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2003_Aug-29: Microdrive Capacity Expands to 4GB, Price Likely to be 50,000 Yen
2003_Aug-29: Omron to Ship Solderless Ultra-low Profile Tactile Switch for Portable Devices
2003_Aug-29: J-Phone Starts Selling Nokia's Bluetooth 3G Mobile Phone Handset
2003_Aug-29: Matsushita to Restructure its Motor Company; Eyes China Market
2003_Aug-29: SK Corp to Nurture Display Material Biz
2003_Aug-29: Agere Acquires Massana to Deliver Gigabit Ethernet Products
2003_Aug-29: EION Establishes AP Regional Sales Office in HK
2003_Aug-28: Four Challenges to Mass Adoption of RFID Tags: Alien Technology CEO
2003_Aug-28: Murata Ships High-Frequency Ultrasonic Sensors for Robots, Home Appliances
2003_Aug-28: Wireless Tags Featuring Ultra Wideband to Gain Approval from FCC
2003_Aug-28: Fujitsu Consolidates Its Japan-Based Semiconductor Assembly, Testing Operations
2003_Aug-28: Elpida Decides to Purchase Masks for 100nm, Finer Semiconductors from Toppan
2003_Aug-28: Bivar Introduces New Integrated Surface Mount LEDs
2003_Aug-28: Linear's Dual Output DC/DC Controller Integrates Opto Drive
2003_Aug-27: Canon Printer Adds Wireless Printing Via Infrared Communication from a Camera Phone
2003_Aug-27: [World DRAM Price] PC Makers Remain Bullish on Production
2003_Aug-27: Hitachi Announces PDP/LCD TV Supporting Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting
2003_Aug-27: Oki Electric Announces Banking ATM for Chinese Market
2003_Aug-27: Access Provides Wireless Java Technologies to China Unicom
2003_Aug-27: Samsung Electronics Products a Hit in Portugal
2003_Aug-27: Metcal Unveils Array Package Rework System for PCBs
2003_Aug-26: JEITA Defines New Guidelines for Green Procurement of Components
2003_Aug-26: AU Optronics to Produce 1,500mm x 1,850mm Mother Glass Using 6G Technology
2003_Aug-26: IC Demo Kits Promote Rapid Design-in
2003_Aug-26: Micronas, Tara Systems Integrate Embedded Wizard Platform Package
2003_Aug-26: AVL, SiS Launch Memory Validation Program
2003_Aug-26: 3V 100MHz Dual Video Op Amp Reduces System Cost without Compromising
2003_Aug-25: 'We Will Consolidate Number One Spot in Digital Photography,' Canon President Says
2003_Aug-25: Matsushita Electric Introduces New Flat-Panel TV Series Called 'Viera'
2003_Aug-25: DoCoMo Increases 3G Cell Phone Speed by More than 30 Times
2003_Aug-25: Airport, Matsushita to Launch Trial E-Book Lending Service for Overseas Travelers
2003_Aug-25: Philips Licenses Memory Stick Technology from Sony
2003_Aug-25: Micronas Integrates Hard-Disk Recording into IDTVs
2003_Aug-25: Mobile Phone Communication Module Business Gains Momentum
2003_Aug-23: ANALYSIS: Flat-Panel TVs Compete on Quality, Features
2003_Aug-22: Japan's Monthly Mobile Phone Shipments Top 4 Mln. Units for Four Straight Months: JEITA
2003_Aug-22: Sanyo Haier to Launch Drum-Type Washer/Dryer in Japan
2003_Aug-22: Flat-Panel TV Shipment Value to Pass Conventional TVs in FY03
2003_Aug-22: SMK Ships 6.2mm Deep, 10P Square Interface Connector for Cellular Phones
2003_Aug-22: Xemics Unveils Drop-In RF Module for Wireless Applications
2003_Aug-22: LEA Launches ASIC Design Center in Belgium
2003_Aug-22: LG Electronics Enjoys Rising Sales in July
2003_Aug-21: Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display Develops 55-Inch, Progressive-System PDP
2003_Aug-21: Fuji Electric Showcases 0.8-Inch HDD Media to Emerge After 1.0-Inch Type
2003_Aug-21: DVD-RAM Promotion Group Established with Nine Firms
