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2001_Oct-31: Cell Phone Lithium Ion Battery Prices Plummet
2001_Oct-31: [World DRAM Price] Contract 128Mb DRAM Price Drops Below US$1.50
2001_Oct-31: Samsung Electronics Kicks Off Production of 512Mb DDR DRAMs
2001_Oct-31: Taiwan Microchip Manufacturers Focus on Added Value, University President Says
2001_Oct-31: NEC Exhibits Design Models for Entertainment-Oriented Mobile Terminals
2001_Oct-31: Samsung Electronics Aims to Become World's Biggest Digital TV Supplier
2001_Oct-31: Fujifilm to Debut MP3-Compatible Digital Camera With Link to Cell Phones
2001_Oct-31: Chinese Researchers Develop First High-Brightness Blue LED
2001_Oct-30: Samsung Electronics Clinches LCD Monitor Export Deal to Taiwan
2001_Oct-30: Shenzhen Launches US$600 Mln. IC Production Project
2001_Oct-30: Canon to Attain Packing Density of 500Gb per Sq. In. for Nanohole Magnetic Recording Medium
2001_Oct-30: TSMC to Invest NT$700 Bln. Locally in Next Decade: Morris Chang
2001_Oct-30: Major Supermarket Uses DNP's Java Card in Its Credit Card
2001_Oct-30: Taiwan's Electronics Sector Continues Declining: No Sign of Rebound Seen
2001_Oct-30: LG.Philips LCD to Ship 4 Mln. 15.1-In. TFT-LCDs
2001_Oct-29: LinuxWorld C&D;/Tokyo 2001 Held in Tokyo, Korean Vendors Participate
2001_Oct-29: World Production of Color LCDs for Mobile Phones Seen Rising 92 Pct. in 2001
2001_Oct-29: Toyota Displays Demo Consumer Vehicle With Network Service at Tokyo Motor Show
2001_Oct-29: Sharp Develops CCD Image Sensor with Minimum Pixel Size for Digital Cameras
2001_Oct-29: Canon Develops Silica Film Aligning 3nm-Diameter Tubular Mesochannels
2001_Oct-29: Next-Generation Personal Computers Coming into Sight
2001_Oct-26: Taiwan Micronix Considers Expansion into China
2001_Oct-26: Aiwa Launches IC Recorder with Digital Camera Function
2001_Oct-26: Dainippon, Idemitsu to Jointly Develop Blue OEL Substrate Panels
2001_Oct-26: Keio Univ., Toyota, NEC to Conduct ITS Experiment on IPv6 in Spring 2002
2001_Oct-26: Samsung Displays 40-In. LCD Panel for TVs at LCD/PDP International
2001_Oct-25: World Chip Market to See Recovery During Q4
2001_Oct-25: Full TV Screen Realized on NEC's New LCD for Mobile Phones
2001_Oct-25: Pass21 Signs US$100 Million Deal with Saudi Arabian Firm
2001_Oct-25: 10art-ni Releases Linux Kit Running on iPAQ
2001_Oct-25: New Bluetooth Profile Mapped Out for Cars
2001_Oct-25: Microsoft Vows to Push Xbox Game Console, Oura Says
2001_Oct-24: Hon Hai Has Second Thoughts on Phoenix Plan
2001_Oct-24: [World DRAM Price] Demand for Direct RDRAM Chips Steady; Inventory Becoming Scarce
2001_Oct-24: Olympus to Launch 3-Mln. Pixel Digital Camera for US$520
2001_Oct-24: Honda, NTT In-Car Information System to Provide Info on Time, Place
2001_Oct-24: LG Electronics, Matsushita to Share Home Appliance Products
2001_Oct-24: Samsung Electronics Posts 420 Billion Won in Net Profit in Third Quarter
2001_Oct-24: Hitachi Develops LCD Technology to Eliminate Color-Change Problem
2001_Oct-24: Telecom Ministry Seeks Advice on 5GHz Band Wireless Access to Hotspots
2001_Oct-23: JASRAC Announces Results of Digital Audio Watermark Technology
2001_Oct-23: Singapore's Flextronics Sets Up Japanese Subsidiary
2001_Oct-23: Winbond Electronics to Shift Focus to Niche ICs and Away from DRAMs
