases Multi-Chip Package Product for 3G Handsets
2001_Mar-13: Chunghwa Introduces Hunet's Color-Sequential TFT Panels
2001_Mar-12: Toshiba Develops Bluetooth Baseband LSI Using Nokia's Core Technology
2001_Mar-12: Nintendo Develops Reader to Link Game Boy Advance with Bar Codes
2001_Mar-12: Taiwan Motherboard Makers Perform Better in February
2001_Mar-12: Market for Mobile Phone Components to Continue Growing, Competition to Intensify
2001_Mar-12: Taiwan's United Test Center Gets WBGA Packaging Service Orders
2001_Mar-12: U.S. APW Builds System Integration Equipment Center in Shanghai
2001_Mar-9: Hyundai Electroncs Develops 8Mb SRAM for 3G Handsets
2001_Mar-9: Taiwan's TFT-LCD Panels Slumping for Notebooks, Up for Monitors
2001_Mar-9: LG Electronics to Invest More Than US$785M in R&D;
2001_Mar-9: Seiko Epson to Sell Low-Temp. Polycrystalline Si-TFT LCDs for Mobile Use
2001_Mar-9: VIA to Give 0.13-Micron Microprocessor Orders to TSMC
2001_Mar-8: Sony-Made I-Mode Phone with Over 65,000 Color TFT Display Goes on Sale
2001_Mar-8: LG Optical Storage Products Gain Popularity in Europe
2001_Mar-8: Microsoft, Toppan Printing Collaborate to Develop Windows-Enabled IC Card
2001_Mar-8: Taiwan's TFT Panel Industry Sees Improving Fortunes
2001_Mar-8: Samsung to Mass Produce 10 Million Direct RDRAMs
2001_Mar-8: Taiwan's Motherboard, System Makers Fight for Barebones System Market
2001_Mar-8: DDI Pocket's Java-Enabled PHS to Adopt MIDP
2001_Mar-7: Korea to Promote Trade in Intellectual Property
2001_Mar-7: ON Semiconductor to Add 6-Inch Fab at Sichuan Joint Venture
2001_Mar-7: [World DRAM Price] Microchip Prices Yet to Reach Bottom
2001_Mar-7: Competition Heats Up in Memory Microchip Market
2001_Mar-6: Hewlett-Packard Expands Partnerships with Lite-On IT
2001_Mar-6: Samsung Electronics Selects Qualcomm 3G Chip for W-CDMA Mobile Phone
2001_Mar-6: Hyundai Electronics Spins Off Customer Service Business
2001_Mar-5: Sanyo to Launch High-Resolution Security Camera with Built-In 10GB HDD
2001_Mar-5: NEC to Make Color TFT Drivers for Mobile Phones, Aiming for Summer
2001_Mar-5: Acer Communications & Multimedia Expands Sales in China
2001_Mar-5: Singapore's GigaWaveTech, Austria's NewLogic to Tie-Up on Bluetooth Software
2001_Mar-5: Taiwan's Hon Hai Lands PS2 Orders from Sony
2001_Mar-5: Au's Java-Capable Wireless Phones to Use Industry Standard MIDP
2001_Mar-2: Intel Offers Standards for Low-Priced Personal Computers
2001_Mar-2: NTT DoCoMo to Debut NEC-Made I-Appli-Compatible Mobile Phone with Speedy Display Screen
2001_Mar-2: VIA to Introduce DDR DRAM Package
2001_Mar-2: January Sales Hit Bottom for Some Taiwan PC Parts Makers
2001_Mar-1: Samsung, Intel Forge Strategic Alliance for Rambus DRAMs
2001_Mar-1: Toshiba, Matsushita to Set Up Joint Venture to Manufacture LCD Panels in Singapore
2001_Mar-1: Aplix, MegaChips Team Up to Develop Java, MPEG4 Applications
2001_Mar-1: SinTek Becomes Member of DNP Group in TFT-LCD Color Filter Production
2001_Mar-1: JVC to Market MPEG4-Compatible Portable Digital Video Camera


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