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2002_Aug-30: TSMC Said to Have Signed US$10 Bln.-Plus Contract with Shanghai Songjiang Gov't
2002_Aug-30: Number of Phones Equipped with JBlend Mobile Java Environment Reaches 10 Mln.
2002_Aug-30: Dongbu Group Reconsiders Acquisition of Anam Semiconductor
2002_Aug-29: Samsung, LG Wireless Handsets Favored in World Wireless Handset Market
2002_Aug-29: MMAC Sets Up UWB Work Group, Aiming to Set ARIB Standard
2002_Aug-29: Toshiba, NEC to Set New Generation DVD Specifications
2002_Aug-29: Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Expected to Reach 420 Mln. Units in 2002: Gartner
2002_Aug-29: Taiwan's High Tech Computer Corp. Targets Chinese PDA Market
2002_Aug-29: Toyota to Start CDMA2000 1x Information Service for Cars Called 'G-BOOK'
2002_Aug-28: Sanyo to Launch Digital Camera That Takes Video with Quality Equal to VCR
2002_Aug-28: MIC Forecasts Taiwan's IT Hardware Production to See Thinner Profits
2002_Aug-28: [World DRAM Price] Contract Price of DDR-Type Chips Flat in August
2002_Aug-28: Samsung Expected to Exceed Sales Target in Second Half
2002_Aug-28: NEC, Toppan Printing to Integrate Printed Wiring Board Operations
2002_Aug-28: Benq to Develop Digital Hub Integration Strategy
2002_Aug-28: Synnex Technology Reports Brisk Shipments of IT Products in July
2002_Aug-27: Korean DDR Manufacturers Raise Contract Prices
2002_Aug-27: Taiwan LCD Driver ICs Compete for Orders from Japanese IDMs
2002_Aug-27: Applying Nanotechnology to Manufacturing Moves into Full Swing in Asia
2002_Aug-27: Taiwan Home Appliance Makers Echo SAA Scheme to Strengthen Competition
2002_Aug-27: Sony Promotes 'FeliCa' Non-Contact IC Card
2002_Aug-27: Benq Expects Better Performance for LCD Monitors, Mobile Phones, Data Storage
2002_Aug-27: Samsung Electronics to Invest US$1.8 Billion in Facilities in 2002
2002_Aug-27: KDDI Debuts Four Mobile Handsets Capable of Using Moving Images
2002_Aug-26: Dongbu-TI Talks Break Off
2002_Aug-26: Procomp Infomatics Forms Alliance with Sumitomo Electric in LED Field
2002_Aug-26: Semiconductor Manufacturing International to Produce 0.18-Micron Chips
2002_Aug-26: KDDI to Launch GPS Mobile Phone with Alternative 'Hello Kitty' Dress-Up Panels
2002_Aug-26: Toshiba to Build World's Largest Laptop Computer Factory in China
2002_Aug-26: NTT DoCoMo Aims to Use PHS to Boost Sluggish Demand for 3G Services
2002_Aug-26: Sharp Backs LCDs
2002_Aug-23: Samsung Considers 1,500mm x 1,800mm Standard for 6G LCD Productionv
2002_Aug-23: Dell Computer Said to be Shifting Graphic Chip Orders to Taiwan Makers
2002_Aug-23: Hyundai Autonet to Export Navigation Gear to Autohellas of Greece
2002_Aug-23: Suzhou to Host Electronics Information Expo
2002_Aug-23: TSMC to Invest US$10 Bln. in Shanghai in Eight Years
2002_Aug-23: Access to Provide Major Chinese Cell-Phone Service Provider with Browser Software
2002_Aug-23: Eastern Communications Becomes Largest Shareholder of U.S. InterWAVE
2002_Aug-23: Korean Gov't Reveals Plans to Nurture Local Rechargeable Battery Sector
2002_Aug-23: Taiwan IC Component Distributors Enjoy Robust Growth in July
2002_Aug-23: World Shipments of Imaging-Enabled Mobile Phones, PDAs to Hit 151 Mln. in 2006: IDC
2002_Aug-22: Liaoning Province to Host International Machinery Manufacturing Exposition
2002_Aug-22: DRAM Economy to Get Back on Track in Q4
2002_Aug-22: Taiwan Starts Ambitious Semiconductor Plan
2002_Aug-22: Cross-Strait Alliance Formed to Develop Enhanced Versatile Disc Technology
2002_Aug-22: MIC: Taiwan's Motherboard Shipments to Increase in Q3
2002_Aug-21: Dacom, Fujitsu Korea Seal Strategic Alliance on Disaster Recovery Services
2002_Aug-21: Taiwan's Primax Set for Mass Delivery of 3-Million-Pixel Digital Cameras in Q4
2002_Aug-21: Samsung Electronics Signs Deal with SanDisk
2002_Aug-21: Quanta Storage to Challenge Combo CD-RW Market in Three Years
2002_Aug-21: Toshiba to Offer Location Information Service for KDDI GPS Phones
2002_Aug-21: [World DRAM Prices] Both Spot, Contract Prices Decline
2002_Aug-20: U.S. Outlook Worries Asian IT Firms
2002_Aug-20: Samsung Electronics Begins Production of Gigabit Flash Memory Chip
2002_Aug-20: Liaoning Province Launches Tech Upgrade Plan for Small Businesses
2002_Aug-20: Taiwan Corporations Form Wireless Chip Platform Alliance
