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2003_May-30: Sony Gets Good Feedback on Linux from Engineers
2003_May-30: Toshiba Launches 64-Bit RISC Microprocessors Based on 90nm Process
2003_May-30: Mitsubishi Electric Joins Blu-Ray Disc Camp
2003_May-30: China's R&D; Center and University Obtains ARM Core License
2003_May-30: E Ink's Electronic Paper Reaches Near-Practical Use
2003_May-30: Matsushita Presents Details of SoC Development for Digital Consumer Products
2003_May-30: Linear's Tiny Boost Converter Reduces Circuit Footprint
2003_May-30: IDT Partners with SafeNet, Cavium to Deliver Security Platforms for SME/VPN Gateways
2003_May-29: Sanyo Electric Develops Prototype Portable TV Terminal for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting
2003_May-29: Some Specifications of Sony's 24-in. Organic EL Panel are Revealed
2003_May-29: Fujitsu Launches New HDD for High-End Mobile PCs
2003_May-29: SMK Starts Producing 6GHz Coaxial Connectors for Automobile IT Equipment
2003_May-29: Sagantec IC Design Software Boosts Re-Usability of Analog Circuit Blocks
2003_May-29: Renesas, Y Explorations Jointly Develop C-Based Synthesis Tools for SoC Design
2003_May-29: Sanyo to Supply Cell Phones to Haier to Tap China Market
2003_May-29: Maxim's Audio Amplifier Rejects Common-Mode Noise
2003_May-29: Tower Semiconductor Installs KLA-Tencor's Fab-Wide Yield-Analysis Solution
2003_May-29: Olympus Makes Digital Cameras in China, Exports Them to the World, Group President Says
2003_May-28: Hitachi Develops Organic EL Display with More Than Double the Current Luminance
2003_May-28: Elpida Starts Sample Shipping of 256Mb DDR DRAM for Mobile Phones
2003_May-28: NTT DoCoMo to Debut First Dual-Mode FOMA Phone for 2G/3G Networks
2003_May-28: Mass-Production of Organic EL Panels for TV Sets to Start Around 2007: Kodak
2003_May-28: China Continues to Lead in Asia Pacific Server Market, Says Gartner
2003_May-28: Property Specification Language 'PSL/Sugar' Consortium Founded by 15 EDA Companies
2003_May-28: Lumex Unveils Solid-State Backlight with 180-deg Emission Angle for LCDs
2003_May-28: [World DRAM Price] Prices of 256MB DDR DIMMs Differ Between Large Users, Spot Market
2003_May-27: Megapixel Camera Cell Phones to Make Market Debuts in Rapid Succession, Led by J-Phone
2003_May-27: Samsung, LG Maintain Position as World's Biggest CDMA Handset Suppliers
2003_May-27: TMC's MPEG 4 Technology Adopted in Casio's Camera Phone
2003_May-27: Toshiba, Hitachi to Market New Digital Video Recorders
2003_May-27: Altera Launches FPGA with 20 High-Speed Transceiver Channels
2003_May-27: Ericsson's DC/DC Module Uses New Footprint to Improve Thermal Behavior
2003_May-26: Samsung Electronics Develops Four-Color Channel TFT-LCD Technology
2003_May-26: France's Nemoptic Starts Mass Production of B&W; Displays Targeting Chinese Market
2003_May-26: Omron Adopts Analog Devices' MEMS Accelerometer for Portable Digital Blood Pressure Monitors
2003_May-26: Sanyo Electric to Boost China Digital Camera Output Capacity
2003_May-26: Vishay's LED Series Offers Luminous Intensity up to 4,000 mcd
2003_May-26: Qualcomm Unveils WCDMA (UMTS)/GSM/GPRS Multimode Solution
2003_May-24: Chip Materials Makers Aim for Joint Tech Breakthroughs
2003_May-23: J-Phone Begins Marketing First Phone with Megapixel Camera
2003_May-23: KDDI, NHK Develop PDA Receiving Terrestrial Digital Broadcast, Wireless Data Signals
2003_May-23: Hitachi, Hitachi Maxell Develop Multilayer Optical Disc for Terabyte Recording
2003_May-23: TDK Develops Filter-Type, 4,096-Color Organic EL Display
2003_May-23: Sharp Introduces QVGA CG-Silicon TFT-LCDs for Smart Phones at SID 2003 in Baltimore
