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2004_Jan-30: Olympus to Mass-Produce 'Free-Shaped' Camera Module for Mobile Phones
2004_Jan-30: Matsushita Develops Technology to Delaminate Metal from Plastic for TV Recycling
2004_Jan-30: UWB's Largest Force to Deploy a Defacto Strategy
2004_Jan-30: Japan, China to Launch Joint Research on 4G Mobile Phone
2004_Jan-30: Infineon to Acquire Taiwanese Fabless IC Design Firm ADMtek
2004_Jan-30: Philips "Green" Conversion Roadmap Delivers Lead-Free Products
2004_Jan-30: LG's 'TV Dios' Refrigerator Gets Good Reviews in North America
2004_Jan-29: Toshiba Introduces VGA Camera Modules Featuring Smaller Internal CMOS Image Sensor
2004_Jan-29: Philips, IBM Join to Develop Customer Systems for RFID, Smartcard
2004_Jan-29: Fujitsu Encryption Chip Provides Data Security on Fast Lines
2004_Jan-29: Linear's Amplifier Optimized for UXGA LCD Displays, High Resolution Video Apps
2004_Jan-28: Sharp Introduces New Aquos LCD TV Models
2004_Jan-28: Sony, Canon Nearly Even in Digital Cameras; World Output Shows Second Year of Big Growth
2004_Jan-28: [World DRAM Price] Daily Spot Prices Increase
2004_Jan-28: TFT-LCD Equipment Spending at Record High in 2004: DisplaySearch
2004_Jan-28: Samsung Electronics to Release World's First 46-Inch LCD TV
2004_Jan-28: Sony Electronics, CBS Team Up to Broadcast Super Bowl Football Match in HDTV
2004_Jan-28: Stanley Electric to Boost Output of Light Sources for LCD TVs
2004_Jan-28: SiGe Semiconductor Unveils Strategy for Wi-FiR Chip-Scale Front-End Modules
2004_Jan-28: XenICs Introduces High-Resolution InGaAs Arrays
2004_Jan-27: Hitachi Displays Launches Mass-Production of 'IPS' LCD Panels, Soon to be Adopted in FOMA
2004_Jan-27: Fujitsu Labs Develops High-Capacity Micro Fuel Cell Technology
2004_Jan-27: Japan's DVD Players Outstrip VCRs for First Time in '03
2004_Jan-27: Linear Unveils Dual Micropower DC/DC Converter with Internal Schottky Diodes
2004_Jan-27: Atmel Targets Image/Video/Audio Playback Apps with New Processor Family
2004_Jan-27: WTO to Probe Duties on Hynix
2004_Jan-26: NTT, Pioneer Set Content Distribution Standard for Large-Screen Displays in Shops
2004_Jan-26: Renesas to Incorporate Windows Media and RealAudio/Video 10 in SH-Mobile
2004_Jan-26: Tokyo to Construct Japan's Largest Solar Power Generation Facility
2004_Jan-26: N American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts Dec 2003 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.20
2004_Jan-26: Dai Nippon Printing Develops Thinner Printed Circuit Board
2004_Jan-26: Firms Develop Gesture-Operable Digital Home Electronic Appliances
2004_Jan-23: Sony Unveils New Airboard Model LCD TV
2004_Jan-23: TI Ships Samples of 1GHz DSPs
2004_Jan-23: [CES] Sand Video Unveils Industry's First Decoder LSI for H.264 Encoded HDTV
2004_Jan-23: NEC to Enter Smart Tag Business with High-Performance Chip
2004_Jan-23: Philips Unveils Home DVD+RW Reference Design for Combination Device Makers
2004_Jan-22: Sony Develops System-on-Glass LCD for Mobile Phones
2004_Jan-22: Sanyo to More Than Double Optical Pickup Output in FY04
2004_Jan-22: Tohoku Pioneer Launches Volume Production of Passive Organic EL Panels With 16 Colors
2004_Jan-22: Fujikura Creates Flexible Wireless-LAN Antenna for Notebooks
2004_Jan-22: Linear Introduces Step-Up DC/DC Converter in Small Package
2004_Jan-22: Company with Its 'Original Products' Can Win Global Competition: Canon President Fujio Mitarai
2004_Jan-21: Kyocera to Launch Organic EL Panel Business
2004_Jan-21: [CES] NHJ Debuts TV Wristwatch
2004_Jan-21: Korean LCD TV Firms Top Japanese Rivals in Q4: Estimate
