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2002_Jan-31: Infineon in Talks with Hynix on DRAM Tie-Up
2002_Jan-31: TFT Sales See Slight Rise in December, But Makers Can't Boost Production
2002_Jan-31: Hynix Chairman Says Sales Talks to Bear Results in Next Few Weeks
2002_Jan-31: Intel VP Discusses Low-Cost Non-Volatile Memories
2002_Jan-30: Demand, Supply of TFT-LCD Panels Remains Tight
2002_Jan-30: MOIC Set to Develop Faster High-Speed Internet Access Technology
2002_Jan-30: [World DRAM Price] Prices for Large-Volume, Spot Market to Rise
2002_Jan-30: Major DRAM Producers Expect Q1 Profit
2002_Jan-30: STMicroelectronics' Q4 Net Profits Rise, Led by PC Peripherals, Wireless
2002_Jan-30: Taiwan's Panel Makers Study Challenge of 5G TFT-LCD Production
2002_Jan-29: Sony's PlayStation2 Game Device to be Marketed in Korea
2002_Jan-29: Matsushita Develops Tuner for TV Receiver to Enjoy Internet Contents
2002_Jan-29: China's First Undersea Fiber-Optic Cable Technology Passes Evaluation
2002_Jan-29: Samsung SDS Teams with Digent for Fingerprint Recognition Technology
2002_Jan-28: Sharp Files Lawsuits Against Taiwan's CPT, Tatung Company of Japan
2002_Jan-28: Japan's LSI/LCD Manufacturing Equipment Market Continues Y-O-Y Decline: SEAJ
2002_Jan-25: Taiwan's LED Manufacturers Tap China's Semiconductor Market
2002_Jan-25: Toshiba Develops Compact Fuel Cell for Mobile Devices
2002_Jan-25: Qualcomm Signs CDMA License Pacts with Many More Chinese Telecom Makers
2002_Jan-25: Hynix Semiconductor to Sell Hyundai Syscomm to 3R
2002_Jan-25: Matsushita to Sell Ni-Mn AA Battery for Digital Cameras
2002_Jan-24: Samsung Announces Memory Supply Agreement for Xbox
2002_Jan-24: Taiwan's Electronics Sector Shows Mixed Sales Results in December
2002_Jan-24: Takara to Roll Out Electric Car Capable of Running 80km on 8-Hour Battery Charge
2002_Jan-24: We Compete with Small Size, Lower Prices: VP of Seagate Technology
2002_Jan-23: [World DRAM Price] Contract Prices Continue to Rise into 2002
2002_Jan-23: Global LCD Monitor Production Volume Doubles to 15.03 Mln. in 2001
2002_Jan-23: Dit Launches USB Port Electronic Key for Personal Identification
2002_Jan-22: Fourth Round of Negotiations Between Hynix, Micron to Continue in the United States
2002_Jan-22: Fujitsu Showcases 40Gbps Optical Transmission Module
2002_Jan-22: Samsung Electronic Releases TFT-LCD Wireless Handset
2002_Jan-22: Ericsson, Dai Nippon Printing Collaborate on Bluetooth ASIC
2002_Jan-21: Broadband to 'Perform' in Sony PlayStation2's Act Two
2002_Jan-21: VIA Technologies, SiS to Launch New Chipsets in February
2002_Jan-21: Matsushita, Victor to Jointly Develop Value-Added Substrate
2002_Jan-21: Sanyo, Haier Forge Partnership to Expand Sales
2002_Jan-21: LG Electronics Releases Low-Priced TFT-LCD Product
2002_Jan-18: DRAM Makers May Hike Prices for Fixed Customers Again: Meritz Securities
2002_Jan-18: Minolta to Debut 20mm-Thin, 2M Pixel Digital Camera
2002_Jan-18: Hong Li Semiconductor to Launch Production Around Year-End
2002_Jan-18: Matsushita Electronic Launches Dual-Frequency Antenna for Cellular Phones
2002_Jan-18: Operating Rates on TFT-LCD Panel Production Lines Recover Suddenly
2002_Jan-17: SOK, Omron Develop Anti-Theft Car System That Notifies Owner Via E-Mail to Cell Phone
2002_Jan-17: Samsung, Sanyo to Jointly Develop Fuel Cells
2002_Jan-17: MediaTek Declines Comment on Mass Production of Power Amplifier Chips
2002_Jan-17: China's Haier Group Exhibits Numerous Bluetooth Networked Appliances at CES
2002_Jan-17: Korea's PDA Demand Falls Below Expectations
2002_Jan-17: Ritek Group Plans to Develop Inorganic Electro Luminescent Products
2002_Jan-17: Samsung Electronics Shows Next-Generation Optical Disc
2002_Jan-17: Toshiba Develops Wireless Headset for Music Playback, Appliance Control
2002_Jan-16: Hyunju Computers to Supply PCs to GE
2002_Jan-16: LG Micron Invests in East China's Color Display Tube Joint Venture
