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2001_Sep-28: Optrex Launches High-Illumination STN-LCD Panel for Mobile Phones
2001_Sep-28: [WPC2001] Sony's Vaio MX Wins Best Award at World PC Expo 2001
2001_Sep-28: Samsung Electronics Develops CD/DVD Optical Pick-Ups
2001_Sep-28: Shortfall of Large-Sized LCD Panels Expected in 2002
2001_Sep-28: LG.Philips LCD Keeps Top Share in TFT-LCD Mart for Monitors
2001_Sep-28: China to Promote Machinery, Electronic Exports
2001_Sep-27: NTT DoCoMo Debuts FOMA Devices for Voice, Data Transfer
2001_Sep-27: Taiwan's Handset Components Makers Get Through Business Trough
2001_Sep-27: Toshiba Adopts Lead-Free Soldering for All Digital Appliances
2001_Sep-27: [WPC2001] Faster IEEE1394b-Compliant Products to Appear in 2002
2001_Sep-27: Hynix Moves to Reduce Circuit Width on Semiconductors
2001_Sep-27: ITIS: WTO Entry to Force Taiwan's Heavy Machinery Firms to Compete Overseas
2001_Sep-26: TSMC May Win 60 Pct. of Global Market Share in Q3
2001_Sep-26: [WPC2001] Power Quotient Reader Can Run Six Types of Memory Cards
2001_Sep-26: Value of Rambus DRAMs on Rise; Overall DRAM Prices Stabilize
2001_Sep-26: [WPC2001] Emergence of HDD Radio Cassette May Make MD Obsolete
2001_Sep-26: [World DRAM Price] Terror Attack Has No Visible Effect on DRAM Prices
2001_Sep-25: Intel to Invest US$300 Million in Shanghai Plant Expansion
2001_Sep-25: [WPC2001] Sony Unveils 5GHz IEEE802.11a Access Point Hardware
2001_Sep-25: [WPC2001] Do-It-Yourselfers Shouldn't Miss New 845 Motherboards on Show
2001_Sep-25: [WPC2001] Making a Clean Sweep: Vacuum Knows Where to Clean
2001_Sep-25: [WPC2001] U.S. Startup Qameleon's Software Changes PDA to Remote Controller
2001_Sep-21: Sony Develops Blue-Purple LEDs with Small Aspect-Ratio of 2.3
2001_Sep-21: Shanghai Leads China's IC Development Plan
2001_Sep-21: [WPC2001] Sharp Exhibits 10 Color Variations for Muramasa Notebook PC
2001_Sep-21: [WPC2001] Visitors Try Seiko Epson's New Digital Camera
2001_Sep-21: [WPC2001] Powering the Wireless Revolution
2001_Sep-21: [WPC2001] TDK to Market Flat Speakers Made of Glass Fiber
2001_Sep-20: Hitachi Develops MPEG-7-Compliant, Image-Retrieval Technology
2001_Sep-20: [WPC2001] CEO Lin Says Lite-On More Than a Component Maker
2001_Sep-20: Mitsubishi Electric to Market Power Amplifiers for cdmaOne Mobile Phones
2001_Sep-20: [WPC2001] Sanyo Exhibits Mobile Phone with OEL Display Screen
2001_Sep-20: [WPC2001] Don't Cry for Me...Evita Takes the Stage
2001_Sep-20: Sony Now Targets Females, Children with Its New AIBO
2001_Sep-20: Panasonic-Leica Tie-up Results in LUMIX Digital Cameras
2001_Sep-19: TSMC Moves into China
2001_Sep-19: PDP Sales Rising in Japan's Large-Size Television Sector
2001_Sep-19: Japan's Printer Shipments in First Half Affected by Slashed PC Prices
2001_Sep-19: [World DRAM Price] Contract Prices of 128Mb DRAMs Fall Below US$2 in N. America
2001_Sep-18: Access's New Browser for 3G Mobile Phones Will be Compatible with WAP 2.0
2001_Sep-18: Nihon Ericsson, Others to Add Position Info Services to Bluetooth Field Trial
2001_Sep-18: Nanya Technology Expects August Revenue Rebound
2001_Sep-18: Olympus Unveils Compact Digital Camera with 4 Million Pixels
2001_Sep-18: Sony to Launch MD Devices Compatible with Net MD Specifications
2001_Sep-17: [Sales Rankings] Advanced Orders for Nintendo's Gamecube May Propel it into Fifth Rank
2001_Sep-17: Sony to Offer Memory Stick-Compatible Top-of-Line CLIE PDA Model
2001_Sep-17: DNP Develops New Data Distribution System for Cell Phones
2001_Sep-17: Taiwan's IC Industry Faces Decline in Output Value After U.S. Terrorist Attacks
