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2002_Dec-31: NEC's Mova N504iS Camera-type Mobile Phone Enjoying Brisk Sales
2002_Dec-30: Microsoft's Gates Talks Trends, Points to Rivals IBM, Sony
2002_Dec-30: Mobile Phones Were Driving Force in 2002: NE Asia Online Ranking
2002_Dec-30: [World DRAM Price] Prices Remain Stable Despite Possible Growth of PC Sales
2002_Dec-27: Japan's Electronic Industry Output in 2002 Worst Since 1990, JEITA Says
2002_Dec-27: [World DRAM Price] Prices Fluctuate Slightly
2002_Dec-27: Oki Electric to Expand Semiconductor Foundry Operations
2002_Dec-26: Japan Backs Open Source Tech to Keep Competence in Digital Consumer Electronics
2002_Dec-26: TI Introduces High Speed CAN Transceiver with Enhanced Reliability
2002_Dec-26: Insight, Memec Design Create RLDRAM Demonstration Kit
2002_Dec-26: Taiyo Yuden to Double Monthly DVD-R Output to 4 Million
2002_Dec-25: Nichia, Sony Collaborate for Blue-Violet Laser Production
2002_Dec-25: Sanyo Debuts Camera Module for Cell Phones with Power Use of Only 35mW
2002_Dec-25: Samsung SDI Aiming for More Mobile-Phone Handset LCD Orders
2002_Dec-25: Asian Handset Makers Poised for Success over European Vendors, Says Probe Research
2002_Dec-25: RFMD Completes Acquisition of Resonext Communications
2002_Dec-25: DRAMs Likely to Suffer Oversupply in 2003, Nikkei Market Access Says
2002_Dec-25: Restructuring Focus to Shift from Chips to Telecom Operations in '03
2002_Dec-24: Qualcomm's Multiband RF Chip Enables Worldwide Roaming for UMTS
2002_Dec-24: TI Launches Isolated Power Modules for Telecom, High-End Computing
2002_Dec-22: Matsushita Elec., Ricoh to Develop Optical Disc Storing 300-DVDs
2002_Dec-20: Infineon of Germany, SMIC of China Form Alliance for DRAM Production
2002_Dec-20: Rohm Releases Blue LED Numerical Display Modules, Uses UV/Heat-Tolerant Resin
2002_Dec-20: Korea Expected to Obtain 40.9 Pct. Share of LCD Market in Q4
2002_Dec-20: Sales of Digital TVs Soon to Exceed 1 Mln. Units in Korea
2002_Dec-20: Philips' Plug-and-Play Module Adds Bluetooth Technology to Mobile Applications
2002_Dec-20: Linear Technology's Hot Swap Controller Features Triple Current Control
2002_Dec-19: Samsung Electronics to Construct Fifth-Generation, TFT-LCD Production Line
2002_Dec-19: Peregrine Semiconductor Ties up with Oki for UTSi Silicon on Sapphire Technology
2002_Dec-19: UMC, Xilinx to Manufacture 90nm FPGAs on 300mm Wafers in 2003
2002_Dec-19: Sony, Nichia to Cooperate on Bringing Blue Lasers to Market
2002_Dec-19: TI Introduces DSP Starter Kit with Power Management Tools
2002_Dec-19: Microchip Unveils 120mA Inductor-Free Charge Pump DC-to-DC Converter
2002_Dec-18: TRON-Based Industry Group Established for RFID Tag Microchips
2002_Dec-18: Sotec Unveils Device to Play A/V Data in PCs on Televisions
2002_Dec-18: Sony, Matsushita, Fujitsu Buy Stakes in Bluetooth Certification Firm
2002_Dec-18: Global Hit Products from Japan: China's Case
2002_Dec-18: Gartner Expects AP the Only Region for Semiconductor Growth in 2002
2002_Dec-18: CML Introduces Terrestrial Trunked Radio IC
2002_Dec-18: [World DRAM Price] N. America Year-End PC Sales Favorable, But No Effect on Memory Prices
2002_Dec-17: 'Entertainment Robots are New Engine for Semiconductors:' Sony Advisor
2002_Dec-16: Developers Meet to Discuss Present, Future of Ultra Wideband Technology
2002_Dec-16: More Than 40 Pct. of Camera Cell Phone Users Want Mega-Pixel Quality: Nikkei BP Survey
2002_Dec-16: Mobile Devices Enter Thinness Battle
2002_Dec-15: NEC Elec to Boost Sales of System Chips with DRAMs
2002_Dec-14: NEC Electronics to Open LSI Design Center in Shenzhen
2002_Dec-13: NTT DoCoMo Unveils Video-Mail-Capable FOMA Mobile Phone
