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2003_Nov-28: Alps TDGA Certified as 'HD Radio' Front-End Tuner
2003_Nov-28: Harvard's Experimental Lasers Boost Silicon Light Absorption, Allow Surgery on a Single Cell
2003_Nov-28: LCD Market Likely to Face Oversupply in 2004: Forecast
2003_Nov-28: ANALYSIS: User Friendly Digital Appliances Lead Home Electronics Market
2003_Nov-28: Philips, JSMC Establish New JV in China
2003_Nov-28: KLA-Tencor Opens Online Customer Support Center in Japan
2003_Nov-28: Atmel Unveils New Color Line Scan Camera for Industrial Imaging Applications
2003_Nov-28: Anadigics Introduces GSM/GPRS PA Module with Integrated Power Control
2003_Nov-27: 'HD DVD' Specifications Approved by DVD Forum
2003_Nov-27: Game Console Market on the Decline Worldwide: In-Stat/MDR
2003_Nov-27: Formation of Drops Could Lead to Creation of New Nanofibers, Wires
2003_Nov-27: Epson to Transfer Monochrome LCD Production Business in Taiwan to a Local Company
2003_Nov-27: MontaVista Linux to Support Renesas SH-Mobile Application Processor
2003_Nov-27: Qualcomm Enters France Telecom's Turbo Codes Licensing Program for 3G
2003_Nov-27: KLA-Tencor, Soitec Establish Partnership on SOI Wafer Technology
2003_Nov-26: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices of DDR-type 256MB DIMMs Decline Continuously
2003_Nov-26: Suekage Exhibits Omni-Directional Video Surveillance System for Mobile Phones; Due for Release in 2004
2003_Nov-26: Taiyo Yuden Offers High-Precision S-Parameters of Its RF Components for Cellular Phone Development
2003_Nov-26: Hynix Begins Production of 0.11-micron DRAMs
2003_Nov-26: ANALYSIS: TVs, DVDs, Cameras Seen Driving Year-End Sales
2003_Nov-26: ST Moves Smartcard Chips to Next-Generation 180nm Production Process
2003_Nov-26: Philips, Siemens VDO Offer New Sensor System to Improve Fuel Efficiency
2003_Nov-25: Samsung SDI Develops Organic EL with Clearer Resolution
2003_Nov-25: Advantest Introduces Memory IC Tester Capable of Simultaneous Testing of 256 Chips
2003_Nov-25: RFMD Introduces Front End Receiver Solution for CDMA Applications
2003_Nov-25: IR Takes Next Steps in Conversion to Lead-Free Packages
2003_Nov-25: Hitachi Displays Expanding Midsize LCD Panel Offerings
2003_Nov-25: DVD Recorders Lead Japan's Electronics Industry
2003_Nov-24: Fujitsu to Outsource 8-Bit Microcontroller Output to China's CSMC
2003_Nov-23: Hitachi Maxell to Raise DVD Shipments 30% on Growing Demand
2003_Nov-22: Casio to Produce Small TFT LCD Panels in China
2003_Nov-21: [COMM CHINA] Three Reasons China is Looking to 3G Services
2003_Nov-21: [COMDEX] Samsung to Launch Windows-Based Handsets for US Market
2003_Nov-21: Epson Develops Prototype of World's Smallest Flying Microrobot
2003_Nov-21: Philips Delivers New Transistors with Integrated Load Switch Functionality
2003_Nov-21: IDT Unveils Device Managing High-Capacity Queuing of Sequential Broadband Information
2003_Nov-20: Casio, Hitachi to Merge Cell Phone Development Ops
2003_Nov-20: [COMM CHINA] Sanyo, Hitachi Showcase Wireless Base Stations for PHS
2003_Nov-20: Ricoh Develops New Inkjet Printer Based on Gel-Type Ink
2003_Nov-20: Microsoft's Gates Touts Seamless Computing as Comdex 2003 Takes on Corporate Tone
