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2002_Apr-30: Samsung Institute Develops Fuel Cell for Cellular Phone Featuring Less Membrane Crossover
2002_Apr-30: Taiwan's Flat Panel Firms Expect Dell's Orders
2002_Apr-30: Mobile Phone Makers Pursuing Common Architecture
2002_Apr-30: Hitachi Launches Mobile Application Processor Aiming to Grip Mobile Phone Market
2002_Apr-30: Alliances Don't Necessarily Make Companies Strong, CEO of Texas Instruments Says
2002_Apr-29: Winbond Electronics Expands BIOS Flash Memory Production Line
2002_Apr-29: World 2002 DVD Player Output to Rise 37 Pct. to About 53 Mln. Units
2002_Apr-26: Samsung Mulls Counter-Suit Against Toshiba
2002_Apr-26: Motorola to Purchase More Raw Materials in China
2002_Apr-26: Rise in Panel Costs to Drive Up Prices of Low-Cost Laptop PCs
2002_Apr-26: Korea's Bourse Rises on Record-High Samsung Electronics Shares
2002_Apr-26: Samsung Electronics Unveils Smallest Digital Camcorder
2002_Apr-25: Intel Debuts Two Computers in Small Form Factor
2002_Apr-25: S1 Signs Alliance with Netian
2002_Apr-25: Taiwan's Blue-Light LED Producers to Boost Prices
2002_Apr-25: Sharp to Mass Produce System LCDs from This Fall
2002_Apr-25: Japan's Withdrawal from DRAM Sector Questionable: Chairman of TI Japan
2002_Apr-24: Samsung Electronics Releases Wireless Handset with Digital Camera
2002_Apr-24: Texas Instruments, Japan's THine Electronics Tie Up on LCD Timing Controllers
2002_Apr-24: Samsung Reveals Strategy for 6th-Generation TFT Line
2002_Apr-24: Hynix, Micron Exchange Non-Binding MOU
2002_Apr-24: [World DRAM Price] Price Gap of Spot, Contract Grows Wider
2002_Apr-23: LSI Capability to be Insufficient in Fourth Quarter, Says UMCJ President
2002_Apr-23: LCD Sector to Enjoy Rise in Demand Until 2003
2002_Apr-23: China to Become World's Third-Largest Chip Market in 2005
2002_Apr-23: Toshiba Develops Bluetooth HDD as Super Compact Server Linking PDAs, Digital Cameras
2002_Apr-23: Panda 'AIBO' Debuts in Suntory's Sales Campaign
2002_Apr-23: Climb in TFT-LCD Panel Prices to Slow Down
2002_Apr-23: Beijing Calls for Investment in Microelectronics
2002_Apr-22: [EDEX2002] High-Definition LCD Panel for GPS Phones Realized through Low-Cost Method
2002_Apr-22: Hon Hai Hopes to Assemble Xbox for Microsoft
2002_Apr-22: [EDEX2002] In-Plane Switching TFT-LCDs Showcased with Improved Transmissivity
2002_Apr-22: Samsung Unveils UFB-LCD Color Phone
2002_Apr-22: [EDEX2002] LCD Panels to Grow to 9.5 Mln. Units by 2005: Samsung Exec.
2002_Apr-22: NEC, Shanghai SVA to Build LCD Plant in Shanghai
2002_Apr-19: Nippon Electric to Make Glass for LCDs in Korea, Taiwan
2002_Apr-19: UWB Demonstrated for First Time in Japan
2002_Apr-19: UMC Plans to Tap Chipset Market Through Tie-Up with AMD
2002_Apr-19: Matsushita Electric to Market VHS Video Deck with Built-in HDD
2002_Apr-19: Japan's 2001 Cell Phone Sales Drop Year-on-Year for First Time: Gartner Japan
2002_Apr-19: Sanyo to Offer 1/9-Inch CCD Unit for Low-Power Cell Phone
2002_Apr-19: Intel Shows Legend PC Equipped with 3GHz Pentium 4
2002_Apr-18: Organic EL Panels are Focus of Attention at Electronic Display Expo
2002_Apr-18: Working Group Formed for Next-Generation HDMI Digital Interface
2002_Apr-18: Electromechanical Products Top China Exports
2002_Apr-18: Photoresist Production Industry Thrives in Taiwan, China
2002_Apr-18: Opto Tech Plans to Mass Produce OLED Later in 2002
2002_Apr-18: JEITA Introduces Data-Erasing Guidelines for Disposing of PCs
2002_Apr-18: Toshiba Develops Bluetooth Baseband LSI Equipped with 'Profiles'
2002_Apr-18: Intel Not Planning Low-Voltage/Ultra Low-Voltage Mobile P4-M
2002_Apr-17: Taiwan's LED Makers Report Hefty Q1 Revenues
2002_Apr-17: Samsung Unveils Home Networking Set-Top Box
2002_Apr-17: Toshiba to Market 60GB, 2.5-inch HDD That is 9.5mm Thick
2002_Apr-17: Benq, Philips Electronics Collaborate to Tap DVD+RW Market
2002_Apr-17: Computer Entertainment Software Assn. Reveals Plans of Tokyo Game Show
2002_Apr-17: Matsushita Seeks Equity Participation in China's TCL Group
2002_Apr-17: [World DRAM Price] Price Trends of SDRs, DDRs Return to Normal
2002_Apr-16: Elpida May Build 12-In. Wafer Plant in Taiwan
