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2002_Nov-29: Worldwide Mobile Sales Exceed 100 Million Units in 3Q 2002, Says Gartner
2002_Nov-29: TI Unveils Power Module for High-Speed DSPs, Microprocessors
2002_Nov-28: Chrysalis-ITS Expands Sales Operations in Asia, Europe and North America
2002_Nov-28: Lumex Introduces New Miniature 4-Digit LCD
2002_Nov-28: Small CCD, Signal Processing Chip Keys to Thinner Cell Phones: Matsushita Manager
2002_Nov-27: Sony to Develop Imaging Modules for Mobile Devices in Taiwan
2002_Nov-27: National Semiconductor Begins Construction of Manufacturing Facility in China
2002_Nov-27: STATS to Provide Assembly, Testing Services for Aura's Wireless Solution
2002_Nov-27: [World DRAM Price] Price Gap Narrows between DDRs and SDRs
2002_Nov-27: Toppan Printing, Others Develop Non-Contact PKI System
2002_Nov-26: Sony Music Introduces CD that Allows Music Contents to be Copied to a PC
2002_Nov-26: Four Mobile Carriers to Examine Cell Phone Radiation Effects on Humans
2002_Nov-26: TI's Converter Delivers Battery Life with 95% Efficiency for Portables
2002_Nov-26: Creditors to Speed Up Sales Talks for Hynix
2002_Nov-26: Philips' RFID Chip Enables Long-Range Track and Trace Systems
2002_Nov-26: LCD Firms Display Growth Potential
2002_Nov-25: Taiwan's October TFT-LCD Shipments Recover, While Sales Remain Sluggish
2002_Nov-25: Koshida to Offer 'Secret' LCD Monitor to Be Used with Glasses
2002_Nov-25: SEMI Reports October 2002 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.73
2002_Nov-25: SK Telecom's Color Rings Enables Further Mobile Phone Personalization
2002_Nov-25: Xilinx Targets Pro Video Broadcast Segment with New eSP Web Portal
2002_Nov-25: NEC Is Top Firm in Nanotechnology Research Survey
2002_Nov-25: Wireless Tag Chips Take Off
2002_Nov-22: Taiwan's TFT-LCD Firms Log Profit, Income Drops for Q3
2002_Nov-22: Hynix Semiconductor Concludes Deal to Sell LCD Unit to BOE of China
2002_Nov-22: Sharp's New Electronic Dictionary Features Data-Writing Capability
2002_Nov-22: Agere Provides Read-Channel Chips for IBM's Mobile HDDs
2002_Nov-22: Ericsson's New Plant in China to Double Power Modules Capacity
2002_Nov-22: Intel's Optical Networking Components Accelerate 10Gbps Ethernet
2002_Nov-21: Canon Develops Thin Mechanical Shutters for Camera-Equipped Mobile Phones
2002_Nov-21: Korea's IT Firms Overwhelm Japanese Market
2002_Nov-21: JATE Approves Many New Mobile Phone Handset Models
2002_Nov-21: IDT's Integrated Processor Boosts Bandwidth through PCI Optimization
2002_Nov-21: Matsushita Joins IMEC's Worldwide High-K Research Team
2002_Nov-20: Toshiba to Offer Digital Camera with 24 Replaceable Face Pads
2002_Nov-20: RF Micro Devices Opens Sales and Customer Support Office in Beijing
2002_Nov-20: UTAC to Start 300mm Wafer Sort and Laser Processing in Singapore Facility
2002_Nov-20: Toshiba, Intel to Jointly Develop Home Server
2002_Nov-20: Sipex Introduces Photo Detector IC for High Performance Writeable DVD/CD Players
2002_Nov-20: [World DRAM Price] Contract Prices of 256Mb DDR DRAMs Three Times Higher Than SDRs
2002_Nov-19: Intel to Accelerate Deployment of 3.06GHz Pentium 4 in 2003
2002_Nov-19: Unipulse to Develop 108Mbps Wireless LAN Using 2.4GHz Frequency Band
2002_Nov-19: Agilent Introduces Multicolor LEDs for Indoor Signs and Signals
2002_Nov-19: Maxim's TEC Drivers for SFF/SFP Modules Reduce Heat Generation by 50%
2002_Nov-19: Korean Exports of Digital TVs to Triple This Year
2002_Nov-18: Three-Dimensional LCD to be Put in DoCoMo Cell Phones with Built-In Camera
2002_Nov-18: NEC Infrontia Unveils Business-Use PDA Integrating Data/Voice Communication; Aims at Top Share
2002_Nov-18: Fairchild, Arrow Collaborate to Move Joint Business Processes to RosettaNet
2002_Nov-18: LG.Philips LCD Introduces New 20.1-Inch TFT-LCD for Desktop Monitors
2002_Nov-18: DRAM Prices on Downward Trend
2002_Nov-18: Microchip's Flash MCUs Deliver Flexible Power-Managed Solutions
2002_Nov-18: FPD TVs Expand into Applications Large and Small: LCD/PDP International 2002 Report
