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2003_Mar-31: NEC to Spin Off LCD Division, Tie Up with SVA of China on TFT-Color LCDs
2003_Mar-31: Consumer Electronics is Lone Growth Gainer: JEIDA Chairman
2003_Mar-31: Infineon Boosts Foothold in China, Transferring 0.11-Micron DRAM Technology to SMIC
2003_Mar-31: Samsung Licenses ASML Lithography Technology for IC Production
2003_Mar-31: Synchronous Buck Regulator Increases Battery Life in CDMA Cellular Phones
2003_Mar-31: LSI Logic, Hitachi Collaborate on Serial Attached SCSI Technology
2003_Mar-31: Matsushita Elec Works Device Automatically Controls Lights, TVs
2003_Mar-30: ANALYSIS: Tech Advances Prompt Chipmakers to Boost Investments
2003_Mar-28: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce First GPS-Enabled I-Mode Phone Handset
2003_Mar-28: Matsushita Electric Works, IRI to Develop IPv6-Enabled Home Gateway for Appliance Networking
2003_Mar-28: Taiwan's MOEA to Invite Japanese FPD Device/Material Makers
2003_Mar-28: NEC, SVA to Build TFT-LCD JV in Shanghai
2003_Mar-28: ST Acquires Belgium Smart Card Software Firm
2003_Mar-27: NTT DoCoMo to Sell Wristwatch-Type PHS Phone
2003_Mar-27: Foreign Share in Chinese Mobile Phone Market Drops to 60%: Survey
2003_Mar-27: Consortium to Study 'IC Tag for Books' Established in Japan
2003_Mar-27: Major Japanese Design House Adopts Logic Simulation Accelerator from Axis
2003_Mar-27: InterDigital, Ericsson Enter License Agreement on 2G/2.5G Products
2003_Mar-27: Samsung Electronics to Invest Heavily in TFT-LCD Business
2003_Mar-27: Analog Devices' Processors Combine DSP, Microcontroller Functionalities
2003_Mar-27: Key to Survival is Serving Customers Well: Omron China Hdqrs. President
2003_Mar-26: China Rushes to Obtain IC Design Tools
2003_Mar-26: Position-Locating Services to Take Off Thanks to Java, BREW Phones
2003_Mar-26: Investment by Korean LCD Makers Outpaces Japanese Rivals
2003_Mar-26: Agilent Unveils Miniature Camera Modules for Mobile Phones
2003_Mar-26: EM Microelectronic Introduces Small UHF RFID Chip
2003_Mar-26: Osram Opto Launches High-Performance LED in Compact Package
2003_Mar-26: [World DRAM Price] Demand for DDR DRAMs Remains Low, Intact After Start of War
2003_Mar-25: TRON, Linux Shake Hands
2003_Mar-25: Texas Instruments Japan Unveils Processor for DVD/HDD Recorders
2003_Mar-25: 3Com, Huawei Form JV in China for Enterprise Networking Solutions
2003_Mar-25: Taiwan IC Design Firm Collaborates with French Semiconductor IP Provider
2003_Mar-25: TDK Semiconductor Introduces New Embedded Modem AFE Devices
2003_Mar-25: Vishay's IR Receiver Module Offers Light-Disturbance Immunity
2003_Mar-24: China's Three TV Makers Choose ATI Chips for DTV
2003_Mar-24: Tektronix Opens New Manufacturing Facility in China
2003_Mar-24: NI Tools Achieve Synchronization of 5,000 Channels for Sound, Vibration Apps
2003_Mar-24: Major Electronics Companies Accelerate Move to Green Procurement Standards
2003_Mar-24: Japan Switching Rapidly from CRTs to LCDs: JEITA Survey
2003_Mar-22: NEC, Toshiba, Others to Unify Standards for Tiny Fuel Cells
