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2001_Nov-30: Bright Prospects Predicted for Taiwan's Optical Communications Industry
2001_Nov-30: PDP TV Market to Attract Heated Competition
2001_Nov-30: Minolta Develops Small Zoom Lens Unit for Mobile Phones, PDAs
2001_Nov-30: [ISSCC Preview] Bluetooth Chips from Hitachi, Ericsson-STM, Transilica to Debut at ISSCC 2002
2001_Nov-30: ITRI's New Chipset to Boost Local Machine Tool Industry
2001_Nov-30: Chinese Chip Maker Starts Trial Production in Shanghai
2001_Nov-29: Taiwan's Ritek Group Begins Producing OLED Displays
2001_Nov-28: DoCoMo to Begin Convenient Cell Phone Fixing Service
2001_Nov-28: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices Cross Contract Price Levels
2001_Nov-28: Software Glitch Found in NTT DoCoMo's FOMA Model
2001_Nov-28: Demand for Flash Memory Chips in 2005 to Reach 40 Pct. of DRAMs
2001_Nov-28: Sony to Add Thin Models to CLIE PDA Series
2001_Nov-28: Chinese LSI Industry Needs Design Expertise, Experience: Trade Conference
2001_Nov-28: Taiwan's Chipset Suppliers Expect Higher Revenues
2001_Nov-28: China's Graphics Card OEM Seeks to Avoid Price War
2001_Nov-27: Kyocera to Market Digital SLR Camera with 35mm Film-Sized CCD
2001_Nov-27: Samsung Electronics Releases 256Mb NAND Flash Memory Microchip
2001_Nov-27: Taiwan's Motherboard Makers Expect Decline in Nov. Revenues
2001_Nov-26: Hynix's Foundry Pricing Strategy to Impact Counterparts in Japan, Taiwan
2001_Nov-26: Formosa Komatsu Silicon Begins Manufacture of 8-Inch Wafers
2001_Nov-26: NTT-ME Jointly Launch Content Delivery Service of Korean TV Programs in Japan
2001_Nov-26: Matsushita, Fujitsu, Hitachi to Present MPEG4 Video ICs at ISSCC 2002
2001_Nov-26: Samsung Releases Slim Digital Camcorders to Compete with Sony
2001_Nov-26: High-Tech Toys to Continue Enjoying Brisk Sales
2001_Nov-22: Toshiba to Launch Low-Priced Digital Camera with 2M Pixel CCD, 3x Optical Zoom
2001_Nov-22: Hynix to Sell STN-LCD Unit to Korea-China Consortium
2001_Nov-22: Memory Chip Design Houses Cut Inventories to Weather Operational Adversity
2001_Nov-22: UMC, Lightcross Team Up in Variable Optical Attenuator IC Development
2001_Nov-22: Prices of 128Mb SDRAMs Continue to Rise
2001_Nov-22: Japan Should Invest More, Says James Morgan, Chairman of Applied Materials
2001_Nov-22: Fuji Develops Nano-Layer Technology for 3GB Storage Capacity on 3.5-In. FD
2001_Nov-21: CMC Lands TDK CD-R Orders
2001_Nov-21: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices Remain at Low Levels Worldwide
2001_Nov-20: Taiwan IC Designers Dedicated to Chinese Wafer Foundries
2001_Nov-20: Korea's Electronics Firms to Reduce Facilities Investments in 2002
2001_Nov-20: Robot Exhibition 2001 Held at Tokyo Big Site
2001_Nov-20: Taiwan Technology Institute Develops Lighting Technology Without Electrodes
2001_Nov-20: Nokia May Offer FOMA Cell Phones in Q3 2002, CEO Says
2001_Nov-20: Sony Exhibits Prototype Wristwatch Video Camera
2001_Nov-20: Nichimen to Offer Digital Camera with 30-Minute Video Recording Function
2001_Nov-19: SiS, Asustek Unveil New Motherboard in Korea
2001_Nov-19: Intel's First P4 DDR Solution Appears at Comdex Fall 2001
2001_Nov-19: ASIMO to Take New Steps as Honda Launches Robot Rental Business
2001_Nov-16: UMC, TSMC Move into Optical Telecom Chip Foundry Work
2001_Nov-16: Samsung Electronics Receives Certification on All DDR Products from Intel
2001_Nov-16: Adobe, Mitsubishi, Others to Ally in Electronic-Signature Business
2001_Nov-15: Taiwan's Electronics Manufacturers Pressured to Cut Forecasts
2001_Nov-15: Icom to Launch 15-In. TFT-LCD Monitor Priced Under US$330