2003_Aug-21: Samsung Electronics Develops New TFT-LCDs for Wireless Handsets
2003_Aug-21: Sanyo, Samsung, Haier to Team Up in Network-Ready Appliances
2003_Aug-21: GES Funds US$100M Sale/Leaseback Facility for FASL Japan
2003_Aug-21: Global Delivery of IT Services: An Irreversible Trend, Says Gartner
2003_Aug-20: Hitachi Global Storage, Great Wall Tech Extend HDD Pact with Eye on China
2003_Aug-20: Elpida, Others to Seek Punitive Tariffs against Hynix
2003_Aug-20: NVIDIA Verifies PCI Express Design with Denali Software's EDA Tool
2003_Aug-20: Philips Unveils Low Power USB Interface Devices
2003_Aug-20: Trumpion, Micronas Team Up for eUstickMP3 Reference Design
2003_Aug-20: [World DRAM Price] Excess Inventory May Cause Price Collapse If Demand is Weak
2003_Aug-19: Yamaha Debuts Wireless Music Network System
2003_Aug-19: Silicon Shipments Increase 8% in 2Q, Says SEMI Silicon Manufacturers Group
2003_Aug-19: Korean Wireless Handset Makers See Rise in Exports
2003_Aug-19: Competition for Digital SLR Market Share Heats Up with Pentax Entry
2003_Aug-19: Sprint, Cisco, Hitachi Data Systems Team to Achieve Data Storage Breakthrough
2003_Aug-19: Elpida Agrees to Supply DRAM Chips to Kingston Tech
2003_Aug-19: Philips Introduces New-Generation Leadless Packages for Discretes
2003_Aug-19: North Korea to Produce, Sell Pentium 4 PCs
2003_Aug-18: Infineon Technologies to Weave Sensor Networking into Textiles
2003_Aug-18: Nintendo President Says Entirely New Product Set for Spring 2004
2003_Aug-18: Droplet Technology Develops DTV Video Compression Technology That Allows for VGA-Screen Cellular Phones
2003_Aug-18: Samsung Electronics Adopts MontaVista Linux for Digital Appliances
2003_Aug-18: Toshiba Debuts Home Media Server Distributing Data to TV, Two PCs at Once
2003_Aug-18: Hynix Develops World's First 1Gb, DDR2 DRAM
2003_Aug-18: Global Flash Memory Sales to Hit Record High in '03: Survey
2003_Aug-18: China Unicom Selects Free Space Optics from Terabeam
2003_Aug-18: Infineon, Taiwanese UEC to Establish JV for Fiber Optics Component
2003_Aug-18: 20% of Enterprises to Encounter Serious Internet Security Incident through 2005, Says Gartner
2003_Aug-18: Water Cooling Technology to be Commercialized, Driven by Standards, Slim Components
2003_Aug-16: Sharp to Debut PC-Based TV Requiring No OS Start-Up
2003_Aug-15: Fujitsu Develops Ultra-Small PLL Frequency Synthesizer for Mobile Communications
2003_Aug-15: Hitachi Unit's Anti-Crime System Uses Cameras, Mobile Phone
2003_Aug-15: Linear Introduces 60V Step-Up/Step-Down DC/DC Converter
2003_Aug-15: Micronas Taps into Digital Terrestrial TV Market with Set-Top Box Reference Design
2003_Aug-15: Maxim's TFT, VCOM Calibrator Reduces Labor Costs, Increases Reliability
2003_Aug-14: Rohm Develops Dedicated Image Processor for Camera Phone
2003_Aug-14: SMK Ships Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter
2003_Aug-14: SHARE SURVEY: Lithium-Ion Batteries
2003_Aug-13: Sony to Debut IEEE802.3af-Compliant Network Camera in October 2003
2003_Aug-13: NTT Electronics and Oki Team Up in the Optical Communications Device Business
2003_Aug-13: ICC's Selection of Agilent's IC Testers Encourages IC Design Houses in China
2003_Aug-13: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices Rise in North America, Europe
2003_Aug-12: Arima Optoelectronics of Taiwan Ships Sample Red LED with 35lm/W Luminous Efficiency
2003_Aug-12: Digital Camera Makers Boosting Output as Global Demand Surges
2003_Aug-12: Linear's Li-Ion Battery Charger Offers 4.7V to 24V Input Supply
