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2001_Jul-31: World's Top Ten Semiconductor Companies' Rankings Suffer Shake-Up
2001_Jul-31: Chinese Vendors Propose Bluetooth Technology Commission in Beijing
2001_Jul-31: Sony Computer Ships 4.34 Mln. PS2 Units in Q1
2001_Jul-31: Formosa Plastics to Develop PDP TVs, LTCC Substrates
2001_Jul-30: Next-Generation Bluetooth Gets Visibility at Bluetooth Congress 2001
2001_Jul-27: Matsushita to Ship Wireless Display PC
2001_Jul-27: VIA Technologies to Deliver P4X266 Chipset
2001_Jul-27: Toshiba Discloses Details of New TFT-LCD Panel for Mobile Phones
2001_Jul-26: Pass21 Acquires U.S. Veridicom
2001_Jul-26: DRAM Makers Upgrade Manufacturing Processes to Cope with Recession
2001_Jul-26: Hyundai Motor Develops Satellite Receiver for Buses
2001_Jul-26: Matsushita, Germany's Leica Team Up on Digital Cameras
2001_Jul-25: NEC, Nippon Avionics Jointly Develop Smallest Bluetooth Modules
2001_Jul-25: [World DRAM Price] Spot Price of 128Mb DRAMs Continues to Drop
2001_Jul-25: Macronix Applies to Lease Land at Military Site
2001_Jul-25: Ritek Plans to Invest in CD-R Subsidiary in China
2001_Jul-25: Taiwan's DRAM Makers Compete for Overseas Funds
2001_Jul-25: Shanghai Belling Builds Chip Production Base in Zhangjiang Park
2001_Jul-25: Sony Adds New Model to PDA CLIE Series Featuring 65,536-Color Display
2001_Jul-24: Taiwan's Electronics Sector Shows Negative Growth in June
2001_Jul-24: Chip Exports Expected to Tumble Below US$1 Bln. in July
2001_Jul-24: Hynix Semiconductor Considers Additional Cut in Production
2001_Jul-24: Matsushita to Offer Bluetooth-Enabled Three-CCD Digital Camcorders
2001_Jul-24: Samsung Electronics to Reduce Investments by Large Sum
2001_Jul-23: Worldwide Production of Mobile Phones for Q2 Drops Substantially
2001_Jul-23: HP Plans to Outsource US$80 Million Worth of Digital Cameras
2001_Jul-23: Samsung Electronics to Nurture System-on-a-Chip as Next Key Business
2001_Jul-23: Tohoku Pioneer Shows 3-inch Color Organic EL Panel
2001_Jul-23: Hynix Semiconductor to Suspend Output at U.S. Plant for 6 Months
2001_Jul-23: Omron Develops Technology to Search Large Databases by Voice Via Cell Phone
2001_Jul-20: Chip Equipment Market to Fall by 26 Pct. in 2001
2001_Jul-20: NEC Develops Low-Power IEEE1394 Microchip for PDAs
2001_Jul-20: Apacer Technology Launches Second-Generation ATA-Disk Chips
2001_Jul-19: Taiyo Yuden, Tokyo Denshi Sekkei to Tie Up on Bluetooth Technology
2001_Jul-19: KDDI Debuts Color Mobile Phone with Low-Temp. Polysilicon TFT-LCD
2001_Jul-18: [World DRAM Price] Contract Prices Decline, Causing Some Plants to Shut
2001_Jul-18: Matsushita Develops Small Bi-Directional Antenna for IMT-2000 Base Station
2001_Jul-18: Sharp to Market Color LCD Monitors with Wide Viewing Angle, Fast Response
2001_Jul-17: Hynix Semiconductor to Move Marketing Headquarters to the United States
2001_Jul-17: Seiko Epson Develops 32-Bit Single Chip RISC Processor for PDAs
2001_Jul-17: Rambus to Lower Royalties on Patented Chips
2001_Jul-17: NEC to Integrate Design Rules for 0.1-Micron With Taiwan TSMC
2001_Jul-17: Zucotto to Sell Java-Accelerator LSI to Japan's Mobile Phone Makers
2001_Jul-16: SiS Set to Mass-Produce AMD Chipsets, Compete With VIA
2001_Jul-16: Sales at UMC Continue to Drop; TSMC's Business May Have Hit Bottom
2001_Jul-16: Joint Bank Credit Supports IC Base in Shanghai
