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2003_Jul-31: DSP Leads Electronics Industry: TI CEO
2003_Jul-31: Matsushita, Picsel Tie Up to Deliver Picsel-Powered SD Memory Cards
2003_Jul-31: M-Systems, Toshiba Strengthen Relations in Flash EEPROM Devices
2003_Jul-31: Hynix Semiconductor to Begin Producing High-Speed 256Mb DDR SDRAMs
2003_Jul-31: UL to Help Manufacturers Meet China's New Cert Requirements
2003_Jul-31: Philips' New Chips Lower Design Costs for Automotive Networks
2003_Jul-31: SHARE SURVEY: Logic ICs
2003_Jul-31: Sharp Focuses on Developing New Uses for LCD Products; Cracking In-Car Market is Key to Success: Sharp GM
2003_Jul-30: Sony NFC-Compliant Wireless Chip Could Debut Before Year End
2003_Jul-30: DVD Player/Recorder Sales in June Rise 37.6% Over Previous Year, VCRs Fall: Survey
2003_Jul-30: STM, TI, ARM, Nokia Form MIPI Standards Alliance for Mobile Application Processors
2003_Jul-30: TDK Ships Industry's Smallest Multilayer Chip Varistor for Mobile Appliances
2003_Jul-30: Advantest Debuts Two Network Analyzers for Mobile Communications, Wireless LANs
2003_Jul-30: GPS Cell Phones Show Combine Drivers Where to Harvest Wheat
2003_Jul-30: Samsung Electronics to Begin Production of New Smart Card ICs
2003_Jul-30: Toshiba Buys Patents from Honeywell to Reduce Flicker in LCDs
2003_Jul-30: Infineon, CSVC Form JV for Assembly, Testing of IC Products
2003_Jul-30: Linear's Dual Synchronous Step-Down Converter Delivers Up to 600mA
2003_Jul-30: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices of DDR-type DIMMs Rise for 7th Straight Week in Asia
2003_Jul-29: Mediastick to Debut New Commerce System Using Barcode on Mobile Phones
2003_Jul-29: Sony's Business Result in Q1 2003 Reflects Shift in Demand for TV Sets from CRTs to FPDs
2003_Jul-29: Samsung Electronics, LG.Philips Compete over Japan's LCD Market
2003_Jul-29: Chartered Semiconductor Discusses 90nm Strategy for Cooperating with IBM
2003_Jul-29: Hitachi, Mitsubishi, NTT Develop New Encryption Technology
2003_Jul-29: Corning Earmarks US$180 Million for Taiwan LCD Glass Capacity Expansion
2003_Jul-29: JVC Applies LSI Logic's One-Chip DVD Recorder Processor to its New Triple-Format Recorder
2003_Jul-29: Raychem Introduces Overvoltage Fault Protection Devices
2003_Jul-28: Matsushita Electronic to Develop Micro Digital TV Reception Module
2003_Jul-28: Index Unveils Barcode for Electronic Admission Ticket Using Cell Phone
2003_Jul-28: DRAM Prices Slip
2003_Jul-28: Samsung SDI to Supply TFT-LCDs to Samsung Electronics
2003_Jul-28: Hynix Faces 44% Duties on US Dumping Charges
2003_Jul-28: Analog Devices Offers Crosspoint Solution for High-Speed Networking Applications
2003_Jul-28: Micronas' New Chip Family Boosts Picture Quality of High-End TVs
2003_Jul-28: Key Digital Camera, PC Parts in Short Supply
2003_Jul-28: Quest for Fine Digital Images to Support Japan's Economic Recovery
2003_Jul-27: Quakes in Miyagi Trouble Local Chip Plants
2003_Jul-26: Canon to Make More CMOS Sensors for Digital SLRs
2003_Jul-25: NTT DoCoMo Services Will Not be Affected by Three-Hour Power Outages
2003_Jul-25: Consumer Device Makers Form 'CE SIG' for Short-Reach, High-Data-Rate Communications
2003_Jul-25: Fan Generates Power: Nissin Electric Develops Luminous Fan
2003_Jul-25: Rohm Debuts Surge Protection Element with 1 pF for High-speed Communication
2003_Jul-25: Maxon Telecom Wins Order to Supply Camera Phones to Russian Company
2003_Jul-25: UMC, Barcelona Design Join to Develop Analog Synthesis Solutions
2003_Jul-25: Microchip Introduces Extended Industrial Temperature Range Op Amps
2003_Jul-24: Intel's Earnings Announcement Shows Signs of Upturn in Asian Electronics Industry
2003_Jul-24: Takara to Launch 'Meowlingual' Translation Tool for Cats
2003_Jul-24: Matsushita to Release Echonet-Compliant 'Net Appliances' for Home
2003_Jul-24: SMK Develops Ferrule Usable with Fine Diameter Clad Fiber
2003_Jul-24: Pioneer to Integrate Philips' Chip Solution in DVD Video Receivers
