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2002_Mar-29: Infineon, Nanya Technology to Construct 12-In. Wafer Plants in Taiwan
2002_Mar-29: China Likely to Account for 20 Pct. of IC Manufacturing Equipment
2002_Mar-29: Omron, Tmsuk Develop Remote-Control Robots for Firms Using IMT-2000
2002_Mar-29: Yamaha to Debut Electronic Violins for Stage Performances
2002_Mar-29: Color Organic EL Panel with High-Molecule Technology to be Presented at EDEX 2002
2002_Mar-29: Bridgestone Develops Thin Display Device Business Using Nanotechnology
2002_Mar-28: [OFC] Korea May Target FTTH Systems
2002_Mar-28: Kyushu Matsushita Debuts Network Cameras Controllable Via Mobile Phones
2002_Mar-28: Market Price of 128Mb DRAM Microchips Declines to Two-Month Low
2002_Mar-28: Sanyo Electric Unveils Music Player with 128MB Memory
2002_Mar-28: Infineon to Set Up Two 12-In. Wafer Plants in Taiwan with Local Partner
2002_Mar-28: VIA Technologies Expects Revenue to Exceed NT$40 Billion in 2002
2002_Mar-27: TSMC, ITRI to Jointly Develop Magnetoresistive RAM
2002_Mar-27: Bandai Develops Prototype Robot with Face, Voice Recognition
2002_Mar-27: Sigma Exhibits 10-Mega-Pixel Digital Camera with New Image Sensor
2002_Mar-27: UMC Hints at Price Hikes for Its Service
2002_Mar-27: Taiwan's March Sales for PCs/Mobile Phones Brisk, But Adverse Effects May Happen
2002_Mar-27: Advanced Diodes Promise Hefty Earnings for United Epitaxy
2002_Mar-27: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices for 256Mb Microchips Rise to US$8.50
2002_Mar-26: TFT Panel Prices Continue to Rise, But for How Long?
2002_Mar-26: Samsung Raises DRAM Contract Prices by 5 Pct.
2002_Mar-26: IEEE-SA Approves PAN Standard Compatible with Bluetooth
2002_Mar-26: NTT Laboratory Groups Develop IEEE802.11a Chip Set
2002_Mar-26: TSMC to Introduce 0.09-Micron IC Production by Year-End
2002_Mar-26: Samsung Electronics to Begin Producing Smart Card Chips
2002_Mar-26: Korea Grabs Lion's Share of TFT-LCD Market
2002_Mar-26: Dow Corning Reaches Out to Chinese SMEs Via Internet Sales
2002_Mar-26: [OFC] China Names Wuhan 'Optic Valley of China'
2002_Mar-25: Apple Unveils Bluetooth Adapter for Mac OS X at Macworld
2002_Mar-25: Mobile Phone Replacement Cycle Lengthens to 23 Months
2002_Mar-22: [CeBIT 2002] Cellonics Demonstrates Wireless Transmission Via Ultra Wideband
2002_Mar-22: P-Two Earns Handsome Profits on CD-R Drives and FPC Connectors
2002_Mar-22: Texas Instruments' OMAP Runs in High Gear
2002_Mar-22: Self Eye Tests, Eyeglass Purchases to Go Online
2002_Mar-22: Sony Unveils SDR-4X Robot, Plans Commercial Release at Year End
2002_Mar-21: China's EDA Software Market Growing Close to Taiwan: Survey
2002_Mar-21: Matsushita Electric Improves TFT-LCD Color Reproduction Range
2002_Mar-21: Korea's Electronics Firms Revamp Corporate Structure to Focus on R&D;
2002_Mar-20: Samsung Electronics Earns Certification from Intel for 512Mb DDR Microchips
2002_Mar-20: Value of 128Mb SDRAMs Recover to US$4 Level
2002_Mar-20: Access, Sharp to Tie Up on Browser for PDAs
2002_Mar-20: [World DRAM Price] Prices for Large-Volume Users Recover to US$3, Makers Get Out of the Red
2002_Mar-19: Samsung Electronics Releases New Multi Chip Package
2002_Mar-19: Fuji Film Axia Unveils Business Card-Sized Digital Camera
2002_Mar-19: Security Holes in Wireless LANs 'Everywhere'
2002_Mar-19: Sony Installs Edy in Vaio W to Help Promote 'One Touch' IC Card
2002_Mar-18: World Digital Camera Production in 2001 Down 20 Pct. Y-O-Y to 16.33 Mln. Units
2002_Mar-18: Sanyo Announces Low-Noise, Blue-Violet Semiconductor Lasers for Next-Generation DVD
2002_Mar-18: Mobile Phones with Cameras Become Increasingly Popular
2002_Mar-15: Top 10 Taiwan Fabless Companies, Chipmakers Announced
2002_Mar-15: Four ISPs to Tie Up on Home Appliances Using IPv6 Internet Services
2002_Mar-15: CD-R Drives, Digital Cameras Hot at CeBIT Peripherals Exhibition
