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2002_Jul-31: SK Telecom Offers GPS System to Subscribers
2002_Jul-31: Korean Firms to Expand Capacities of Lithium-Polymer Batteries
2002_Jul-31: Compal Electronics Strives to Replace Quanta in Notebook Shipments, Executive Says
2002_Jul-31: Shipments of Wireless Communications-Enabled Products Rise 56 Pct. in First Half
2002_Jul-31: [World DRAM Price] Declining Prices for Volume Users Continue as Spot Prices Rise
2002_Jul-30: UMC Expects to Outperform TSMC in Third Quarter
2002_Jul-30: Korea's Electronics Industry Expected to Boost Exports in Second Half
2002_Jul-29: Winbond Electronics Gets Largest Slice of China's SMS-Enabled Chip Market
2002_Jul-29: Many Suppliers Ready for Products Using 'PCI-X 2.0' Expansion Bus Standard
2002_Jul-29: Samsung SDI Sees Record-High Q2 Outcome
2002_Jul-29: Global Integrated Device Makers Expected to Boost Outsourcing from TSMC, UMC
2002_Jul-29: Future of Rewritable DVDs to Depend on Competition Over Standards
2002_Jul-26: Taiwan's IT Retailers Are Optimistic About Third Quarter of 2002
2002_Jul-26: Imports of Cell Phone Parts Soar in Northeast China
2002_Jul-26: Sony PlayStation2 Shipments in Japan Top 10 Million: Sony Computer
2002_Jul-26: Taiwan's IDM Companies Suffer Relatively High Inventories
2002_Jul-26: Matsushita, Hitachi to Use Echonet Standard for 'White Goods' Network
2002_Jul-25: Nova Asia to Launch Translation Software Compatible with Nine Languages
2002_Jul-25: Digital TVs Emerging as Key Export Item in Korea
2002_Jul-25: Samsung SDI Enjoys Soaring Demand for Mobile Display Panels
2002_Jul-25: China's PC Industry Expects Slow Growth, CCID Consulting Says
2002_Jul-25: Many to Migrate to 3G Mobile Phones in 2005: Gartner
2002_Jul-25: Rambus Departs from Full Dependence on Memory, Senior VP Says
2002_Jul-24: Shanghai Attracts Eight-Inch Chip Packaging R&D; Center
2002_Jul-24: Taiwan's Chip Industry Should Enhance R&D; to Lift Competition: Executive Yuan
2002_Jul-24: LG Electronics to Export US$100 Mln. Worth of Handsets to India
2002_Jul-24: Infineon Technologies Develops Wearable, Washable MP3 Player
2002_Jul-24: Samsung SDI Completes LCD Plant in China
2002_Jul-24: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Contract Prices Decline in Europe, N. America, Asia
2002_Jul-23: Taiwan High-Tech Equipment Makers Will Tie Up with Seven World-Class Powerhouses
2002_Jul-23: [ISOM/ODS] Sony to Develop Blu-Ray Disc-Based, Small-Sized Optical Pickup
2002_Jul-23: Motorola Energy Department Establishes Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Shanghai
2002_Jul-23: Taiwan IC Industry Reports Value of NT$306 Bln. in the First Half
2002_Jul-23: [Wireless Japan] FOMA to Grow Gradually: NTT DoCoMo President
2002_Jul-23: Ten Companies to Develop Technology for Plastic Substrates Used in LCD Panels
2002_Jul-22: More Fuel Cells to be Mounted on Mobile Devices
2002_Jul-22: [Wireless Japan] Fuji Photo Film Develops Wireless Digital Camera
2002_Jul-22: ST Microelectronics Becomes Top Three Global Chipmaker by Allying with Customers
2002_Jul-22: Eastern Multimedia Signs Intent to Buy GigaMedia's Broadband Subscribers
2002_Jul-22: [Wireless Japan] JRC Develops 54Mbps OFDM Device
2002_Jul-22: Ritek Debuts Products Featuring OLED
2002_Jul-22: [Wireless Japan] Qualcomm Gives BREW Demo, Shows Prototype Phone Running Eight Kinds of Applications
2002_Jul-19: Ritek Consolidates Marketing Unit to Tap Chinese Brand-Name Market
2002_Jul-19: Quanta Storage Expects Combination Models to Replace CD-RW, DVD-ROM Drives
2002_Jul-18: Greatek, Siliconware Eclipse Peers with First-Half Performance
2002_Jul-18: TDK Gets 4x Recording Speed With Write-Once, Read-Many-Times Disc Meeting 'Blu-ray Disc' Spec.