2002_Dec-13: Invisible 'Zinc Whiskers' Cause Troubles in Machine Rooms at Banks, Data Centers
2002_Dec-13: Micronas, UMC Enhance Foundry Partnership
2002_Dec-13: Qualcomm Introduces radioOne ZIF Single-Band Cellular Chipsets
2002_Dec-13: Tyco Unveils New Resettable Devices for Telecom, Networking
2002_Dec-12: DisplaySearch Forecasts 30-In. or Larger LCD Panel Prices Likely to Drop Sharply in One Year
2002_Dec-12: Fujitsu Recycles Laptop Magnesium Alloy in First Global Initiative
2002_Dec-12: Sales of LCD Monitors Exceed Demand for CRT Monitors
2002_Dec-12: TI Introduces 300MHz Dual-MAC DSP
2002_Dec-12: Hynix Unveils 128Mb DDR SDRAM Chip
2002_Dec-12: Storage Performance Council Announces SPC Benchmark-1
2002_Dec-12: AIM Acquires SMT Line of OMG's Microbond Division
2002_Dec-11: Toshiba, Sony Develop 65nm CMOS Process Technology Enabling 256Mb DRAM to Fit into 7mm-Square Space
2002_Dec-11: LG Micron Announces Expansion Plans
2002_Dec-11: Micron Launches 128-Mbit Q-Flash Memory
2002_Dec-11: DoCoMo Systems Uses FOMA for Cheap Remote Monitoring System
2002_Dec-11: TDK Unveils Soft Modem Front-End for Speeds Up to 56kbps
2002_Dec-11: [World DRAM Price] Prices Fall After Shipments for Year-End Sales Season
2002_Dec-10: LG.Philips Comes Back Claiming World's Largest 52-in. LCD Panels
2002_Dec-10: Samsung Selects National's Geode Technology to Power Japan's First IP Digital Broadcasting Service
2002_Dec-10: TI's Next-Generation Low-Voltage Op Amps Target Portable Applications
2002_Dec-10: Kato-Denki Develops Vehicle Anti-Theft System Using GPS, PHS
2002_Dec-9: Value of DDR DRAMs Drop to Lowest Level in Two Months
2002_Dec-9: LG.Philips LCD Unveils 52-Inch TFT-LCD for HDTVs
2002_Dec-9: HP Korea, SK Telecom, ISDATA to Develop Korea's First Mobile Printing Solution
2002_Dec-9: Built-in Camera Mobile Phones Increasingly Used for Business Purposes
2002_Dec-8: Electronics Makers to Strengthen Autoparts, In-Car Device Ops
2002_Dec-7: Sony Develops Advanced Technologies in Europe
2002_Dec-6: Seiko Epson Introduces Small LVDS Output Oscillators
2002_Dec-6: Micronas Launches Ultra-Small MIDI/MP3 Decoders for Portable Multimedia
2002_Dec-5: Toyota, NTT DoCoMo, Decide on Hands-Free Specification using Bluetooth
2002_Dec-5: Agere Unveils Single-Chip PHY Transceiver for Scalable Edge to Core Networks
2002_Dec-5: 'Inorganic EL Panels Can Beat Low-Priced LCD TVs': President of iFire
2002_Dec-4: Fujitsu Units Develop Touch Screen with Higher Permeability, Durability
2002_Dec-4: Telecommunication Epicentre Shifting to Asia-Pacific Region
2002_Dec-4: Asia-Pacific Leased Line Market Continues to Grow Despite Bandwidth Glut
2002_Dec-4: [World DRAM Price] Without Production Cutbacks, Price Declines Likely to Continue
2002_Dec-4: Cell Phone Makers Look Overseas to Make Up for Heavy R&D;
2002_Dec-3: Sharp Develops Amplifier Consuming 30 Pct. Less Power in 5GHz Wireless LAN
2002_Dec-3: Comsys Advances GPRS/EDGE Technology with New IP Solution
2002_Dec-3: Tyco Electronics Unveils Ultra-Low Profile Gigabit Ethernet Magnetics Module
2002_Dec-2: Matsushita's Thin Cellular Phone Features Two Cameras
2002_Dec-2: IBM, Check Point Software Join to Develop Security Management Software
2002_Dec-2: Samsung SDI Set to Become Biggest Supplier of CRT Displays for TVs in China
2002_Dec-2: Artesyn Launches POL Converter for DDR Memory
2002_Dec-2: DRAM Makers to Expand Facilities Investments in 2003
2002_Dec-2: Global TFT Panel Production to Rise 46 Pct. in Volume, 63 Pct. in Value in 2002
2002_Dec-2: All Eyes on China's Mobile Phone Market at PT/Expo Comm China 2002


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