2003_Mar-21: Synopsys Teams with China's Ministry of Science and Technology, SMIC
2003_Mar-21: NEC Micro Continues to Use NOVAS Debussy
2003_Mar-21: Dai Nippon Printing Creates Thin Multilayer Circuit Boards
2003_Mar-20: Motorola Displays First 'Linux Mobile Phone' at CeBIT
2003_Mar-20: Cornice Unveils 1-In. HDD Priced Less Than US$100
2003_Mar-20: Casio to Shift Logistics Center from Singapore to China
2003_Mar-20: LG.Philips LCD Gen 5 Fab Begins Volume Production
2003_Mar-20: Samsung Remains World's Largest TFT-LCD Maker for Fifth Year
2003_Mar-20: IMEC, NS Join in SiGe-Based BiCMOS Process Development
2003_Mar-20: Strong Demand for Vocal Songs for Mobile Phone Ring Tones, Label Mobile Director Says
2003_Mar-19: Large Organic EL Panel Driven by Amorphous Silicon Jointly Developed by Companies
2003_Mar-19: LG Electronics' German Unit Unveils Multi-Format DVD Drive
2003_Mar-19: SiS Launches First-Generation WLAN Chip
2003_Mar-19: Qualcomm Unveils Integrated Video Solution for Wireless Devices
2003_Mar-19: [World DRAM Price] Price Drop for DDR Chips Unlikely to Occur
2003_Mar-18: NTT DoCoMo, Samsung Develop GSM/GPRS I-Mode Phones with Access Co's Browser
2003_Mar-18: Mitsubishi Elec Signs OEM Agreement with Cadence to Provide Logic Synthesizers to ASIC Customers
2003_Mar-18: MontaVista Software Japan to Develop Unified Linux-Tron OS
2003_Mar-18: Tektronix, Datang Mobile Enter Agreement for TD-SCDMA Development
2003_Mar-18: IMEC, ISMT Partner to Accelerate 157nm Lithography Development
2003_Mar-17: Sharp, 70 Companies Establish Consortium to Promote 3D-Display Market
2003_Mar-17: Mitsubishi Electric Exhibits Cell Phone with 100-Mln. Pixel Digital Camera at CeBIT 2003
2003_Mar-17: Samsung SDI to Set Up World's Largest PDP Production Facility
2003_Mar-17: Cadence Design Systems Helps Launch SMIC's IC Design Reference Flow
2003_Mar-17: NEC, Waseda Univ to Start Patent Businesses in Singapore
2003_Mar-17: Qualcomm Announces Java Technology Support for Mobile Station Modem Chipsets
2003_Mar-17: Mitsubishi Conducts Evaluation of KLA-Tencor's Overlay Metrology Technology
2003_Mar-17: Linux for Consumer Electronics Debuts; Embraced by Major Vendors
2003_Mar-16: Chi Mei of Taiwan Unveils Largest Organic EL Display
2003_Mar-14: European I-Mode to be Propped Up by Camera-Capable Mobile Phone: E-Plus
2003_Mar-14: Visa International, Sony Unveil Cards with Contact/Contactless ICs
2003_Mar-14: Samsung Electronics Becomes World's Second Largest Chipmaker
2003_Mar-14: Toshiba, Matsushita Elec to Offer Smaller SD Memory Cards
2003_Mar-14: Microchip Offers Engineering Training in China with University Scholarship Program
2003_Mar-14: ADI Unveils 14-Bit, 80 MSPS ADC with Sub-500mW Consumption
2003_Mar-13: Seiko Epson Develops Power-Saving, Bluetooth-Controlled Micro Robot in Palmtop Size
2003_Mar-13: Samsung Narrows Gap with Nokia, Motorola in Mobile Phone Handsets
2003_Mar-13: IR Introduces 150kHz IGBTs for High Frequency SMPS Applications
2003_Mar-13: KLA-Tencor Opens Online Customer Support Center in Taiwan
2003_Mar-13: Japan Firms Release Wireless Computers with New Intel Chip
