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2002_Oct-31: TI Introduces 16-bit Quad DAC for Low-Power Industrial Process Control
2002_Oct-31: Ramtron's FRAM Extends Battery Life, Programs Fast in Manufacturing Lines
2002_Oct-31: ADLINK Unveils CompactPCI Dual Intel Tualatin Processor System Module
2002_Oct-31: Tektronix CEO Discusses Business Strategies in Market for Measuring Instruments
2002_Oct-30: Large LCD TVs to Become a Smash Hit in 2004 to 2005, Sharp Exec. Says
2002_Oct-30: Micron Signs Advantech as Authorized Systems Integrator for SyncFlash Memory
2002_Oct-30: ST Combines Optical, Electronic Processing on Single Chip
2002_Oct-30: Infineon's MOSFETs Fuel High-Power Devices at Low Voltages
2002_Oct-30: Fujitsu to Adopt Linux in Large-Scale Mission-Critical Systems in 2005
2002_Oct-30: Korea's Exports of TFT-LCDs to Exceed US$6 Billion
2002_Oct-30: [World DRAM Price] Prices of DDR Devices Fall for Second Straight Week
2002_Oct-29: VIA's Display Interconnect Devices Enable PC Connectivity
2002_Oct-29: Photon Dynamics Opens Foreign-Owned Enterprise in Shanghai
2002_Oct-28: Hitachi Making Its Way to LCD TV Market
2002_Oct-28: Philips Introduces DVD+R/+RW Digital Video Recorder Reference Design
2002_Oct-28: TI's RF Transceiver Targets Portable Remote Applications
2002_Oct-28: Sharp Develops Special 3D Display
2002_Oct-28: Chinese Phone Users Exchange Old Handsets for New, Despite High Costs, Survey Says
2002_Oct-25: Samsung Electronics Performs Well in Semiconductor, Telecom Businesses
2002_Oct-25: Seiko Epson Launches LCD Controller LSIs for Mobile Phones with Camera
2002_Oct-25: SiS Opens New Office in Beijing's Zhongguancun Area
2002_Oct-25: Philips, Mitsubishi, Others Promote Low-Cost, Low-Power 'ZigBee' Wireless Standard
2002_Oct-25: RF Micro Unveils CDMA Front-End Receiver in Reduced Size 3 x 3mm Package
2002_Oct-25: Photon Dynamics to Acquire Intevac's Rapid Thermal Processing Equipment Business
2002_Oct-25: Samsung Electronics Develops 46-Inch LCD TV
2002_Oct-24: Sharp, SEL Develop World's First CPU Integrated on Glass Substrate
2002_Oct-24: Philips to Embed Java Technology in 2.5G Nexperia Cellular System Solution
2002_Oct-24: Infineon to Accelerate Multimedia Features in Mobiles via Partner Program
2002_Oct-24: MIPS Technologies Licenses Processor Core IP to Micronas
2002_Oct-23: Acer PC Shipment Grows 19% in Q3, 2002, Says IDC
2002_Oct-23: Kyocera Wireless, U.S. Wildseed Exhibit Banana-Shaped Cell Phone for Young Generation
2002_Oct-23: Yokogawa Electric to Introduce IEEE1394b Analyzer
2002_Oct-23: 2D GIGA CSTN LCD Driver IC Wins Hong Kong Awards
2002_Oct-23: HSS, eServGlobal to Deploy Intelligent Network Solutions
2002_Oct-23: [World DRAM Price] Prices of DDR Products Fall
2002_Oct-22: Cell Phones, Car Navigation Systems and More at WPC EXPO
2002_Oct-22: Mentor Graphics Unveils CAM Output Manager Tool for PCB Design Flow
2002_Oct-22: Matsushita Communication Industrial Displays Small GPS Receiver Module
2002_Oct-22: Tecnomatix Acquires Teradyne's CIMBridge CAD/CAM Optimization Software Product Line
2002_Oct-21: Fuji Film Develops WORM Blu-Ray Media: Trial Medium Confirmed up to Double-Speed Recording