2003_Jul-24: TDK Ships Ferrite Material with Wide Temperature Range for LAN System Pulse Transformers
2003_Jul-24: ST Introduces Dual Action RF-MEMS Switch for SoC Integration
2003_Jul-24: Canada's ViXS Systems Demonstrates Simultaneous Transmission through Two Channels of HDTV on Wireless LAN
2003_Jul-23: New Look for Sony's Latest CLIE PDA
2003_Jul-23: Omron Develops Low-Priced Optical Communications Devices for Spreading FTTH
2003_Jul-23: Murata Ships 1210(EIA)-Sized 100uF Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
2003_Jul-23: Samsung Electronics Develops Digital Convergence Handset
2003_Jul-23: IDT Introduces New Processor for SME/SOHO Wireless Gateways
2003_Jul-23: Linear Unveils Standalone Dual Smart Battery Charger with SMBus Interface
2003_Jul-23: Vishay Launches Single-Package Synchronous Buck Converter
2003_Jul-23: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices of DDR-Type DIMMs Expected to Rise Towards Latter Half of July
2003_Jul-22: Sony Develops Four-Color Filter CCD
2003_Jul-22: Matsushita Electric to Publish Requirements for Extensions to CE Linux in 2004
2003_Jul-22: Murata Provides 10.7MHz Band Ceramic Filters for Automotive Applications
2003_Jul-22: Renesas Renews SuperH C Compiler to Support DSP-C Extended Language Specifications
2003_Jul-22: IR, Sanyo Form Joint Venture to Develop Motor Drive Power Modules
2003_Jul-22: Samsung Electronics Releases 21.3-Inch LCD Monitor
2003_Jul-22: Unaxis Semiconductors Launches Next-Generation 65nm ICP Dry Etch Tool
2003_Jul-22: Vishay's Foil Resistor Dividers Provide Stability of 0.01% at 0.05W
2003_Jul-22: Image Quality Comparison of Cell Phones with Megapixel Cameras
2003_Jul-20: NTT Unveils Tech to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Wireless LAN
2003_Jul-19: Sanyo Eyes 30% Market Share for Energy-Saving Semiconductors
2003_Jul-18: Fujitsu Introduces 90nm CMOS, Cell-Based ICs for Consumer, Mobile Applications
2003_Jul-18: Bandai Unveils Portable Printer with Infrared Port for Cell Phones
2003_Jul-18: SHARE SURVEY: Electronics
2003_Jul-18: Microchip Offers 150mA CMOS LDO in Tiny Package
2003_Jul-18: SUSS MicroTec's Flip-Chip Bonding System Offers High Flexibility
2003_Jul-17: Wireless Tags to Offer Hands-Free Air Travel
2003_Jul-17: Toshiba to Bolster Discrete Semiconductor Business in Asia
2003_Jul-17: Korean, Taiwanese Firms Expand IT Market Share: Survey
2003_Jul-17: Micronas' Dolby Pro Logic II Single-Chip Processor Boosts TV Sound Quality
2003_Jul-17: Philips Expands Power MOSFETs in LFPAK
2003_Jul-17: Tech Potential Capped for Copyright Management Systems, Says Microsoft Windows Media Executive
2003_Jul-16: Car Navigation System Market to Increase to 2.8 Mln. Units in 2003
2003_Jul-16: [World DRAM Price] DDR-type DIMM Spot Prices Rise for Four Straight Weeks
2003_Jul-16: Matsushita Electric Announces Development of A QVGA MPEG-4 Multi Codec LSI
2003_Jul-16: Casio Computer, LG TeleCom to Debut Camera Phone in Korea
2003_Jul-16: Prices of DDR DRAMs Surpass US$4 Level
2003_Jul-16: IMEC Expands Sub-45nm Research with Two New Programs
2003_Jul-16: IR's Integrated Power Module Simplifies Motor Drive Design
2003_Jul-15: Japan's Mobile Phone Shipments Expected to Reach 44.41 Mln. Units in 2003: Yano Research
2003_Jul-15: Macnica Exhibits Mobile Phone with Tiny UV Sensor
2003_Jul-15: Fujitsu High-Pixel LCD Enables PDAs to Receive Digital TV
2003_Jul-15: LG Electronics Uses ACAD's Analysis Tool for Digital TV SoC
2003_Jul-15: Linear's 20-Bit ADC Offers 15Hz Output Rate with 2ppm INL Performance
2003_Jul-14: Matsushita Uses FeRAM as Core Technology for Digital Home Electronics LSIs
2003_Jul-14: Fujitsu, Motorola Develop Fingerprint Recognition Technology for PDAs
2003_Jul-14: Matsushita's Antenna Handles All 3 Wireless LAN Formats
2003_Jul-14: Infineon Unveils Multi-Channel SONET/SDH Framer Chips
2003_Jul-14: Automobiles Expected to Bring Technology Breakthroughs, Market Expansion
2003_Jul-11: MPEG LA Aims to Establish Terms of H.264 Licensing Within 2003
2003_Jul-11: NEC Develops Prototype of Mobile Phone Capable of Receiving Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting
2003_Jul-11: Sharp to Introduce Fax with 310,000-Pixel Camera
2003_Jul-11: Sanyo to Centralize Appliance Parts Procurement in China
2003_Jul-11: Philips Introduces Motion Compensation/Estimation Solutions for LCD Panels
2003_Jul-11: Qualcomm Announces Multimedia Single-Chip Solution for Wireless Data Devices
2003_Jul-10: Sony, Others Set Standard for High-Definition Camcorders
2003_Jul-10: Prices of DDR DRAMs on the Rise
2003_Jul-10: SnapTrack, Motorola to Support Location Services for China Unicom
2003_Jul-10: Linear's Precision Rail-to-Rail Op Amp Draws 150uA Supply Current
2003_Jul-10: Two Japanese Wireless Tag Experts Debate RF Chip Technology at Nikkei Forum
2003_Jul-9: Cadence Appoints New President for Its Japanese Branch to Strengthen Direct Sales
2003_Jul-9: SMaL Camera Enables 1.3-Megapixel Digital Cameras by Fujifilm Axia
2003_Jul-9: ONLINE GAME: Market Swelling with Spread of Broadband
2003_Jul-9: Asia-Pacific WLAN Equipment Shipments Grow 75%, Says Gartner
2003_Jul-9: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices of DDR-type DIMMs Rise by More Than 4%

2003_Jul-8: Sharp, TI Team Up to Offer GSM/GPRS Camera Phone Reference Design
2003_Jul-8: 'Cost Performance Better Than LCD Panels or PDPs,' Motorola Claims in Promoting FED Technology
2003_Jul-8: Sony to Sue China's BYD over Battery Patents
2003_Jul-8: Philips Introduces Fast-Speed Mode I2C Bus Controller
2003_Jul-8: Power Inductors Provide High Current Capability for Portable Electronics Apps
2003_Jul-7: NEC Unit Develops Flat Panel Speaker for Mobile Phones
2003_Jul-7: CSR's Chip Supporting Bluetooth Ver. 1.2 to Lower Costs with 180nm Process
2003_Jul-7: LCD TV, DVD Shipments Grow, But PDPs Slow: JEITA Report
2003_Jul-7: Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Others to Unify Environment Efficiency Index
2003_Jul-7: Motorola's Embedded Microprocessor Cuts Costs for Printer/Copier Makers
2003_Jul-7: IR Unveils Co-Pack NPT IGBTs for Enhanced Motor Drive Performance
2003_Jul-7: Cellular Phone LCDs to Gain High Resolution QVGA Image Quality
2003_Jul-7: Olympus Regains Top Position in Weekly Digital Camera Sales
2003_Jul-6: Toshiba, NEC Achieve Quantum Encryption Data Transfer over 100km
2003_Jul-4: Sony, Matsushita Electric, Others Set Up Linux Forum for Digital Home Electronics
2003_Jul-4: STATS Opens Manufacturing Facility in Shanghai
2003_Jul-4: Motorola Labs Announces Progress in Carbon Nanotube Technology
2003_Jul-4: Fujitsu Ships 32-bit RISC MCU with OSDC and USB Capability for TV Sets
2003_Jul-3: TSMC Takes Measures to Promote 130nm/90nm Processes
2003_Jul-3: Kyocera Buys Laminated High-density PCB Business from IBM Japan
2003_Jul-3: International Investment in China Boosts Storage Growth in 2002, Says Gartner
2003_Jul-3: Sharp Introduces Flash EEPROM Optimized for Next-Generation PCs
2003_Jul-3: Micronas Expands TV IC Range with Single-Chip Family Platform
2003_Jul-2: SIA Sees Uptick of Global Chip Sales in May 2003
2003_Jul-2: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Two New Mobile Handsets with Long Standby Time, Sound Capabilities
2003_Jul-2: Seiko Epson Develops Processor for Camera Phones
2003_Jul-2: Renesas Technology Launches Full Asian Sales
2003_Jul-2: Intel Stresses Presence in Enterprise Computing Market in Tokyo
2003_Jul-2: Sanyo to Sell Key DVD Recorder Part to Outside Firms
2003_Jul-2: [World DRAM Price] PC Makers Revise Shipment Plans Upward
2003_Jul-1: NEC Develops Water-Cooling Module with Piezoelectric Pump for Notebook PCs
2003_Jul-1: LSI Logic Announces New Design System for Its Structured ASIC, RapidChip
2003_Jul-1: Sharp Opens Home Appliance R&D; Center in Shanghai, China
2003_Jul-1: SMK Introduces Jack Board with Optical Connectors for Digital Consumer Applications
2003_Jul-1: SGI Japan, Electro-Communications Univ. Develop Snake-Shaped Rescue Robot
2003_Jul-1: SynQor Introduces PowerQor Giga 25 Amp Eighth-brick DC/DC Converters


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