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2003_Feb-28: Casio, Alps Electric to Develop Roller Fingerprint Authentication Module
2003_Feb-28: Lucent, HSS Reach Wireless Outsourcing Agreement
2003_Feb-28: Macromedia Introduces Training Solutions for Enterprise
2003_Feb-27: NTT DoCoMo's 505i to Offer Compatibility with Flash Contents
2003_Feb-27: China's IT Services to Reach US$4.9 Billion in 2003, Says Gartner
2003_Feb-27: Samsung Electronics to Invest 305 Bln. Won in System LSI/Memory Chip Lines
2003_Feb-27: Vitex, Samsung Join to Manufacture Next-Generation OLED Displays
2003_Feb-27: Altera to Rank as Top in 2005, President Daane Says
2003_Feb-26: China a Candidate Site for Wafer Factory: Intel Senior Vice President
2003_Feb-26: Samsung, LG to Hitch Up Prices of TFT-LCD Products
2003_Feb-26: Tensilica Offers Xtensa Software Development Tools on Linux Platform
2003_Feb-26: MIT Transfers Technologies Developed for Oxygen Alliance
2003_Feb-26: KLA-Tencor Establishes New Performance Standards in Sub-100nm Lithography
2003_Feb-26: [World DRAM Price] DDR Chip Prices Continue to Fall
2003_Feb-25: Hitachi's DVD Video Camera About Same Size as DV Video Recorder
2003_Feb-25: Low-Cost Nonvolatile Digital Resistors Simplify Automated PC Power Supply Trim
2003_Feb-25: Constant Group-Delay Vector Multipliers Reduce Cost, Improve ACLR
2003_Feb-24: Intel Developer Forum: Intel CEO Reveals Concept PC Models for 2004
2003_Feb-24: Mitsubishi Elec Develops Next-Generation IP Cell Phone
2003_Feb-24: Shinko Electric to Offer Industry's Smallest GPS Down-Converter Module
2003_Feb-24: Macromedia, DoCoMo to Jointly Offer Motion Image Software
2003_Feb-24: TI Introduces DOCSIS 2.0 Software, Hardware Solution
2003_Feb-24: Cirrus Logic Unveils Lead-Compatible Stereo A/D Converters
2003_Feb-24: Development of E-Paper Underway
2003_Feb-22: Intel in Talks to Invest 20 Billion Yen in Hitachi-NEC DRAM Maker
2003_Feb-21: Sanyo Electric Debuts Compact CCD Camera Module for Cell Phones
2003_Feb-21: NTT, Seiko Team for Wireless System Powered by Body Heat, Not Battery
2003_Feb-21: North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts January 2003 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.92
2003_Feb-21: Value of 256Mb DDR DRAMs Falls to US$3 Level
2003_Feb-21: IR Introduces 80V MOSFETs for Primary-, Secondary-Side Isolated DC-DC Converters
2003_Feb-20: Omron Develops LED Module to Be 'Flat' Light Source
2003_Feb-20: Bandai's 'Doraemon' Cat Robot Takes a Step Forward
2003_Feb-20: SiGe Unveils Receive Chain Solution for 2.5Gbps Optical Network Equipment
2003_Feb-20: RFMD's PA Module Features Improved Integration, Reduced Component Count
2003_Feb-20: Low-Cost Wireless Tag Will Trigger Practical Use: Research Director, Auto-ID Center
2003_Feb-19: Japan's METI Establishes Workshop to Popularize RFID Tags
2003_Feb-19: Matsushita's Digital Camera is a Hit After Firm Joins Hands with Leica
2003_Feb-19: Toshiba, NEC Tie Up with Chinese Firms in Latest Technology
2003_Feb-19: [World DRAM Price] Makers Make No Production Adjustments to DDRs
2003_Feb-18: Licensing Begins for Rewritable Format for Blu-Ray Disc Recorder
2003_Feb-18: MGMT REFORM: Alps Electric Chief Sticks to Domestic Production
2003_Feb-18: Tektronix Launches Differential Probe with 5GHz Bandwidth
2003_Feb-18: Philips Introduces Modular Approach to EDGE GSM Basestation Design
2003_Feb-17: Power Aware-Systems Are Key to Ubiquitous and Biotech Age