2002_Oct-21: Philips Introduces Transceiver for Direct Connectivity between Portables without PC
2002_Oct-21: IR Launches myPOWER Online Design Center
2002_Oct-21: N. American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.84 in September 2002
2002_Oct-21: Net Appliance Makers Have Another Go at Wooing Customers
2002_Oct-18: Matsushita Kotobuki to Offer Storage for 'Nancy Codec' Cell-Phone Videos
2002_Oct-18: Taiwanese PDA Production Volume to Hit 5.2 Million Units in 2003
2002_Oct-18: Agilent Opens New Interoperability Certification Lab in Taipei
2002_Oct-18: NTT Develops 10Gbps Wireless System
2002_Oct-18: ON Semiconductor Introduces LED Driver for Handheld Electronics
2002_Oct-17: Intel Announces 1.8V, 0.13μm Flash Memory, System-in-a-Package for Cell Phones
2002_Oct-17: Philips Launches Chip Solution for Tire Pressure Monitoring System
2002_Oct-17: Cirrus's Op Amps Achieve Simultaneous Low Noise and Low Drift
2002_Oct-16: GPRS Dominates Taiwanese Handset Shipments
2002_Oct-16: Fairchild Opens Packaging Design Center in Korea
2002_Oct-16: Korea to Surpass Japan in Semiconductor R&D; in 2005, METI Report Finds
2002_Oct-16: Konica to Debut Credit-Card-Sized Digital Camera Weighing 70g
2002_Oct-16: IMEC to Develop Distributed Sensor Network for Health Applications
2002_Oct-16: [World DRAM Price] Prices Continue to Decline
2002_Oct-15: Tektronix Introduces Oscilloscope, Probes and Analysis Tools for Signal Integrity Measurements
2002_Oct-15: Zarlink's Packet Processors Boost Voice Quality on IP Networks
2002_Oct-15: Solomon Systech Unveils CSTN-LCD Driver Controller for Mobile Application
2002_Oct-15: In-Vehicle LAN Implementation Begins in Japan; Next-Generation Spec Competition Heats Up
2002_Oct-11: Sony Develops 3.8-in. System-On-Glass Panel; All Peripheral Circuits Integrated on Glass
2002_Oct-11: Samsung Selects Qualcomm's Dual-Mode Chipset for 3G Handsets
2002_Oct-11: NEC Starts Sales of Door Control System with Built-in Fingerprint Identification Sensor
2002_Oct-11: Osram Opto Extends Blue Gallium-Nitride Service Line from 2 Minutes to 143 Hours
2002_Oct-11: IR's MOSFETs Boost Efficiency in Telecom, Datacom Power Systems
2002_Oct-10: 'Japan Takes the Lead in Integrating Voice, IP,' Avaya Executive Says
2002_Oct-10: Micron Demonstrates Multiple DDR/DDR-II Platforms at VIA Technology Forum
2002_Oct-10: Asia Pacific IT Spending to Grow 6% in 2002, Says Gartner
2002_Oct-10: Cirrus, SVA Open Consumer Electronics Design Center in Shanghai
2002_Oct-9: Adaptec to Enter Japanese Storage Market, Ship Products for Smaller Firms from October
2002_Oct-9: [CEATEC] Chip Makers Eye Automobiles as Promising, Stable Market
2002_Oct-9: [World DRAM Price] Chip Prices Decline
2002_Oct-9: Taiwanese Server Shipment Volume Grows in 1H 2002
2002_Oct-9: LG Philips LCD Launches 42-Inch TFT-LCD for HDTV Applications
2002_Oct-9: IMEC to Build 300mm Silicon Research Foundry
2002_Oct-8: [CEATEC] NTT DoCoMo Exhibits 'Radio Poster' Using Mobile Phone, Non-Contact IC Tag
2002_Oct-8: [CEATEC] Mercury-Free Backlights Shown for Use in Cars
2002_Oct-8: [CEATEC] Electronics Makers Exhibit a Plethora of Blu-ray Products at CEATEC