2002_Aug-20: Trigem to Export US$4 Bln. Worth of PCs to HP
2002_Aug-20: Sony, Ericsson Establish Joint Venture for Mobile Phones
2002_Aug-19: Dongbu to Sign US$400 Mln. Supplier Deal with Texas Instruments
2002_Aug-19: Hon Hai Precision Industry Aims to Develop Chinese Wireless Handsets Market
2002_Aug-19: China's PCB Output Forecast to Surpass Taiwan Production in 2002
2002_Aug-19: Japan's Mobile Phone Shipments Increase Again, Thanks to Camera-Mounted Models
2002_Aug-19: Mobile Phones with Built-In Camera Enter 'Pixel' Competition
2002_Aug-16: Matsushita Electric Works, Oki Electric Form JV for Location-Information Service
2002_Aug-16: SiS Issues Optimistic Business Forecast
2002_Aug-15: Japanese Supercomputer Lead is an Order of Magnitude Better than the World's
2002_Aug-14: [World DRAM Price] Prices of DDR Type Rise While Contract Prices Plunge
2002_Aug-14: IC Card Market to Double in FY2002: Yano Research Report
2002_Aug-13: Intel Plans to Develop New Technologies to Reduce Power Consumption of MPUs
2002_Aug-13: Hydis Seeks Foreign Capital for Survival
2002_Aug-13: China Industrial Production Maintains Growth
2002_Aug-12: Third-Generation Mobile Phones to Be Launched in China
2002_Aug-12: Realtek Rolls Out System-on-a-Chip Controller Chips for 17-inch LCDs
2002_Aug-12: Sanyo Electric to Launch PDP TV Equipped with High-Intensity Panel
2002_Aug-9: Samsung Electronics Wins US$100 Mln. Telecom Equipment Order from Japan
2002_Aug-9: NEC to Introduce Small Optical Transceiver Modules for Long Distances
2002_Aug-9: Semiconductor Portal Mediates Trades of Used Manufacturing Equipment
2002_Aug-9: Korea's Electronics Industry Sees Rising First-Half Exports
2002_Aug-9: NTT DoCoMo Holds Lead in Getting New Users, Adds 299,000 Subscribers in July
2002_Aug-8: LG Electronics to Export GSM Handsets to South Africa
2002_Aug-8: Taiwan Begins Ambitious LCD, Semiconductor Plans
2002_Aug-8: Omron Develops Technology of Waveguides for Low-Cost Optical Devices
2002_Aug-8: Top Six Taiwan Memory Chipmakers Lose More Than NT$10 Billion in First Half
2002_Aug-8: Taiwan's IC Foundries Expect Rise in Position with Business Upturn
2002_Aug-8: Shanghai to Host First Session of World Engineer Conference 2004
2002_Aug-8: Epson Develops Technology to Connect Digital Camera to Printer by USB for Direct Printing
2002_Aug-7: Fujifilm to Launch Digital Camera Adopting Next-Generation Media 'XD-Picture Card'
2002_Aug-7: Kyoto Univ., NTT, Others Unite to Develop Next-Generation Organic Devices
2002_Aug-7: IBM Japan's Tokyo Research Lab Demonstrates Special Bluetooth Watch
2002_Aug-7: [World DRAM Price] DDR Spot Price Rise Exerts No Effect on Contract Prices
2002_Aug-7: KDDI, Pioneer to Jointly Develop Car Navigation System with Built-In Communication Module
2002_Aug-6: Yageo Accelerates Expansion of Plants in Suzhou
2002_Aug-6: Honda to Sell Fuel Cell Automobiles in Japan, U.S by Year End
2002_Aug-6: Matsushita Electronic Components Debuts Panel-Shaped Speakers for Mobile Phones, PDAs
2002_Aug-6: Hynix Launches Online Retail Site for Memory Modules
2002_Aug-6: Price-Cut Competition Heats Up Taipei Computer Show
2002_Aug-5: Access Develops I-Appli-Based, E-Ticket System
2002_Aug-5: Evolving Electronic Displays: Report from the Society for Information Display 2002
2002_Aug-2: TI Ships Audio Power Amplifier Suitable for 3G Mobile Phones, PDAs
2002_Aug-2: J-Phone's New Java Platform Could Be Proprietary
2002_Aug-2: Xilinx Becomes No. 1 in Japan's Programmable Logic Device Market: Xilinx Japan Pres.
2002_Aug-2: Samsung Electronics Wins Quality Standard for DDR Chip from Intel
2002_Aug-2: Hewlett-Packard to Decide Soon on LCD Panel Suppliers
2002_Aug-2: Olympus, Fujifilm Develop Stamp-Sized, Next-Generation Small Media
2002_Aug-2: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Pocket PC-Based PDA with Built-In FOMA Packet Capability
2002_Aug-1: Five Firms Expand Flash Card Standard with Authentication, Settlement Functions
2002_Aug-1: China Aims to Capture 3 Pct. of Software Market Worldwide by 2005
2002_Aug-1: TFT-LCD Panel Price Quotes Likely to Decline in August
2002_Aug-1: Sharp Begins Producing Notebook PCs in Jiangsu for Chinese Market
2002_Aug-1: Taiwan's Telecom Industry Performs Well in First Half


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