2003_May-23: Volkswagen to Embed Micronas Controllers into New Touran Dashboard
2003_May-23: TI's IP Phone Solution Offers Expandability to Next-Generation Comm Devices
2003_May-22: NTT DoCoMo to Sell First Handset in New 505i Series
2003_May-22: Samsung SDI Develops 70-Inch PDP
2003_May-22: Japanese EDA Start-Up Debuts in US Market with C-Based, IC Design Software
2003_May-22: ANALYSIS: Global Race for Post-LCD Panels Intensifies
2003_May-22: Philips Introduces Display Module for Camera-Phone Market
2003_May-22: RF Micro Devices, Silicon Wave Announce Bluetooth Solutions Agreement
2003_May-21: NEC's Cell Phones Move Toy Car by Infrared Communications
2003_May-21: Toshiba Reduces Leakage Current of SoC with Sequence Design
2003_May-21: Sharp, Microsoft Develop Ultrahigh-Resolution LCD
2003_May-21: Alcatel to Supply DSL Equipment for Zhejiang Telecom, Shanghai Telecom
2003_May-21: Microchip Unveils Solution for Short Range Uni-Directional RF Applications
2003_May-21: [World DRAM Price] Prices of 256MB DDR DIMMs Rise Slightly in Asia
2003_May-20: NEC Announces First-Ever, Water-Cooled Desktop PCs
2003_May-20: NEC Announces Use of Linux as Mobile Phone Operating System
2003_May-20: ST, TI Enter cdma2000 Joint Development with Nokia
2003_May-20: Matsushita Completes Switch to Lead-Free Solder Used for Printed Circuit Boards
2003_May-20: Hitachi, DNP to Mass-Produce New Organic Displays in '04
2003_May-20: IR Launches Schottky Diodes for Server, Telecom Systems
2003_May-19: Alps Electric Develops Thin Tuner for LCD, Plasma TVs
2003_May-19: Orders for Semiconductor Equipment Makers Remain at Low Levels, Says SEMI
2003_May-19: Evaluation Board for Oki's ARM-Based MCU
2003_May-19: Green Power Debuts Plug-and-Play Power Factor Correction Module
2003_May-19: Serviceable Robots for Sale: ROBODEX 2003 Report
2003_May-16: Seiko Epson to Sell Data Projector at Price Under $1,000
2003_May-16: NEC Boosts TCP/IP Protocol Processing with 10 CPU Cores on One Chip
2003_May-16: Sony Computer to Debut New Portable Game Machine in 2004
2003_May-16: DIGITAL CAMERAS: All Manufactures Becoming Winners
2003_May-16: China to Have 52% of Asia Pacific's Total Cellular Connections in 2007, Says Gartner
2003_May-16: Philips to Offer PolyLED Display Technology for Aircraft Cockpits
2003_May-15: Canon's IXY DIGITAL 30 Camera Smallest, Lightest in Series
2003_May-15: Sharp Integrates MIPS' Secure Data Processors into Smart Card Microcontrollers

2003_May-15: Oki Electric Forms Chip Venture with Taiwan Partner
2003_May-15: Zarlink Delivers Analog Timing Chip with Six Low-Jitter Clocks for Optical Line Cards
2003_May-15: Philips' DVB Solution to Speed Up Digital Terrestrial TV Services
2003_May-14: Sony Develops Monolithic Dual-Wavelength Laser Applicable to Recordable DVD Units
2003_May-14: Personal Authentication Tech Using Facial Shots Captured on a Camera Phone
2003_May-14: Synopsys Debuts Verification Platform for SoC with New Formal Verifier
2003_May-14: Japanese Govt to Reallocate Radio Frequencies to Promote Wireless LAN
2003_May-14: Infineon, Micron Announce RLDRAM II Specification
2003_May-14: Eternal Systems, Brycen Sign Distributor Agreement for Japanese Market
2003_May-14: [World DRAM Price] Prices of 256MB DIMMs Down in North America, Europe
2003_May-13: Fujitsu Laboratories Establishes New Lab to Leverage Broadband, Ubiquitous Technologies
2003_May-13: Murata Develops Chip Ferrite Beads for Noise Suppression from 100MHz to 6GHz
2003_May-13: SGI Japan Offers Structural Data on 2 SARS Virus Proteins
2003_May-13: Vishay Introduces ESD Protection Arrays in New Leadless Package