2002_Mar-15: Citizen Electronics to Start Marketing 0.5mm-Thick White LEDs in April
2002_Mar-15: Sumitomo Electric, TEPCO Develop Fastest 27Mbps PLC Modem
2002_Mar-15: NEC to Fix Bug in Mobile Phones at Outlet Stores
2002_Mar-15: [CeBIT 2002] Toshiba Unveils 110GB Next-Generation DVD
2002_Mar-14: Samsung Electronics Kicks Off Production of Next-Generation DDR Chip
2002_Mar-14: DRAM Microchip Prices Go into Correction, Industry Watchers Say
2002_Mar-13: CD-R Producers Predict a Booming Second Quarter
2002_Mar-13: Intel P4-Supported Chipsets, Motherboards on Display at CeBIT in Hannover
2002_Mar-13: [World DRAM Price] Contract Prices Rise 10 Pct. for Third Straight Week
2002_Mar-12: Lightscape Networks Supplies Optical Networking Equipment to China Unicom
2002_Mar-12: Exchangeable HDD Standard 'iVDR' Aims for Wide Consumer Applications
2002_Mar-12: Toray, Nagoya Univ. Develop Synthetic Method to Produce Double-Walled Carbon Nanotube
2002_Mar-12: Japan's Printer Shipments in 2001 Fall Below Year-Ago Level for First Time Since 1994
2002_Mar-12: Toshiba Unveils 30GB Optical Disc Technology Featuring Blue-Violet Laser
2002_Mar-12: Hynix Creditors Join Negotiating Team in U.S. with Micron
2002_Mar-12: Winbond Electronics Set to Sign Cooperation Contract With Infineon
2002_Mar-11: Royal Philips Electronics Opens LCD, Optical Storage Facilities in Shanghai
2002_Mar-11: LG Electronics to Open R&D; Center in China
2002_Mar-11: Fuel Cell May Go into Practical Use in 2003
2002_Mar-8: Japan's Microsoft to Repair, Exchange Problem-Ridden Xbox Game Consoles
2002_Mar-8: DRAM Prices Surpass US$5 Level; Samsung, Hynix Raise Chip Prices to PC makers
2002_Mar-8: Sharp's New Zaurus PDA Comes with Digital Camera
2002_Mar-8: Hynix Semiconductor May Stand on its Own if DRAMs Maintain US$4 Price Level
2002_Mar-8: Winbond's Revenue Rises on Brisk Sales of Graphics Chips
2002_Mar-8: Nokia Japan Offers Image Transmission Service for KDDI's EZweb
2002_Mar-7: TSMC, Philips, STM Confirmed in Joint 90nm Chip Development
2002_Mar-7: Sony Marketing Unveils Network Camera for LAN Access
2002_Mar-7: DVD Recorders to Experience Brisk Sales Growth, JEITA Says
2002_Mar-7: Taiwan's Gov't Budgets US$600 Mln. for Nanotechnology Over Six Years
2002_Mar-6: Omron Develops Bluetooth Automatic E-Ticket-Taking System
2002_Mar-6: Honda to See 600 Bln. Yen in 2001 Operating Profit; to Push New Technologies Like Humanoid ASIMO Robot
2002_Mar-6: Hon Hai Group May Have Joined Cando's Hydis Acquisition Team
2002_Mar-6: Nikon to Market Design-Oriented Digital Camera with 2 Mln. Pixels
2002_Mar-6: Access Offers Built-In Applications for Intel Chips for Mobile Tools

2002_Mar-6: Samsung, Hynix Strive to Raise Prices of DRAM Microchips
2002_Mar-6: [World DRAM Price] Upward Price Trend Continues
2002_Mar-5: LG Electronics to Manufacture DVD-R Discs
2002_Mar-5: NEC, Matsushita Announce Architecture for 3G; Sales in Sight
2002_Mar-5: IC and Display Industries Set to Power Taiwan Economy in Five Years
2002_Mar-5: Hynix, Micron Resume Negotiations
2002_Mar-5: Samsung Electronics Reveals Plan to Focus on 256Mb DRAMs
2002_Mar-5: 3M-Pixel Digital Camera Production Surpasses 2M-Pixel Output in Jan., JCIA Says
2002_Mar-4: 'Mr. DRAM,' Dae-Je Chin
2002_Mar-4: Bluetooth Communication Technology Rises Again
2002_Mar-4: China Records 7.3 Pct. GDP Growth in 2001
2002_Mar-4: Kenwood Develops Bluetooth Headphone System
2002_Mar-4: Fuji Magne-Disk to Offer CD-R/RW Drives with Copy-Prevention Technology
2002_Mar-4: General Electric to Build R&D; Center in Shanghai
2002_Mar-1: LG Electronics Sets PDP Sales Goal at 100,000 Units in 2002
2002_Mar-1: K Laboratory Develops Technology for Easy Porting of I-Mode Java to MIDP
2002_Mar-1: Iljin Diamond Enters Data Projector LCD Market
2002_Mar-1: Japan Telework Assoc. Begins Field Test of POF 1Gbps Ethernet Network


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