2001_Nov-14: Significant Oversupply of DRAMs to Be Seen in 2002: Nikkei Market Acceess Survey
2001_Nov-14: [World DRAM Price] 128MB DIMM Spot Prices Decline Below US$10
2001_Nov-14: Hynix Semiconductor Considers Sale of Non-Core Facilities
2001_Nov-13: Samsung Electronics Develops Faster QDR Microchips
2001_Nov-13: Winbond, Sharp Agree to Develop Next-Generation Flash EEPROM for Cell Phones
2001_Nov-13: Macronix Increases Mask ROM Features on Booming Market Expectations
2001_Nov-12: Winbond Teams with Sharp in Support of 8-In. Wafer Plant
2001_Nov-12: Matsushita Communication to Offer Super-Thin Speaker for Mobile Phones
2001_Nov-12: Memory Microchips to See New Challenges
2001_Nov-9: Fujitsu Markets Embedded Bluetooth Baseband LSIs for Mobile Appliances
2001_Nov-9: Taiwan's Premier Image Technology to Build 'Camera City' in Foshan
2001_Nov-9: September Shipments of Consumer Electronic Products Decrease YOY
2001_Nov-9: Sony Debuts New AIBO with Art Design Typical of the 1980s
2001_Nov-8: I-O Data to Launch New Transformer Enabling SCSI Devices to be Used via USB 2.0 Port
2001_Nov-8: Access to Provide Browser for Clarion's AutoPC CADIAS
2001_Nov-8: Taiwan's Electronics Companies Expected to Have Seen High Sales in October
2001_Nov-8: Japan's Nanotechnology Market Could Reach 27 Trln. Yen by 2010, Hitachi Exec. Says
2001_Nov-8: [LCD/PDP] Merging is Key to Survival for Japanese LCD Makers, Analyst Says
2001_Nov-8: Future of SCSI, 'Serial 640Mbps-Type to Come Next': Maxtor, Adaptec
2001_Nov-7: Ericsson Gives Japan's First Demo of Bluetooth-Based VoIP for GSM Cell Phones
2001_Nov-7: [LCD/PDP] Overseas PDP Makers Emerge as Serious Competitors to Japan
2001_Nov-7: NTT DoCoMo Gives I-Mode Specs in English, to Penetrate Overseas Mobile Content Services
2001_Nov-7: [World DRAM Price] Some 128Mb DRAM Spot Prices Drop Below US$1
2001_Nov-7: TSMC Continues Active Investment
2001_Nov-6: Samsung Details New 40-In. TFT-LCD Monitor for TVs
2001_Nov-6: [LCD/PDP] Chi Mei Shows 18-In. SXGA TFT-LCD Panel with Wide Viewing Angle
2001_Nov-6: Samsung to Strengthen Memory Biz, Miniaturize Patterning and Enlarge Capacity
2001_Nov-6: [LCD/PDP] Chunghwa Showcases 18.1-In. TFT-LCD Panels for TVs
2001_Nov-6: NTT DoCoMo, TBS Test Realtime Digital TV Broadcasting for Mobile Phones
2001_Nov-5: Digital Camera Makers Reduce U.S. Christmas Shipments
2001_Nov-5: [LCD/PDP] LG Philips Debuts 30-In. TFT-LCD Panels for TVs
2001_Nov-5: Casio Computer to Launch Color Display Wristwatch Digital Camera
2001_Nov-5: Hon Hai Accuses AMP/Tyco, Avnet Asia of Patent Infringement
2001_Nov-5: [LCD/PDP] LG Electronics Shows 50-In. XGA-Class Plasma Display
2001_Nov-5: [LCD/PDP] Hyundai Display Technology Exhibits UXGA-TFT LCD Panels
2001_Nov-5: Samsung, Mitsubishi to Unify Specs of Large-Capacity RAMs for Mobile Devices
2001_Nov-5: Electronics Makers Direct More Efforts to Develop Fuel Cells
2001_Nov-2: Fujitsu Tests Optical WDM Communication Spanning 7,400km at 2.4Tbps
2001_Nov-2: Tokyo Motor Show: Two Firms Exhibit Car-Navi Map Distribution Standards
2001_Nov-2: TSMC to Build Five New 300mm Plants
2001_Nov-2: [LCD/PDP] Samsung Electronics Exhibits World's First 40-In. TFT-LCD Panels
2001_Nov-1: U.S.-Based ISSI Sets Up IC Firm in Shanghai
2001_Nov-1: No Outflow of Taiwan's Leading-Edge Technology to China, Ministry Says
2001_Nov-1: Taiwan TFT-LCD Sales Rise in September, Led by 15-Inch LCDs
2001_Nov-1: Taiwan's DRAM Companies Incur Heavy Losses, Face Downgrade Pressure
2001_Nov-1: Restructuring is Not Enough to Win: Samsung Executive
2001_Nov-1: Software Bluetooth Realized Jointly by Three Japanese Developers


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