2003_Nov-20: Silicon Wave, RFMD Launch Single-Chip, CMOS Bluetooth Solution
2003_Nov-20: Atmel Introduces High-End Smartcard Secure Microcontroller
2003_Nov-19: Renesas Releases 256Mb Flash EEPROM with On-Chip Memory Management Functions
2003_Nov-19: Sharp to Debut IC for Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting Tuner for Mobile Products
2003_Nov-19: NEC to Ship World's First 8x Recordable DVD Drives for PCs in Dec
2003_Nov-19: 3Com, Huawei Announce New Joint Venture
2003_Nov-19: Philips Introduces Triple 8-Bit Video Data Converter for LCD Monitors
2003_Nov-19: [World DRAM Price] Supply Levels Stabilize; Small Price Drop Expected
2003_Nov-18: Lattice Semiconductor Develops Field-Programmable SPI4.2 Interface SoC
2003_Nov-18: EU to Seek Japan Participation in Galileo GPS Project
2003_Nov-18: Ansoft, ISET Team to Provide New Model Library for Alternative Power System Design
2003_Nov-18: Siliconix Unveils P-Channel MOSFET for Synchronous Buck DC/DC Converters
2003_Nov-18: Matsushita Electronic Announces Compact Potentiometer for Automobile Use
2003_Nov-17: Renesas Releases 16-Bit MCUs for Three-Phase Motor Control in Small Packages
2003_Nov-17: Teradyne Introduces New Program Development Environment for AXI Systems
2003_Nov-17: Micron Introduces High-Speed Image Sensor with Freeze-Frame Capability
2003_Nov-17: VISTA Announces Launch in China, Korea to Service Communication Customers
2003_Nov-17: Hitachi, Fujitsu, Others to Found Linux Forum
2003_Nov-17: Japan's Electronics Industry Shows Recovery
2003_Nov-16: Matsushita, Others to Boost Output of Flat-Panel TVs Abroad
2003_Nov-15: DoCoMo, Intel Partner to Develop Cell Phone Chips
2003_Nov-14: Agilent Introduces Industry-First Integrated WLAN Test System
2003_Nov-14: Elpida Announces 0.11-Micron-Based, 128Mb SDRAM for Digital Consumer Applications
2003_Nov-14: Philips Unveils New Cellular System Solutions for Low- and Mid-Range Mobiles
2003_Nov-14: NS' LDDs Slash DVD/CD Recording Times
2003_Nov-14: Atmel Launches 3D Remote Control Receiver with Digital 8-Bit RSSI
2003_Nov-14: Toshiba Technology Sharpens Digital Video
2003_Nov-13: Toshiba to Double Production of Popular 1.8-inch HDD
2003_Nov-13: Fujitsu Develops Plasma Tube Technologies for 100-Inches-Plus, Flat-Screen Displays
2003_Nov-13: Seagate Technology Unveils Fast HDD for Digital Home Appliances
2003_Nov-13: Fujitsu Unveils ARM9 Multi-CPU Evaluation Device Implementing SoC Platform
2003_Nov-13: Agere Introduces EDGE Chipset Enabling High-Speed Multimedia Mobile Phones
2003_Nov-13: 'LCD Industry to Grow Substantially in Coming Years,' Sharp President Says
2003_Nov-12: Buffalo Provides Module, Firmware for Home WLAN Products to Consumer Electronics Companies
2003_Nov-12: [ISOM] Samsung Reveals PC Card-size Next-Generation Optical Disc Device
2003_Nov-12: Qualcomm Unveils RF CMOS CDMA System Solution
2003_Nov-12: Philips Introduces New Bluetooth System-in-Package Solution
2003_Nov-12: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices Rise, But 30-day Rolling Averages Fall
2003_Nov-11: Matsushita Makes Rewritable Single-Sided, Double-Layer Blu-ray Media for 2x Recording
2003_Nov-11: NEC and SVA Establish TFT-LCD Joint Venture in China