2002_Jul-18: Contract Prices of DRAMs Up for First Time in Three Months
2002_Jul-18: Chinese Software Developers Highly Interested in Linux, Evans Data Says
2002_Jul-17: Fujitsu to Collaborate with Taiwan Institute in Developing Semiconductor Solutions
2002_Jul-17: [World DRAM Price] Prices Decline for Large-Volume Users, Spot Prices Unstable
2002_Jul-17: Japan's FY2002 Mobile Phone Shipments to Decline, Yano Research Says
2002_Jul-17: Planex Communications Launches USB-based Bluetooth Adaptor
2002_Jul-17: Yamaha Debuts Drive Capable of Writing Graphic Data on Disc
2002_Jul-17: Hon Hai Considers Entering Fifth-Generation TFT-LCD Production
2002_Jul-17: SKC Obtains Battery Project from U.S. Defense Dept.
2002_Jul-17: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Two Mobile Phone Models with Camera
2002_Jul-17: [Sales Rankings] Cut-Throat Competition for Digital Cameras, J-Phone Regains Second Place
2002_Jul-17: Fujitsu to Debut Compact PDA with Wireless Communications Capability
2002_Jul-16: Matsushita Debuts DVD Recorder with Built-In HDD PC Card Slot
2002_Jul-16: Mitsubishi's KASUMI Encryption Technology Adopted as GSM Standard
2002_Jul-16: Toshiba Matsushita Display Unveils Low-Molecular Organic EL Panel
2002_Jul-16: Ericsson Begins to Develop Prototype High-Speed Bluetooth LSI
2002_Jul-16: CD-R Makers Predict Prices Will Rebound in September
2002_Jul-16: KDDI to Conduct Trial of 5GHz Wireless Network
2002_Jul-16: DRAM Contract Prices to Increase by More Than 5 Pct. by Mid-July
2002_Jul-16: Qualcomm to Demo First BREW-Based Content Distribution for Mobile Phones
2002_Jul-16: China's IC Design Industry Still in Its Infancy
2002_Jul-15: Pioneer Launches Inflatable Craft Speaker
2002_Jul-15: LG Electronics Enjoys 119.1 Pct. Increase in Operating Profits for Q2
2002_Jul-15: Agilent Opens Maintenance Center in Shanghai
2002_Jul-15: [ISOM/ODS] Canon, Matsushita Disclose Details of 2-In., 3GB Disc
2002_Jul-15: Brother Industries Offers Compact Mobile Printerv
2002_Jul-15: Yuasa, Rayovac Develop 15-Minute Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
2002_Jul-15: Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Moves into Wafer Foundry Market
2002_Jul-12: Hot Sales of PS2 May Favor Hon Hai, Asustek as Outsourcers
2002_Jul-12: Fujifilm to Enter Camera Market for Mobile Phones
2002_Jul-12: Lead-Free Devices to Appear Increasingly in the Market in 2002, 2003
2002_Jul-12: Matsushita Electric Works, Others Develop Network Socket for In-House Network
2002_Jul-12: AlphaData Markets USB-Connectable TV/FM Tuner
2002_Jul-12: Hitachi Starts Distributing Electronic Books Jointly with NTT DoCoMo, Sharp
2002_Jul-11: Seiko Instruments Sells Single-Cell, Li-Ion Battery Protection IC for Mobile Secondary Battery Pack
2002_Jul-11: Intel Decides to Set Up IC Design Service Center in Taiwan
2002_Jul-11: Taiwan Seizes Largest Share in Global Large-Sized Flat Panel Market
2002_Jul-11: Pioneer, TDK Develop 4x Write-Once Optical Disc for 'Blu-ray Disc' Specification
2002_Jul-11: NEC to Launch 5GHz Band Wireless LAN Products for Outdoor Use
2002_Jul-10: Sanken Electric's Color LED Chips Have 100 Times the Conventional Luminosity