2001_Oct-23: Sony Ericsson to Market Wearable Bluetooth Unit with Earpiece for Cell Phones
2001_Oct-23: Tokyo's Kogakuin Univ. to Develop PEFC Fuel Cell for Mobile Phones
2001_Oct-23: Hon Hai Faces Declining Q4 Orders Due to Rising Competition
2001_Oct-23: Furuno to Market Business-Use Mobile Terminal With SS Wireless, Bluetooth
2001_Oct-23: Matsushita Announces DVD Player for GameCube Software
2001_Oct-19: Toshiba, Matsushita to Combine LCD Businesses into New Company
2001_Oct-19: TSMC Uses 80 Pct. of High-End Production Lines
2001_Oct-19: Omron Unveils Cat-Like Robot
2001_Oct-19: NTT Demonstrates Wireless, Data-Sending/Receiving Circuit Driven by 1V
2001_Oct-19: Research on Carbon Nanotubes Expands to 15 Countries
2001_Oct-19: Casio to Launch Two-Megapixel Digital Camera at Low Price
2001_Oct-18: Matsushita Presents Next-Generation DVD With Two-Layer, 50GB Capacity Per Side
2001_Oct-18: TSMC Chairman Talks of 'EFoundry' Strategy at ISSM
2001_Oct-18: VIA to Sell Own-Brand Motherboards
2001_Oct-18: Samsung SDI Exports PDP TVs to Italy
2001_Oct-17: China Develops First Home-Made CPU Called 'Godson'
2001_Oct-17: Taiwan's Electronics Firms Experience Cash Shortage Pressures
2001_Oct-17: Sega Unveils Consumer-Game Strategy; Aims to Sell 35 Million Games in FY2003
2001_Oct-17: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Inventory Still Increasing
2001_Oct-16: ProMos Technologies Delays Expenditures on 12-In. Fab
2001_Oct-16: Foreign Makers to Launch Carbon Nanotube Businesses in Succession
2001_Oct-16: China's First Million-Gate SoC Put into Production
2001_Oct-16: Samsung SDI, UDC to Develop AM-Type Color Organic EL Panel Using Phosphorescent Material
2001_Oct-15: NRI Says Half of Home Users to Access Broadband Networks by End of 2006
2001_Oct-15: Wireless Roaming Technologies Start to Spread in Earnest with PDAs
2001_Oct-15: Taiwan's LSI Industry: Full Operations for DRAMs, 50 Pct. for Logic LSIs
2001_Oct-15: Qualcomm Starts Shipping CDMA2000 1x Chipset Supporting Bluetooth Ver. 1.1
2001_Oct-15: Fujifilm Finds LCD Materials Generate a Fortune
2001_Oct-15: Beijing to Hold Exhibit of Optical Technologies, Personal Digital Products
2001_Oct-15: Asahi Optical, Others to Test Reusable Digital Cameras for Print Services
2001_Oct-15: LG Electronics Develops Slimmer 52-In. Projection TV
2001_Oct-15: Hon Hai Said to Have Won Big Orders from Nokia
2001_Oct-12: U.S. Set to Ease Restrictions on China's Chip-Making Equipment Imports
2001_Oct-12: J-Phone's In-Service Mobile Phones with Cameras Reach 2 Million Units
2001_Oct-12: Ise to Unveil High-Luminance Fluorescent Display Tube Using Carbon Nanotube
2001_Oct-12: [Sales Rankings] Sony Gives Lead to Canon in Digital Camera Sales in September
2001_Oct-12: GM and Toyota to Tie Up on Information Service for Car Devices
2001_Oct-12: Citizen, IBM Japan Develop Bluetooth Wristwatch PC Using Linux
2001_Oct-11: NTT Com to Launch IC Card Authentication Service for Small Payments
2001_Oct-11: Mitsubishi Helps Powerchip Move into Wafer Foundry Business
2001_Oct-11: SII Develops AFM Carbon Nanotube Measuring Electric Currents, Potential
2001_Oct-11: Fujitsu to Move into PDA Mart in First Quarter of 2002
2001_Oct-11: Spread of Wireless Roaming Depends on Software, Philips Exec Says
