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2001_Dec-31: Seagrand to Unveil Cassette-Tape MP3/WMA Player
2001_Dec-31: PDA, Mobile Phone and Semiconductor Stories Stand Out: Annual Ranking

2001_Dec-31: Electronics Makers Can't Wait for Bluetooth Standardization
2001_Dec-31: Dai Nippon Printing to Boost Output of Color Filters for TFT-LCDs in Taiwan
2001_Dec-28: Chartered Semiconductor, China's SMI Agree on 0.18-Micron Technology
2001_Dec-28: LG Electronics to Release Two New CD-RW Drives
2001_Dec-28: Talks Between Hynix, Micron Technology Proceeding Smoothly, FSC Says
2001_Dec-28: Taiwan Chip-Making Equipment Market Expected to Report Major Shrinkage
2001_Dec-28: New USB Supplement Enables Point-to-Point Data Exchange for Mobile Devices
2001_Dec-27: Matsushita Unveils CD-RW/DVD-ROM Drive to Duplicate CDs
2001_Dec-27: FTTH, Cable Network to be Used for PS2 Content Distribution Service
2001_Dec-26: [World DRAM Price] Contract DRAM Prices Rise for First Time in 16 Months in U.S.
2001_Dec-26: Cadence Design Systems to Invest US$50 Million in China
2001_Dec-26: EU Imposes Anti-Dumping Penalties on Taiwan's CD-R Industry
2001_Dec-26: Sony Shows Li-Ion Battery Using Waste Coffee Ground Electrodes
2001_Dec-26: LG Micron to Build Shadowmask Factory in China
2001_Dec-25: Exactly How Fast Are High-Speed CD-R Drives?
2001_Dec-24: Powerchip Semiconductor Speeds Up New 12-Inch Wafer Pilot Line
2001_Dec-24: Intel Korea, Samsung SDS to Jointly Establish Research Institute
2001_Dec-21: Toshiba Plant Sale to Micron Technology May Link Winbond with Infineon
2001_Dec-21: Matsushita Electric to Offer Lightweight Portable Printer
2001_Dec-21: Hynix to Release 128M Graphic DDR
2001_Dec-21: Yamaha Releases LSI That Generates 40 Chords of Sound for Mobile Phones
2001_Dec-20: Hyper Transport I/O Specification Released
2001_Dec-20: Microchip Sector Bottoms Out; Likely to Recover in 2002, AFI Says
2001_Dec-20: U.S. TriMedia Opens Japan Office
2001_Dec-20: Global DRAM Firms Teaming to Boost DRAM Prices
2001_Dec-19: Hangzhou to Host New IC Design Center
2001_Dec-19: Samsung Electronics, Hynix Raise Chip Prices for Steady Customers
2001_Dec-19: [World DRAM Price] Production Shift to DDR DRAMs May Cause Shortage of Synchronous DRAMs
2001_Dec-18: Samsung SDI Develops Thinnest Lithium Ion Battery
2001_Dec-18: Taiwan Mobile Phone Shipments Expected to Grow in 2002
2001_Dec-18: Infineon CEO Says Microchip Talks with Toshiba in Progress
2001_Dec-18: Taiwan Gears Up to Meet Surging TFT-LCD Demand
2001_Dec-18: Toshiba to Release DVD-RW Device in 2002
2001_Dec-17: Matsushita Succeeds in Recycling Solder Residue Using Sesame Seeds
2001_Dec-17: Hynix May Consider Strategic Alliance With Samsung Electronics
2001_Dec-17: Monitor Sales Surpass 20 Mln. Units, Samsung Electronics Says
2001_Dec-17: TSMC Courts Orders from Chinese IC Design Firms
2001_Dec-17: Taiyo Yuden Becomes Japan's First Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility
2001_Dec-14: Intel Starts White Box Business in Japan
2001_Dec-14: Samsung Electronics to Implement 0.13-Micron Technology in SOC Chips
2001_Dec-14: Asustek to Issue nForce-Equipped Motherboards
2001_Dec-14: Bluetooth SIG Announces Definition for Input Devices
2001_Dec-14: Taiyo Yuden, Hitachi Engineering Interconnect Three Different Bluetooth Chips at Expo
2001_Dec-13: Sony Unveils IT TV, with Wireless LAN Connection
2001_Dec-13: LG Electronics to Enter Japan's Digital TV Market