2003_May-13: KLA-Tencor Accelerates Reticle Design Verification for Sub-100nm Device
2003_May-12: 10Gbps Transceivers Ride on Xilinx's FPGA
2003_May-12: Sharp Solar Battery Boasts Highest Power-Conversion Rate
2003_May-12: NHK Deploys MPEG-4 Video Streaming Solution with SGI
2003_May-12: RF Micro Devices Launches GPS Receiver for Telematics, Automotive Navigation
2003_May-12: Use of IPv6 Becoming More Widespread in Devices Other Than PCs
2003_May-9: DVDs, FPDs, Car Navigation Systems in Japan Grow 50% YOY in Q1 2003
2003_May-9: Demand for LCD TVs to Surpass PDP TVs in 2004
2003_May-9: NTT Electronics Uses Denali's Memory Controller Cores in MPEG-2 HDTV Codec
2003_May-9: CoWare Announces C-Based SoC Design Software

2003_May-9: Contec, Beijing Xiejin to Support Mobile Data Launch for China Unicom
2003_May-9: Lucent, Juniper Networks Join to Deliver Solutions for Service Providers
2003_May-8: DDR DRAM Prices Rise; Value of SDRAMs Remain Unchanged
2003_May-8: Mobile Phone Production in China Surges 42.3% to 172 Mln. Units; Move to Color Screens Underway: Nikkei Market Access
2003_May-8: [World DRAM Price] Prices of DDR DIMMs Start Decreasing in Daily Trading
2003_May-8: Mitsubishi Electric Shows Two New LCD Technologies at WinHEC 2003
2003_May-8: Nassda Develops Hybrid Timing Analyzer for Transistor-Level, Custom Circuit
2003_May-8: Cypress, Infineon, Micron Announce CellularRAM Devices for Wireless Handsets
2003_May-8: RF Micro Devices Introduces RF Amplifier Gain Blocks
2003_May-7: Three Companies Jointly Demonstrate RFID Tags for Booksellers
2003_May-7: Cell Phone Sales Decline for Two Consecutive Years in Japan: Gartner
2003_May-7: LCD Panel Prices Flat in April after 3 Months of Rise
2003_May-7: SiGe Semiconductor Launches Power Amplifiers for CDMA Cellular Handsets
2003_May-7: EMC, Cisco Join to Deliver Next-Generation SAN Technology
2003_May-7: Microchip Unveils Battery Monitoring Device for NiMH Applications
2003_May-6: Elpida to Outsource Advanced DRAM Output to Taiwan's ProMOS
2003_May-6: China/Hong Kong Semiconductor Market Grows 38.2% in 2002, Says Gartner
2003_May-6: BenQ Launches Multimedia Handset with iaSolution's Java Technology
2003_May-6: Linear Unveils Step-Down DC/DC Regulators with 60V Input Ratings
2003_May-6: 'Mobile TV' to Start MPEG-4 Alternative in 2005
2003_May-5: New Technology Enables Wireless Device to Use Various Formats
2003_May-2: Combination of Applications Key for Successful Wireless Business, KDDI VP Says
2003_May-2: Matsushita Electric Debuts Energy-Saving E-Book, Targets China
2003_May-2: Matsushita Announces Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Power Supplies
2003_May-2: Toshiba Implements 530 MHz, 64-bit MIPS CPU Core with Cadence's SoC Design Software
2003_May-2: NEC Electronics America Achieves 160MHz for 0.25-Micron SoC Using Sequence's EDA Tool
2003_May-1: Waiting List Expands for Submission of BREW-based Applications, KT Freetel VP Han Says
2003_May-1: 8 Million BREW Handsets of 50 Types Running on 7 Carriers on the Globe: Paul Jacobs
2003_May-1: MontaVista's Linux-Embedded Home Servers, HDDs Demonstrated at Embedded Systems Conference
2003_May-1: Taiwanese LCD Monitor Shipments See Shift to 17-inch Displays, Says MIC
2003_May-1: MoSys Expands Memory Licensing Agreement with Sony
2003_May-1: Matsushita Reaches Major Agreement with Barcelona to Use PLL Circuit Synthesis Software for SoC
2003_May-1: Korea's Current Account Balance Records 6-year High Deficit
2003_May-1: Philips Unveils Transmissive Display for Mobile Device Applications


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