2002_Jan-16: Hon Hai Replaces TSMC as Largest Private Manufacturer in 2001
2002_Jan-16: China-Made Digital Video Chip Obtains Microsoft Certification
2002_Jan-16: Taiwan's ODM Firms Extend Reach to Electronic Manufacturing Service Production
2002_Jan-16: Korea's ETRI Obtains Two Major Patents for MPEG-4
2002_Jan-16: [World DRAM Price] Microchip Makers Raise Prices to Profitable Levels
2002_Jan-16: Sharp to Focus on Five Main Areas, Including System LCDs, in Fiscal 2002
2002_Jan-15: Siliconware to Acquire Universal Communication Technology
2002_Jan-15: Oki Debuts LSIs for PCM Sounds with 32 Tones
2002_Jan-15: Micron Expected to Sign MOU with Hynix in January
2002_Jan-15: Taiwanese Fluorescent Lamp Recycler to Start Operations
2002_Jan-15: TFT-LCD Panel Production Lines' Operating Rates Start Recovering
2002_Jan-15: Samsung Electronics Succeeds in Independent Development of ADSL Chip Sets

2002_Jan-15: Larger TFT-LCD Panels Promise Higher Profit Margins
2002_Jan-15: Before the Battle: Nonvolatile Memory Versus Hard Disk Drives
2002_Jan-15: Optodisc Technology of Taiwan Unveils Prototype Optical Disc
2002_Jan-11: Content Revealed of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, HYDIS Tie-Up on TFT Business
2002_Jan-11: Over 30 Mln. Bluetooth Module Units Expected to be Shipped in 2002
2002_Jan-11: Hitachi Maxell Debuts Small, Thin Transmitter Module for Bluetooth
2002_Jan-11: UMC Relinquishes Parcel of Land in Tainan Science-Based Park
2002_Jan-11: Sharp to Launch Linux-Based Zaurus PDA in the United States
2002_Jan-10: Matsushita Develops OFDM Modem LSI Compliant with IEEE802.11a
2002_Jan-10: Kaohsiung Hitachi Scraps Planned Taiwan LCD Plants
2002_Jan-10: Powerchip Gears Up 12-Inch Wafer Plant Establishment
2002_Jan-10: Qualcomm Offers Free Japanese BREW SDK for Cell Phones
2002_Jan-10: Sony to Sell VAIO Desktop with LCD, TV Tuner, Stowaway Keyboard in Spring 2002
2002_Jan-10: Samsung Raises DRAM Price by 30 Pct.
2002_Jan-10: Mitsui to Produce 120 Tons Annually of Carbon Nanotubes from September 2002
2002_Jan-10: Micron Technology Begins Third Round of Negotiations with Hynix
2002_Jan-10: ProMos Technologies Starts Volume Production of 0.14-Micron Process Chips
2002_Jan-10: Sony's Global PS2 Shipments Register 5 Million in December 2001
2002_Jan-9: Toshiba Markets SD Cards with Bluetooth Capability
2002_Jan-9: Fujitsu Develops Four-Stacked MCP for Next-Generation Mobile Appliances
2002_Jan-9: Funai Electric Teams with Chi Mei Optoelectronics in LCD Business
2002_Jan-9: NEC Down, ST Microelectronics Up in Worldwide Semiconductor Vendor Ranking: Dataquest
2002_Jan-9: System-in-Package Demand Expands with Recovery in Handheld Device Sector
2002_Jan-9: [World DRAM Price] Prices Rise for Large-Volume Users for Two Consecutive Weeks
2002_Jan-9: J-Phone's Mobile Phones with Built-in Cameras Top 3 Million
2002_Jan-8: TSMC Hopes to Win Orders from Xilinx, SanDisk
2002_Jan-8: Ritek Completes Initial AWG Backend Service Deployment
2002_Jan-8: Matsushita Electric to Launch Compact Digital Camera with SD Memory Card
2002_Jan-8: Toshiba Develops 30GB Rewritable Optical Disc, Proposes Specs to DVD Forum
2002_Jan-7: Worldwide Demand for Mobile Phones to Start Running Out of Steam in 2003
2002_Jan-7: Taiwan-Based Companies to Get License for SD Memory Card Production
2002_Jan-7: DRAM, Motherboard, Chipset Companies Ally in Global Clone Market
2002_Jan-7: Shanghai Fab Receives US$480 Million Loan
2002_Jan-7: Taiwan Gears Up to Meet Surging TFT-LCD Demand
2002_Jan-7: Dell Computer Order to Make Hon Hai World's Largest Motherboard Manufacturer
2002_Jan-7: Taiwan's TFT-LCD Makers Puzzled by Samsung's Price Cuts
2002_Jan-7: What's Inside the Xbox?
2002_Jan-2: Two Revolutionary Developments Coming in Flat Panel Displays
2002_Jan-2: Rohm Markets 32-Chord PCM Sound Source LSI for Cell Phones


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