2003_Aug-12: International Rectifier Launches Die Sales Business
2003_Aug-11: Sanyo Mobile Phone Can Receive and Record Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasts
2003_Aug-11: Rohm Develops 64-Tone Polyphonic Sound Generator Chips for Cell Phones
2003_Aug-11: Pentax to Sell World's Smallest Digital SLR Camera
2003_Aug-11: China May Surpass Korea in Wireless Handset Production in 5 Years: KOTRA
2003_Aug-10: SHARE SURVEY: Camcorders
2003_Aug-9: SHARE SURVEY: Home Video Game Consoles
2003_Aug-8: Dai Nippon Printing Constructs New Plants for Fifth Generation of LCD Color Filters in Taiwan, Hiroshima
2003_Aug-8: Samsung to Manufacture Memory Stick Media Under Sony License
2003_Aug-8: CSMC Secures US$67M Investment from International Consortium
2003_Aug-8: VIA Introduces Enhanced Digital TV Encoder
2003_Aug-7: Fujitsu Kyushu Digital Technology Adopts Cadence's SystemC Simulator
2003_Aug-7: TI Introduces Single-Chip MCU Family for Electronic Energy Metering
2003_Aug-7: Ramtron Announces Availability of First 0.35micron FRAM Product
2003_Aug-7: Solomon Systech Launches Single-Chip 96 x 64 65K Color OLED Driver IC
2003_Aug-6: Global Chip Sales Keep 10% Year-Over-Year Growth in June 2003
2003_Aug-6: [World DRAM Price] Prices Still Expected to Rise in August
2003_Aug-6: Casio, Canon See Results Boosted by Digital Camera Sales
2003_Aug-6: Canon Runs Close Behind Sony in Brand Share: World Digital Camera Output Survey
2003_Aug-6: HITMAKERS: Zeon Uses Leftover Material for Cell Phone Camera Lenses
2003_Aug-6: Vishay's Surface-Mount Transformers Offer Lead-Free Construction
2003_Aug-6: Linear's Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter Delivers up to 1 Amp
2003_Aug-5: Japan's Q2 DVD Recorder/Player Shipments Rise 151% Y-O-Y: JEITA
2003_Aug-5: MicroEmissive Display Develops QVGA Organic EL Panel the Size of a Fingernail
2003_Aug-5: Rohm Reduces Internal Wiring of Cellular Phone to One Third with New Differential Interface LSI
2003_Aug-5: China Outpaces Taiwan to Become Largest Notebook PC Maker, Says IMS Research
2003_Aug-5: SARS Stimulates Ongoing Growth in Internet Usage in Hong Kong
2003_Aug-5: SHARE SURVEY: DVD Recorders
2003_Aug-4: Toyota to Strengthen In-Vehicle Network Services
2003_Aug-4: Matsushita Electric Works Establishes Third Manufacturing Base in Thailand
2003_Aug-4: Furukawa Electric, Sumitomo Electric Consolidate Wireless Technology Operations
2003_Aug-4: Renesas Designs 400MHz, 5 Million Gates SoC with Synopsys' Astro Layout Design Software
2003_Aug-4: Cell Phone Firms to Boost High-Resolution Camera Handset Lineups
2003_Aug-4: Philips Introduces Motor Driver for High-Speed DVD+RW Apps
2003_Aug-4: Samsung Electronics Develops 17-Device Remote Control
2003_Aug-4: YHI's Shanghai Subsidiary Secures US$6M Contracts with Japanese Auto Parts Wholesalers
2003_Aug-4: Barcode Scanning Opens New Territory for Mobile Phones
2003_Aug-3: Toshiba to Accelerate Fuel Cell Development
2003_Aug-1: Sony Computer Announces Particulars of PlayStation Portable
2003_Aug-1: Japan Aviation Electronics Debuts Portable Reader/Writer for MiniSD Memory Card
2003_Aug-1: Samsung Electronics Steps Up as World's Second-Largest LCD TV Supplier
2003_Aug-1: Samsung to Provide NAND Flash Memory Chips to Hewlett-Packard
2003_Aug-1: Vishay Introduces 4Mbps Infrared Transceiver with Low Profile of 2.7mm
2003_Aug-1: Summit Microelectronics Unveils 6-Channel Precision Sequencer


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