2002_Jul-10: [World DRAM Price] Prices of 256Mb DRAMs Continue to Decline
2002_Jul-10: Japan Chamber of Commerce, Assn. Request Copyright Protection for Die Designs
2002_Jul-10: Legend Develops Voice System to Check E-Mail by Phone
2002_Jul-10: Pantech Sees Monthly Production of Wireless Handsets Rise to 500,000 Units
2002_Jul-10: Takara to Start Selling Remote-Controlled Robot for Household Electric Appliances
2002_Jul-10: Formosa Plastic Group Moves into Nanotechnology, PDP TVs
2002_Jul-10: LG Electronics Debuts 52-in. LCD Projection TV
2002_Jul-10: NTT DoCoMo to Roll Out PHS Phone that Supports FOMA
2002_Jul-9: Toshiba Debuts PDA with Built-In Wireless LAN for Corporate Use
2002_Jul-9: [N+I 2002] NTT-ME Develops Cordless Bluetooth Telephone
2002_Jul-9: Rambus Introduces 'Yellowstone' Interface Designed to Work at 100GBps
2002_Jul-9: Chinese Home Appliance Makers Eye Russian Market
2002_Jul-9: Siemens, Huatong Launch High Voltage Switch Joint Venturev
2002_Jul-9: Upgrade for 'Opera 6 for Linux' Appeals to Asian Markets
2002_Jul-8: Toyota to Sell Its First Fuel-Cell Hybrid Car in Japan, U.S. by Year-End
2002_Jul-8: LED Display Debuts in Beijing's International Airport
2002_Jul-8: Soaring Prices of DDR DRAMs Suggest Direction of Chipmakers
2002_Jul-8: [N+I 2002] PDAs Featuring Mobile IPv6 on Display
2002_Jul-8: Samsung Electronics Gains Tremendous Momentum
2002_Jul-8: [N+I 2002] Sanyo Debuts Digital Camera with Wireless LAN Capability
2002_Jul-5: Walsin Lihwa Remains Enthused About Micro-Electro-Mechanical System Development
2002_Jul-5: Taiwan's June Shipments of TFT-LCD Panels Down Sharply
2002_Jul-4: Hitachi Invests Additional 23 Billion Yen in Large-Sized, TFT-LCD TV
2002_Jul-4: Access Co. to Develop Browser Applicable to Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting, I-Mode
2002_Jul-3: Hitachi to Introduce Processor for Mobile Phone with Digital Camera
2002_Jul-3: 2002 World Notebook PC Production Rises 19 Pct. Over Previous Year
2002_Jul-3: [World DRAM Price] Chip Oversupply Likely to Continue into July
2002_Jul-3: Motorola Eyes Automobile Electronics Market in China
2002_Jul-3: Askey, D-Link Apprehensive About Uncertain NTT ADSL Bridge Tender
2002_Jul-3: LG.Philips to Construct LCD Module Factory in Nanjing
2002_Jul-3: Seiko Epson to Bolster Co-Development of Inkjet Technology Applications
2002_Jul-2: HI Aims for Improved Business Model with BREW Technology
2002_Jul-2: Taiwan LED Makers Ask for Government Aid for Better Technology Development
2002_Jul-2: Sharp to Put Linux-Installed PDA Zaurus on Japanese Market after U.S., Europe
2002_Jul-2: Taiwan IC Makers Look Toward High-End Bumping Process for Chip Packaging
2002_Jul-2: Taiwan Fertilizer Expands High-Tech Special Chemical Investment
2002_Jul-2: LSIs Supporting USB On-the-Go Showcased at Embedded Systems Expo
2002_Jul-1: Casio to Release 4-Mega-Pixel Digital Camera for Grab Shots
2002_Jul-1: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices Rise Slightly on Daily Basis
2002_Jul-1: Taiwan's DVD-R Companies Struggle to Survive in Cutthroat Competition
2002_Jul-1: Singapore Backs Nanotechnology Business


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