2003_Feb-17: Mitsubishi Elec, IP Talk Develop Tron-based Wireless IP Phone
2003_Feb-17: RFMD's Radio Solution Selected for New Intel Cellular Processor
2003_Feb-17: Motorola's Symphony Digital Audio Technology Doubles Performance
2003_Feb-17: Japanese Digital Home Appliances Increase Presence in World Market
2003_Feb-14: NEC Mobiling Offers Print-Out Service of Images from Mobile Terminals
2003_Feb-14: Memec Group Expands Distribution Agreement with IBM
2003_Feb-14: Cirrus Logic Introduces DVD+RW Recording Platform
2003_Feb-14: National Semiconductor Unveils Cascaded DC-DC Controller-Driver Chipset
2003_Feb-13: Kyocera to Introduce 5M-Pixel Compact Digital Camera with Carl Zeiss Lens
2003_Feb-13: Qualcomm Claims Over 10 Million Subscribers Served by gpsOne-Enabled Devices
2003_Feb-13: DRAM Microchip Prices Continue to Decline
2003_Feb-13: Sharp, Kyoto Institute Develop Garbage-Powered Bio-Fuel Cells
2003_Feb-13: Visual Signal Processor Brings Video Functionality to Digital Still Camera Platforms
2003_Feb-12: Matsushita Set for Shift to DVD Recorders
2003_Feb-12: Value of 256Mb DDR DRAMs Falls Below US$4 Level
2003_Feb-12: Linear Technology's USB Power Manager Reduces Battery Charging Time
2003_Feb-12: Vishay Unveils Thin Film Resistor Chip with Automatic Placement Capability
2003_Feb-12: [World DRAM Price] DDR Spot Prices Continue Declining
2003_Feb-11: Philips Introduces Wireless Multi-Service Residential Gateway Reference Design
2003_Feb-11: Cambridge Consultants' DSP Core Targets Cost-Sensitive Applications
2003_Feb-10: Sony to Make 1M Pixels CCDs for Cell Phones
2003_Feb-10: LG.Philips LCD Saw Sales of 3.51 Trillion Won in 2002
2003_Feb-10: Asia Pacific External Storage Market Reached US$549m in First Half 2002, says Gartner
2003_Feb-10: ST Offers Tailored Protection for Line Cards with Solid-State Relays
2003_Feb-10: PDAs for Business Use Likely to Have Semi-Transmissive LCDs
2003_Feb-10: TVs Larger than 30-In. to See Rising Sales to 22.10 Mln. Units in 2007: Nikkei Market Access
2003_Feb-7: Sony Demos Portable File Server with 'Access Point' Function
2003_Feb-7: Asia Pacific PC Shipments Outpace Worldwide Industry in 2002, Says Gartner
2003_Feb-7: Micronas Launches USB Keyboard Controller Enabling Desktop VoIP
2003_Feb-7: Value of 256Mb DDRs Falls to Record Low
2003_Feb-7: Linear Technology's ADC Offers 79dB SINAD, 91dB SFDR
2003_Feb-6: MTI's BREW Application on 'Au' Cell Phone Operates PC Wirelessly
2003_Feb-6: Philips' New Car Radio Chip Alleviates Reception Problems
2003_Feb-6: NI Introduces 100MHz Frequency Source for PXI Platform
2003_Feb-6: Emphasis on Coordination, Competition among A/P Regions: Governor of Japan's Fukuoka Prefecture
2003_Feb-5: Proposals for UWB Standards Tighten Competition: TG3a
2003_Feb-5: Samsung Electronics Develops System in Package Chip
2003_Feb-5: Japan Firms Losing LCD Market War to Korean, Taiwanese Rivals
2003_Feb-5: RFMD Introduces Quad-Band Transceiver with Direct Conversion Capability
2003_Feb-5: TI Unveils Synchronous Buck Drivers for Computing, Telecom Applications
2003_Feb-5: [World DRAM Price] Prices of DDR DRAMs Fall More Than Expected

2003_Feb-4: Sharp Supplies Camera Cell Phones with System LCD to J-Phone
2003_Feb-3: Kenwood, ATR Agree on Speech Synthesis Technology for Car Navigation Systems
2003_Feb-3: Advent of IP Compliant-Bluetooth And Wireless 1394


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