2001_Sep-17: Lite-On IT Expects Hefty Profits in 2001
2001_Sep-17: Recalls of Mobile Phones Continue
2001_Sep-14: Alps Electric Releases Compact Printer Module for Mobile Equipment
2001_Sep-14: Fujitsu Automation Develops Small Walking Robot
2001_Sep-14: Oki's CMOS RF Transceiver LSI Gets Bluetooth Qualification
2001_Sep-13: Hon Hai Outperforms TSMC With Year-to-August Sales
2001_Sep-13: Samsung Electronics to Make Multi-Application Smart Cards
2001_Sep-13: SCEI to Launch LCD Monitor for PSone Game Console
2001_Sep-13: Major Global Companies Snub Taiwan's Semiconductor Exhibition
2001_Sep-12: [World DRAM Price] Prices Continue to Fall Despite Preparations for Year-End Sales
2001_Sep-12: UMC Chairman Tsao Outlines Strategy for Next Five Years
2001_Sep-12: Beijing to Host Exhibition for Electronic Appliances
2001_Sep-12: Viruses, Damage Hit Record High in August
2001_Sep-12: Taiwan's Optical Communication Firms Explore Promising Market of China
2001_Sep-11: Murata to Offer Small SAW Filters for W-CDMA Appliances
2001_Sep-11: LG Electronics to Reduce PDP Cost to US$100 Per Inch
2001_Sep-11: Nichimen to Launch Three Small-Sized Cameras
2001_Sep-11: Hynix Semiconductor Sells LCD Unit to Cando-led Group of Taiwan
2001_Sep-10: Cellular Phone Users Say Hardware Most Important Choice
2001_Sep-10: Samsung Group Maintains Profit Margin Amid Chip Industry Slump
2001_Sep-10: Fukuoka Governor Announces 'Silicon Sea-Belt Fukuoka' Plan
2001_Sep-10: Taiwan's Info Appliance Industry Sees First-Half Production Rise 42.7 Pct.
2001_Sep-10: LG Group to Increase Electronics R&D; in 2002
2001_Sep-10: NEC, Two Others to Host International Carbon Nanotube Symposium in October
2001_Sep-10: Taiwan Motherboard Industry Deliveries Rise in August Owing to Intel's P4
2001_Sep-7: CD-R Companies in Taiwan Expect Better Outlook in Q3
2001_Sep-7: Toshiba Starts Amorphous Si-TFT-LCD Production Company
2001_Sep-7: Rapid Expansion Hoped for DVD Players in China
2001_Sep-7: Taiwan's Electronic Sector Continues Declining; Upward Trend Seen Toward Year-End
2001_Sep-6: Sony Adds New 'AIBO' Pet Robots with Different 'Personalities'
2001_Sep-6: Samsung Electronics Announces Three Projection HDTV Models
2001_Sep-6: Matsushita to Sell Powerful Nickel Metal Hydride Battery for Digital Cameras
2001_Sep-6: NEC, Matsushita Tie-Up Seeks to Cut IMT-2000 Development Costs
2001_Sep-6: Samsung's Share of Global DRAM Microchip Market Rises to 25 Pct.
2001_Sep-5: Worldwide TFT-LCD TV Production to Reach 810,000 Units in 2001
2001_Sep-5: Taiwan's Networking, Motherboard Companies See Strong Earnings
2001_Sep-5: SKC Set to Expand into Mobile Phone Production
2001_Sep-5: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices in Asia Persist in Falling Despite Inventory Adjustments
2001_Sep-5: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Signs Supply Agreement with Solectron
2001_Sep-5: Samsung Develops Phase-Locked Loop ICs for IMT-2000
2001_Sep-4: Canon to Launch Digital Camera with Four-Million-Pixel CCD
2001_Sep-4: Sanyo to Offer Unit to Control Air-Conditioner via Mobile Phones
2001_Sep-3: Samsung Electronics Commercializes 1G Flash Memory Products
2001_Sep-3: Demand Rebounds for Taiwan's TFT-LCD Monitors; Prices Falter
2001_Sep-3: Kansai Electric Power to Offer Fast Internet via Power Lines in 2002
2001_Sep-3: CD-R Producers Consolidate into Larger Operations
2001_Sep-3: ITRI Seeks Partner to Continue R&D; of 41 Patented Biotech-Chip Technologies
2001_Sep-3: TFT-LCD Firms Remain Conservative About Q4 Performance


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