2001_Jul-16: Hankuk Electric Glass Suspends Plans to Enter TFT-LCD Biz
2001_Jul-16: Digital Camera Makers Compete to Dominate China
2001_Jul-13: China Develops First 32-Bit CPU Chip
2001_Jul-13: Samsung SDI Completes World's Largest PDP Factory in Local Province
2001_Jul-13: Fujitsu Launches 3.5-In. MO Disk Drive, Able to Store 20,000 Photos
2001_Jul-13: Microelectronics is Top Priority of China
2001_Jul-13: NEC to Offer First PDA Product Within 2001
2001_Jul-13: Prices of 128Mb DRAM Microchips Fall Below US$2
2001_Jul-12: Taiwan's Chipmakers Face Worsening Sales in June
2001_Jul-12: Mitsubishi, Kyocera Jointly Develop Tiny Transmitter for Mobile Devices
2001_Jul-12: Samsung Electronics Develops High-Speed 128M DDR Chip
2001_Jul-12: China to Host International Defense Electronics Exhibition
2001_Jul-11: [World DRAM Price] Contract Prices Decline 20 Pct., Spot Prices 30 Pct. in U.S., Europe
2001_Jul-11: Ricoh Develops Graphic Data Compression/Expansion LSIs for JPEG2000
2001_Jul-11: CD-RW Drive Producers Expect Buoyant First-Half Sales to Continue
2001_Jul-11: LG.Philips LCD to Export Patented Technology to U.S.
2001_Jul-11: Legend Inks Deal with LG.Philips LCD, Hannster, Four Other LCD Makers
2001_Jul-10: Seiko Epson Develops TFD-LCD Panel With Better Viewing Outdoors
2001_Jul-10: ProMos to Begin Trial Production at 12-Inch Fab in August
2001_Jul-10: IBM Japan's Collaboration with Taiwan's Chi Mei to Exert Big Impact
2001_Jul-10: Justsystem's 'BeatJam' Digital Audio Software to Support IBM's Copyright Technology
2001_Jul-10: Ritek, CMC Magnetics Report High June Revenues
2001_Jul-9: Depression Looms Over Taiwanese Mobile Phone Production
2001_Jul-9: Chi Mei Optoelectronics to Become World's Third-Largest Display Maker
2001_Jul-9: Justsystem First to Use Sony's 'NetMD' Standard
2001_Jul-9: VIA, SiS Report Lower-Than-Expected, Second-Quarter Revenues
2001_Jul-9: Motorola, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens Launch Mobile Games Interoperability Forum
2001_Jul-9: World's Largest CRT Manufacturer Launched in Hong Kong
2001_Jul-6: Canon to Make Digital Cameras in Malaysia
2001_Jul-6: IBM Japan, Taiwan's Chi Mei to Set Up TFT-LCD Company
2001_Jul-6: Taiwan's Annual Semiconductor Output Value Set to Fall for First Time
2001_Jul-6: Samsung Releases 512Mb Flash Memory Chips
2001_Jul-6: Compact Electric Fan is Powered by a PC
2001_Jul-6: Philips Ends CRT Monitor Manufacturing Business in Taiwan
2001_Jul-5: Etron Forecasts Global Telecom Market Recovery in Second Half of 2001
2001_Jul-5: IBM Japan Unveils Super High-Definition TFT-LCD Monitor
2001_Jul-5: Casio to Offer Wristwatch Digital Camera for Color Images
2001_Jul-4: UMC to Form LCD Projector Alliance
2001_Jul-4: Chinese, Korean, U.S. Firms to Produce DVD Disk Mechanism Chips
2001_Jul-4: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices for DRAMs Drop Below US$3
2001_Jul-3: VIA's C3 Processor Obtains Bridgehead in Server Industry
2001_Jul-3: ASE Lands Chip Assembly Orders from Transmeta
2001_Jul-3: IBM, Seiko Epson to Establish Logic LSI Manufacturing Joint Venture by 2003
2001_Jul-3: Samsung Eyes System-on-a-Chip Market
2001_Jul-2: Access to Introduce IPv6-Compatible Bluetooth Protocol Stack
2001_Jul-2: Taiwan's VIA, Sunplus Tech Witness Lackluster Businesses
2001_Jul-2: Output of Large TFT-LCD Modules Recovers Suddenly Amid Ongoing Recession


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