2002_Nov-15: Sharp to Release Zaurus PDA with VGA Display
2002_Nov-15: Cree, Nichia Reach Patent Cross License Agreement
2002_Nov-15: Xilinx Opens Shenzhen Office to Meet Programmable Logic Demand
2002_Nov-15: Agere Unveils Serial ATA SoC for HDDs
2002_Nov-15: Telstra changes ads for misleading phonecard The Age
2002_Nov-15: Korea's IT Competitiveness Ranked 7th Place Among OECD Countries Korea Times
2002_Nov-15: Nanya Technology falls as TAIEX closes mixed Taipei Times

2002_Nov-14: 'Echonet on Bluetooth' Standardization Released
2002_Nov-14: Japan Gigabit Network Deploys Juniper Networks M20 Routers
2002_Nov-14: Japan's Mobile Phone Shipments in Sept. Decrease Nearly 40 Pct. Y-O-Y: JEITA
2002_Nov-14: Vitesse, Titan Logistics Announce Asia Logistics Agreement
2002_Nov-13: Pioneer to Demo Recording/Playback 1-Bit Audio Contents on DVD-R/-RW Discs
2002_Nov-13: Philips, Cingular Wireless Demonstrate Single Antenna Interference Cancellation Technology
2002_Nov-13: FCI, Tyco Electronics in Alliance for High-Speed Connector Development
2002_Nov-13: LG in Heated Competition with Samsung for LCD Monitors
2002_Nov-13: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices of SDR DIMMs Inch Up in Europe, Asia
2002_Nov-12: Philips' Single-Chip Fan Manager Adjusts Fan Speed According to Temperature
2002_Nov-12: TI Eyes Embedded FRAM as Next-Generation Non-Volatile Memory Technology
2002_Nov-11: J-Phone to Debut QVGA Display-Equipped Mobile Phone
2002_Nov-11: Amphion Introduces Low-Power MPEG-4 Encoder Solutions
2002_Nov-11: NI's Compact FieldPoint Takes LabVIEW into Harsh Industrial Environments
2002_Nov-11: ERNI Unveils New ERmet AB Modules
2002_Nov-11: Case Studies (Sony, JRC, Casio): Surviving Recession with 'Only One' Strategy
2002_Nov-8: 'Making Company Profitable in One Year:' Elpida's New President Sets Goal
2002_Nov-8: EXPO COMM: NEC to Release Latest Mobile Handset in China
2002_Nov-8: China's PC Shipments Grow 9.7% in Q3 2002, Gartner Reports
2002_Nov-8: Microchip's Flash MCUs Feature Integrated ADC, Precision Internal Oscillators
2002_Nov-7: Solid Foundation with Minimum Investment: Access Co.'s Strategy for China
2002_Nov-7: Legerity Announces BatteryDirect Architecture for ADSL Line Drivers
2002_Nov-7: Silicon Image Drives Serial ATA Market with New SATALite Interface Standard
2002_Nov-7: Micronas, Tara Systems Enable Shorter Time-to-Market for Multimedia Products
2002_Nov-7: Light-Emitting Pillow to Provide Restful Sleep
2002_Nov-6: Chinese Nanotech Study Covers More Than 50 Universities, 21 Independent Agencies, 323 Firms: Nikkei Nanotechnology
2002_Nov-6: Backlights Without Mercury Exhibited at LCD/PDP International 2002
2002_Nov-6: Sanyo Selects Qualcomm's MSM Chipset for Dual-Mode 3G Handsets
2002_Nov-6: Linear's Quad Supply Monitors with Selectable Supply Tolerance
2002_Nov-6: Monterey's Program Takes Risk Out of COT Physical Design
2002_Nov-6: [World DRAM Price] Prices of DDR Type Remain Stable in High Range
2002_Nov-5: Thin TVs Emerge as Dream Technology for Next-Gen Appliances: CEATEC JAPAN 2002 Report
2002_Nov-5: LCD/PDP International 2002 Exhibition Draws Wide Interest
2002_Nov-5: JVC's Portable MD Player Features 225-hour Play Time
2002_Nov-5: Micron Files Countervailing Duty Case Against Korean DRAM Subsidies
2002_Nov-5: RF Micro's New Website Features Online Product Guide
2002_Nov-5: TI's Router Software Package Allows Faster Development Cycles for DSL OEMs
2002_Nov-5: Philips' TrenchMOS-Based Converter for Computing, Telecom
2002_Nov-1: Sony Develops Stamp-Sized Tuners for Portable Devices with Less Power Consumption
2002_Nov-1: Omron, Mobilecast Team Up in Open Telematics Portal Service Business
2002_Nov-1: NTT-AT Debuts Device to Cut Fax Machine's Standby Power to Zero
2002_Nov-1: ST, Fujitsu to Develop Contactless Smartcard IC Using FRAM Technology
2002_Nov-1: TI Licenses ARM11 Cores for Future OMAP Processors, TCS Wireless Chipsets


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