2003_Mar-12: Toshiba Develops Prototype Laptop Fuel Cell With Five Hours of Operation, 20W Max. Output
2003_Mar-12: Hunet to Set Up Cell Phone LCD Venture with China's Blue Star
2003_Mar-12: Teradyne Expands Foothold in China with New Shanghai Facility
2003_Mar-12: Siliconix Launches Triple-Output Switching Power Supply Controller
2003_Mar-12: [World DRAM Price] No Prospect in Sight for PC Market Recovery
2003_Mar-11: ADC Technology Obtains Patent for Mobile Phone with Dual Screens
2003_Mar-11: Sharp Unveils LCD Panel Combining 3D Display Function, CG-Silicon Technology
2003_Mar-11: Hynix Succeeds in Commercializing FeRAM Technology
2003_Mar-11: HYDROGEN SOCIETY: Vying to Commercialize Fuel Cells
2003_Mar-11: Cymer Opens Chamber Refurbishment Facility in Korea
2003_Mar-11: TI Launches Digital Media Processor for Portable Consumer Electronics
2003_Mar-10: NEC Electronics Joins with U.S. Synplicity to Develop Custom Logic Synthesis Engine for its ISSP ASIC
2003_Mar-10: Sanyo Electric, Kodak Begin Volume Shipments of Organic EL Display Panels
2003_Mar-10: 256Mb DDR Prices Surge Past US$3 Per Chip
2003_Mar-10: Agilent's Power Amplifier Modules Extend Mobile Battery Life by 15%
2003_Mar-10: Micronas Introduces Audio DAC for Portable Multimedia Devices
2003_Mar-10: Olympus Optical's Waterproof Digital Camera Makes Big Leap in Sales Ranking
2003_Mar-10: HDDs for Mobile Phones, Cars, and Everything Else
2003_Mar-9: Mitsubishi Software Lets PCs Double as Wireless LAN Bases
2003_Mar-8: Marubun to Open Shanghai Chip Design Center in FY03
2003_Mar-7: NEC, Hitachi Aim to Commercialize Fuel Cell for Mobile Devices by 2004-2005
2003_Mar-7: VIA Acquires Wireless Design Center in Sweden
2003_Mar-7: NS Unveils High-Frequency Boost Regulators for DSL Modems
2003_Mar-6: Sony to Launch First 'Blu-Ray Disc' Recorder for Consumers
2003_Mar-6: Has Next-Generation Wireless Finally Arrived?
2003_Mar-6: Nichia Develops White LED with Twice the Luminous Efficacy
2003_Mar-6: Agere Systems Enters Wireless Power Amp Market
2003_Mar-6: Vishay Adds to FunctionPAK Family of DC-to-DC Converters
2003_Mar-5: NEC's Fuel Cell Powers Tablet PC
2003_Mar-5: Value of 256Mb DDR DRAM Swings Up to Near US$3-Level
2003_Mar-5: Micron's Megapixel CMOS Image Sensors Achieve CCD Image Quality
2003_Mar-5: Infineon Joins IMEC's Industrial Affiliation Program on Reconfigurable Systems
2003_Mar-5: [World DRAM Price] Prices of DDR Chips Drop to Break-Even Level
2003_Mar-4: China's GS Microdrive Shows 1-In. HDD with 2.4GB Capacity in Beijing
2003_Mar-4: HDD-Equipped DVD Recorders Boost Overall Sales of DVDs in 2002
2003_Mar-4: China, Microsoft Sign Government Security Program Agreement
2003_Mar-4: ANALYSIS: Organic EL Market Seen Growing to 430 Billion Yen in '05
2003_Mar-4: Agilent Unveils 2.5GHz Scope with Four Full-Bandwidth, 20 GSa/s Channels
2003_Mar-3: NTT Group Looks to Fuel Cells to Reduce CO2 Emissions
2003_Mar-3: Microchip Unveils 500mA Synchronous Step-Down Converter
2003_Mar-3: AIM, Torrey Sign Castin Lead-Free License Agreement
2003_Mar-3: When Will FOMA Models Gain Mainstream Status?


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