2001_Oct-10: [World DRAM Price] Leading DRAM Makers Still Compete Below Cost
2001_Oct-10: [CEATEC] Sharp Exhibits CGS LCD Panel with Multiple LCD Driver Circuits
2001_Oct-10: Hynix Semiconductor Pushes to Sell Production Line to Overseas Investors
2001_Oct-10: LG Electronics to Release New 15-In. TFT-LCD Monitor
2001_Oct-10: Microsoft Japan to Release Own-Brand Xbox Software
2001_Oct-10: Companies Vie for Top Position in World PDP-TV Market
2001_Oct-10: NEC, Casio, Toshiba Adopt StrongARM for PDAs, Intel Says
2001_Oct-9: Hynix Creditors Agree to Jointly Manage Chipmaker
2001_Oct-9: [CEATEC] Seiko Epson Shows TCP/IP Chip
2001_Oct-9: Mitsui to Set Up Nanotechnology R&D; Companies, Invest 10 Bln. Yen for Next Five Years
2001_Oct-9: First-Line Electronics Firms Weather Recent Storms, But Remain Wary
2001_Oct-9: [CEATEC] Omron Exhibits High Polymer Material for 'Foldable' LCD Panels
2001_Oct-9: ALI Lands Notebook Chipset Orders from Major Corporations
2001_Oct-9: [CEATEC] NEC Commercializes Three Types of TFT-LCD Panels for 3G Cell Phones
2001_Oct-9: Fujitsu Launches A Camera Module for Mobile Phones, Claiming World's Smallest
2001_Oct-9: PDA Markets to Make Next Move, to Share Common Architecture
2001_Oct-5: [CEATEC] Kenwood Demonstrates Short-Range Wireless Module For Mobile Phones
2001_Oct-5: UMC Launches AWG Chip Production as New Standard for Semiconductor Industry
2001_Oct-5: Samsung Electronics Cuts 90 Jobs in Texas to Tackle Chip Slump
2001_Oct-5: LCDs to Obtain 52.5 Pct. of Monitor Market by 2007; U.S. Research Group Says
2001_Oct-5: JVC Launches Digital Video Camera with 'Web Camera' Function
2001_Oct-5: [CEATEC] Murata Mfg. Develops 1.6mm-Thick Bluetooth Module
2001_Oct-4: JEITA to Give PC Green Label Certificates to 20 Companies
2001_Oct-4: [CEATEC] Hitachi Maxwell Showcases 2.4mm-Thick Li-Ion Battery
2001_Oct-4: SMIC Begins Microchip Wafer Production in China
2001_Oct-4: 'Short Battery Life' is Top Complaint Among Business Mobile Device Users
2001_Oct-4: [CEATEC] Thin LCD/PDP TV Models Take Center Stage at CEATEC Show
2001_Oct-3: [World DRAM Price] Sales of Direct RDRAMs Brisk in September
2001_Oct-3: ProMos Technologies 12-Inch Wafer Plant Passes Initial Test
2001_Oct-3: [CEATEC] Sony Demonstrates 13-Inch, Full-Color OEL Display Prototype
2001_Oct-3: Global Digital Camera Output to Rise 38 Pct. in 2001
2001_Oct-3: Murata Proposes Bluetooth-Enabled Humanoid Robot
2001_Oct-2: Taiwan's Handset Component Sales Forecast to Grow Over 30 Pct. in 2002
2001_Oct-2: Canon to Debut 4.15M-Pixel AF Digital SLR Camera for Professional Use
2001_Oct-2: Elpida Memory Postpones Start of Its DRAM Plant
2001_Oct-2: Agilent Japan Pres. Says 3G Mobile Phone Market to Show Solid Growth
2001_Oct-2: Taiwan's Chip Industry Contracts 24 Pct. in Q2
2001_Oct-2: Hitachi Launches One-Chip STN Color LCD Controller Driver for Mobile Devices
2001_Oct-1: Samsung Develops 576Mb Rambus DRAM
2001_Oct-1: Taiwan's TFT-LCD Manufacturers Suffer from Decreased Profits in August
2001_Oct-1: Taiwan's Mobile Phone Suppliers Lower Sales Outlooks
2001_Oct-1: Kawasaki Microelectronics Develops Base-Band LSI for Bluetooth
2001_Oct-1: DRAM Group Seeks Possible Financial Aid From Taiwan's Gov't
2001_Oct-1: Chi Mei Group, IBM Japan Jointly Establish LCD Manufacturer


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