2003_Nov-11: Mediastick Starts Information Service Using Two-Dimensional Barcodes for Mobile Phones
2003_Nov-11: New Japan Radio Samples Multifunctional Analog Audio Processor for TVs
2003_Nov-11: Renesas to Boost Spending Plans to Bolster Cutting-Edge R&D;
2003_Nov-11: Cisco Makes Minority Investment in Shenzhen Mobile Component Maker
2003_Nov-11: ITU Announces New Standard to Quadruple Fibre Optic Transmission Capacity
2003_Nov-10: Mass Production of Large-Sized LCD Panels Complying with 1080p to Start in 2004
2003_Nov-10: NEC Electronics to Build 300mm Wafer Production Line in Yamagata, Japan
2003_Nov-10: RF Micro Devices Announces Production Shipments to BenQ
2003_Nov-10: Miracle Linux, China Firm to Jointly Develop Linux Products
2003_Nov-10: Philips Introduces RF Power Transistors Using New-Generation LDMOS Technology
2003_Nov-10: Display, Semiconductor Makers See Opportunities in New Era of TV Market
2003_Nov-7: Fujitsu Labs Unveils Prototype of Compact PDA with 4-inch SVGA Display
2003_Nov-7: Mentor Announces Trilingual IC Verification Platform
2003_Nov-7: LG, Samsung Enjoy Robust Exports of PDPs
2003_Nov-7: Ricoh Unveils Low-Cost Optical Disc Made from PET Resin
2003_Nov-7: Epson Introduces New Miniature Package with Advanced Structure
2003_Nov-7: STATS' Shanghai Facility Offers Mixed Signal Test Services
2003_Nov-6: NTT DoCoMo, Renesas Technology and Fujifilm Discuss Evolution of Mobile Phones
2003_Nov-6: Seiko Epson Displays LCD Panel that Warps with Glass Substrate
2003_Nov-6: Alps Develops Battery-Free Tire Pressure Monitoring System
2003_Nov-6: TCL Seeks Alliances with Japanese Firms: President Li
2003_Nov-6: Atmel Fingerprint Sensor Used in Sharp's Tablet PC
2003_Nov-6: NS Unveils Five High-Speed ADCs with Low Power Consumption
2003_Nov-6: Hitachi Develops Electronic Watermark Technology for Black and White Images
2003_Nov-5: Chinese Unveil Schedule for Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting
2003_Nov-5: PMC-Sierra Emphasizes the Scalability of Its MIPS-Based MPU in Japan
2003_Nov-5: Asia-Pacific Semiconductor Market Grows 19.1% in Q3 2003, SIA Says
2003_Nov-5: Nippon Leiz Exhibits New LED Backlight for Mobile Phones
2003_Nov-5: LCD Panel Prices Rise as Supply Fails to Meet Demand
2003_Nov-5: AMD, Digital China Reach Distribution Agreement on PIB Products
2003_Nov-5: Linear's Synchronous Step-Down Regulator Increases Battery Life in CDMA Phones
2003_Nov-5: Korea's Trade Deficit in IC Sector Declines 93% in Q3
2003_Nov-5: [World DRAM Price] Makers Pressed by Volume Users' Price-Cutting Requests
2003_Nov-4: LCD, PDP TV Makers Compete in Next-Generation FPD Market
2003_Nov-4: Omron Unveils Face-Recognition Technology
2003_Nov-4: Renesas Technology Releases SH MCU for Networked Consumer Appliances
2003_Nov-4: Fuji Photo Film to Market Super CCD Honeycom Camera Module
2003_Nov-4: International Rectifier to Build New Manufacturing Site in Xi'an
2003_Nov-4: Philips Expands 32-Bit MCU Family for Cost-Sensitive Designs
2003_Nov-4: HDDs Getting Smaller, Faster, Higher in Capacity
2003_Nov-3: Samsung Electronics, Sony Set Up LCD Joint Venture
2003_Nov-2: Hitachi, Fujitsu to Expand LCD Purchases from Taiwan Firms


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