2002_Oct-8: Conexant's MPEG-2 Audio/Video Encoder Integrates Multi-Functionalities
2002_Oct-8: Cirrus' Digital Audio Interface Products Target Emerging DVD-Audio Market
2002_Oct-8: MCIL, FCI to Develop Advanced Automotive Connector Solutions
2002_Oct-7: Altera's Cyclone to Expand FPGA, Embedded Processor Markets
2002_Oct-7: [CEATEC] Toshiba Demonstrates Next-Generation DVD 'Advanced Optical Disk'
2002_Oct-7: [CEATEC] Casio Aims Field-Sequential Panels at Wearable Devices
2002_Oct-7: Asia's Java Developers Set for Imminent Hiring Boom
2002_Oct-7: Taiwan Expects Strong Growth in Thin Client Production
2002_Oct-7: SK Telecom Selects Juniper Networks Routers for First Wireless VoIP Services in Korea
2002_Oct-7: Shipments of Mobile Phones With a Camera to Rise to 18.89 Mln. Units in Japan
2002_Oct-4: [CEATEC] Organic EL, 3D-Image Liquid Crystal Displays Attract Attention at CEATEC Show
2002_Oct-4: [CEATEC] Rohm Shows Optical Module for Mobile Phones; Expects to Ship 1.3M-Pixel Camera Modules in 2003
2002_Oct-4: Samsung Pursues Global Branding Strategy at Asian Games
2002_Oct-4: Secom Develops Prototype Robot that Obeys Voice Commands, Carries Cash
2002_Oct-4: Qualcomm, Wavecom Sign CDMA Module License Agreement
2002_Oct-4: Hitachi Selects MeetingPlace for Voice, Web Conferencing
2002_Oct-4: Equinix to Integrate Assets of i-STT
2002_Oct-4: Teradata Warehouse 7.0 Delivers Enterprise-Wide Data Warehousing Benefits
2002_Oct-3: Qualcomm Integrates Bluetooth WCDMA and GSM Capabilities
2002_Oct-3: Ericsson Technology Licenses Bluetooth Technology to Taiwan's VIA

2002_Oct-3: Graphical Test Interface to Simplify Test on Agilent Platform
2002_Oct-3: Matsushita Selects Ramtron's FRAM for Car Navigation Systems, Audio
2002_Oct-3: Riverstone Network to Serve as Locomotive to Expand MAN Market in Japan: President & CEO
2002_Oct-2: President Says Infineon Aims to be World's Fourth Largest Chip Maker in Five Years
2002_Oct-2: Mitsubishi, Samsung Form Alliance to Develop LSIs for Mobile Phone Camera
2002_Oct-2: Philips, Fairchild Cooperate to Second-Source Small Scale Packaging Technologies
2002_Oct-2: Student IC Cards Launched in Beijing
2002_Oct-2: Vishay Launches Industry First Silicon-Based RF Capacitors
2002_Oct-2: [World DRAM Price] Expected Shortage of 256Mb DDRs in October May Turn to Oversupply in Q1 2003
2002_Oct-1: Seiko Epson to Enter Cell Phone Market with 'Nancy Codec' Microcomputer
2002_Oct-1: Fuel Cells for Mobile Devices to be Commercialized in 2004: Execs at Casio, Smart Fuel Cell
2002_Oct-1: Electronics, IT Industries Continue to Suffer Severe Conditions, JEITA Chairman Says
2002_Oct-1: Japanese Mobile Phone Market Shows Signs of Recovery: Gartner Japan
2002_Oct-1: Matsushita, Toshiba to Form CRT Company; Focus on HDTVs for Asian Market
2002_Oct-1: Sanyo Develops 15-Inch Color Organic EL Display
2002_Oct-1: TI Supplies First Logic Register Components for DDR-II DIMM Evaluation
2002_Oct-1: Avnet Completes Acquisition of Avnet Max in India
2002_Oct-1: [World DRAM Price] Razor-Thin Profits of DRAM Manufacturers May Cause Reorganizations


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