2001_Dec-13: Hynix Adds U.S. Semicon Factory to Sell-Off List
2001_Dec-13: TSMC, Matrix Semiconductor Realize 3-D Memory, Seek Mass Production
2001_Dec-13: TechMatrix Launches Middleware for Cell Phone/PDA-Application Development
2001_Dec-12: Hynix Installs 0.13-Micron Technology in DRAM Production
2001_Dec-12: Nanya Technology Kicks Off Volume Production of DDR333 Memory Chips
2001_Dec-12: Mitsubishi Launches Power Amp Module with GaAs HBT Tech for W-CDMA Phones
2001_Dec-12: Sampo Opens PDP Television Production Line in Taiwan
2001_Dec-12: [World DRAM Prices] Spot Prices Exceed Contracts, Show Stable Movements
2001_Dec-12: Taiyo Yuden Develops World's Smallest Bluetooth RF Module
2001_Dec-11: Mitsubishi Firms Establish Company to Make, Sell Fullerene Materials
2001_Dec-11: TSMC to Produce CSR's Second-Generation Bluetooth Chips
2001_Dec-11: Large-Capacity Flash Memories to See Short Supply by Late 2002
2001_Dec-11: Sipec, Asia Scientific Tie Up to Support Japanese LSI Makers Entering China
2001_Dec-10: Kyocera Plans Marketing Effort for CDMA Phones in China
2001_Dec-10: Taiwan's Silicon Foundries Enjoy Improving Sales in October
2001_Dec-7: MVD Launches OEM Network Attached Storage Management Software
2001_Dec-7: Samsung Electronics Opens Chip Sales Unit in China
2001_Dec-7: Demand for Color Handheld Devices Stirs Up STN-LCD Market
2001_Dec-7: Samsung Electronics to Miss Production Goal for PDP TVs
2001_Dec-7: K Lab Provides Delivery Technology to Support Flash Content on Java Cell Phones
2001_Dec-7: VIA Unseats Winbond as Taiwan's Third-Largest IC Company
2001_Dec-7: Sony Finance to Issue Credit Card with Contactless IC Card
2001_Dec-6: Fuji Chimera Research Says Intelligent Traffic System Market to Hit US$130 Bln.
2001_Dec-6: Bandspeed, Open Interface Co-Develop Technology to Lower Wireless Interference
2001_Dec-6: NTT Develops High-Speed Digital Money Processing System
2001_Dec-6: Toshiba Battery Announces Long-Life Battery Cell for Digital Cameras
2001_Dec-5: Sharp to Start Mass Production of 'Least-Volume' Power Amps for W-CDMA Cell Phones
2001_Dec-5: World LCD Production for Mobile Phones to Decrease 25 Pct. in 2001
2001_Dec-5: Ise Develops Double Layer Carbon Nanotube for Field Emission Displays
2001_Dec-5: Hynix Confirms Alliance Talks with Micron
2001_Dec-5: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices Rise in North America, Asia
2001_Dec-5: Hynix-Micron Alliance Likely to Show Visible Results Soon, Says MOFE Head
2001_Dec-5: Hot Sales of P4 Chipsets Boost Graphic Cards
2001_Dec-5: China's First Bismuth HTS Wire Goes Into Production
2001_Dec-5: Huawei, Philips Join to Develop 3G ASIC Chipset
2001_Dec-4: Lite-On Wins Major CD-ROM Drive Order from Dell
2001_Dec-4: GSMC's Business Strategy is to Minimize LSI Factories, COO Says
2001_Dec-4: SiS Licenses RDRAM Technology from Rambus
2001_Dec-4: Samsung SDS to Establish Smart Card JV in China
2001_Dec-4: Konami Begins Sales of Robochu Digital Pet for Young Children
2001_Dec-4: Samsung Electronics Develops New 4Mb Fast SRAM Microchip
2001_Dec-3: Intel to Source New Optical Communications Chips from Taiwan
2001_Dec-3: Samsung Electronics Develops SoC Chip for Digital TVs
2001_Dec-3: Bluetooth Chipset Shipments Outnumber 802.11b Chipsets, Say IMS, Cahners In-Stat
2001_Dec-3: Exports of Machinery, Electronic Equipment Lead China's Trade
2001_Dec-3: ERATO Announces Technical Data on PINO Robot


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