2002_Apr-16: Hynix Records Surplus in Q1 Operating Profits
2002_Apr-16: Elitegroup's DeskNote Enlists Support in China
2002_Apr-16: Fujitsu Develops Antenna Technology to Cut Cost of 3G Wireless System
2002_Apr-15: Taiwan's IC Designing Thrives, Showing Strong Sales Growth
2002_Apr-15: Japanese Makers Unveil Electric Appliances with Internet Links
2002_Apr-15: TSMC Sees Better Prospects for Microchip Industry
2002_Apr-15: Asahi Optical to Market Binoculars with Digital Camera
2002_Apr-15: Samsung Electronics Moves to Launch into Next-Generation TV Market
2002_Apr-15: World Cell Phone Production Shows Signs of Recovery
2002_Apr-15: How to Make Use of Japanese Technology -- Sharp Concentrates Resources on LCDs
2002_Apr-14: NEC to Triple USB2.0 System Chip Output on Growing Demand
2002_Apr-12: Quanta Overtakes TSMC as Taiwan's Second-Largest Private Company
2002_Apr-12: Alps Electric Unveils Transparent Touch Panel with 88 Pct. Transmissivity
2002_Apr-11: Fujifilm to Market Digital Camera Capable of 6.03 Mln.- Pixel Output
2002_Apr-11: LG to Release 30-In. Digital LCD TV
2002_Apr-10: Taiwan's Electronics Industries Set to Recover in 2002
2002_Apr-10: SKC Begins Volume Production of Lithium Polymer Battery
2002_Apr-10: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Spot Prices Keep Falling Since Mid-March
2002_Apr-10: Samsung to Make TFT-LCDs for Wireless Handsets with Color Displays
2002_Apr-10: Aplix Develops New Java OS for Mobile Phones
2002_Apr-10: Fuji Photo Film Announces Photo-Shooting Kit for Net Auctions
2002_Apr-9: Siemens to Shift Focus to R&D;
2002_Apr-9: SCE's Kutaragi Talks about Latest Process Alliance with Toshiba: 'Aims for World Strongest Semiconductor Alliance'
2002_Apr-9: Taito Develops Sound-Source Technology for Broadband Karaoke
2002_Apr-8: Rohm Invests US$1 Mln. in U.S. OEL Display Developer eMagin
2002_Apr-8: Sales of Mobile Phones Rise 40 Pct. in Q1
2002_Apr-5: Dell Forgoes PC Price Hike Despite Higher Parts Prices
2002_Apr-5: NEC Debuts Transflective Color LCD Module for Mobile Information Terminals
2002_Apr-5: Powerchip to Start Production at 12-Inch Fabs in Four Years
2002_Apr-5: Samsung Electronics Develops SRAM Microchip for Wireless Handsets
2002_Apr-5: VIA Technologies Enters DVD Player Chipset Business
2002_Apr-5: NTT Develops Chip Sets for IEEE802.11a, High-Speed Wireless LAN Standard
2002_Apr-4: TFT-LCD Driver IC Prices Expected to Rise in Second Half
2002_Apr-4: Hitachi's New Appliance Company to Introduce Internet-Capable Appliances
2002_Apr-3: China's CSMC Unveils Plan to Boost Production of IC Wafers
2002_Apr-3: Beijing Hosts International Defense Electronics Exhibition
2002_Apr-3: Lightcross Stops AWG Development, Jolting Tie-Up With UMC, Ritek, Asia Optical
2002_Apr-3: Mitsubishi Electric Launches Car Navigation System Supporting Java Applications
2002_Apr-3: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices Rising to Profitable Level for Makers
2002_Apr-2: Earthquake Strikes Eastern Taiwan: No Big Impact on High-Tech Industry
2002_Apr-2: Taiwan's High-Tech Industries Escape Damage in Major Earthquake
2002_Apr-2: AOC-Taiwan, Amtran Win TFT-LCD Manufacturing Orders from Compaq
2002_Apr-2: Shinko Electric to Market Sublimation-Type Photo Printers for Home Use
2002_Apr-1: Japanese-Style Alliances: Still Effective for Competing with Foreign Firms?
2002_Apr-1: [EDEX2002] NEC to Exhibit TFT Panel with Improved Color Quality for Mobile Phones
2002_Apr-1: Robots in Human Forms Flourish at Robodex 2002 Expo
2002_Apr-1: Taiwan's Motherboard Price-Slashing Battle Starts After CeBIT Show
2002_Apr-1: Pioneer, Sharp, NSC, Others Form Joint Company for MPEG-4 Based Cable Systems
2002_Apr-1: Samsung SDI Constructs VFD Plant in Shanghai
2002_Apr-1: Matsushita Develops Transparent Speaker Attachable to Glass Surface
2002_Apr-1: Dell Computer-Philips Agreement to Impact Many Companies
2002_Apr-1: LG Electronics Enters Brazil's Wireless Handset Market
2002_Apr-1: Taiwan to Allow Companies to Make Eight-In. Wafer Investments in China
2002_Apr-1: Drivers Expect Telematics to Promote Security, Nikkei BP Consulting Says
2002_Apr-1: Sharp Bets on Strong Future for LCD Televisions


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