2004_Jan-21: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices Record Small Downfall at Turn of Year
2004_Jan-20: Japan's RFID Market to Reach 1.2 Billion Units in FY2010, Yano Research Says
2004_Jan-20: Digitalway Wins US$35 Million Order from BestBuy
2004_Jan-20: Vishay's New Surface-Mount Resistor Enables Smaller, Lighter Design
2004_Jan-20: Austriamicrosystems Introduces Power Management Unit for Handheld Devices
2004_Jan-19: Samsung Electronics Saw Record High Quarterly Sales During Q4 2003
2004_Jan-19: Hitachi Offers Component Supplier Info in South/Central China to Japanese Manufacturers
2004_Jan-19: Infineon Sets Up New IC Design Center in Xian
2004_Jan-19: SSMC Earmarks US$250M to Expand Capacity in 2004
2004_Jan-19: NTT Smart Card to Support 2 Intl Standards
2004_Jan-19: Medium-Term Prospects Look Good for Notebook PCs
2004_Jan-18: Elpida Fits 2GB DRAM Module in 4.8mm Package
2004_Jan-17: Elec Makers to Sell Higher-End White Goods in Asia
2004_Jan-16: [CES] LSI Logic, SVA Showcase 'EVD,' Next-Generation Optical Disc
2004_Jan-16: [CES] GS Magicstor to Market 0.8-inch HDDs, Aiming at Japan's Mobile Phones
2004_Jan-16: Taiwan's Stone Battery Licenses Philips' Lithylene Technology
2004_Jan-16: Philips Launches Scaler Device for LCD-TV Market
2004_Jan-16: Plasma TV Makers Enlarge Screens to Differentiate Units from LCD TVs
2004_Jan-16: Infineon, O'Neil Introduce Wearable Electronics Sportswear
2004_Jan-16: LG Electronics' Air Conditioner Number One for Four Straight Years
2004_Jan-15: Sharp Succeeds in World's First MBE Blue-Violet Laser Oscillation
2004_Jan-15: [CES] Sony Unveils Prototype Blu-Ray Player, Eying Package-Media Emergence in 2005
2004_Jan-15: Nintendo Beats SCE in Worldwide Game Console Sales Growth
2004_Jan-15: Linear's Power Path Controller with Diode Function
2004_Jan-15: NS Extends High-End Router Backplane Life with New Quad SerDes
2004_Jan-14: Agere Establishes AP Development and Support Center in Taiwan
2004_Jan-14: Amphion Joins IBM Blue Logic IP Collaboration Program
2004_Jan-14: Daewoo Electronics to Invest 82.5 Billion Won in 2004
2004_Jan-14: [World DRAM Price] Chinese New Year to Soften World PC Demand
2004_Jan-13: [CES] Flat Panel TV Shipments in US to Exceed 2.2 Million Units in 2004
2004_Jan-13: PC-ELECTRONICS CONVERGENCE: Sony Wary of Microsoft Monopoly
2004_Jan-13: Atmel Introduces New Power Management Device for 3G Wireless Platforms
2004_Jan-13: Vishay's RF Capacitors Reduce Board Size up to 45%
2004_Jan-13: The Internet in 2004: Challenges and Solutions in Key Areas of Concern
2004_Jan-12: Philips LIN I/O Client Expander Reduces Costs for In-Vehicle Networks
2004_Jan-12: IR Launches Multi-Function Driver ICs with Integrated Protection Features
2004_Jan-12: ANALYSIS: Sharp Facing Tough Race in Large-LCD Market
2004_Jan-10: Rohm Unveils Efficient Surface-Emitting Semiconductor Laser
2004_Jan-9: Samsung SDI to Introduce 80-inch PDP, Production to Start in Second Half
2004_Jan-9: Renesas Technology Develops Prototype Platform Compatible with CE Linux Forum Specifications
2004_Jan-9: HP, Dell Indicate Readiness to Join Blu-Ray Optical Disc Group
2004_Jan-9: TI's Router Software Technology Makes 802.11a/g Affordable for Consumers
2004_Jan-9: Alcatel, Gansu MCC Sign US$14M Contract on GSM Network Expansion
2004_Jan-8: Fujitsu Introduces 2.5-Inch Serial ATA Hard Disk Drives
2004_Jan-8: Samsung SDI Develops Biggest PDP for TVs
2004_Jan-8: Cell Phone Makers Revisit Foreign Markets on High-End Demand
2004_Jan-8: STATS Introduces Green FCLGA Package for Wireless Applications
2004_Jan-8: Microchip's New PIC MCUs Target Cost-Sensitive Motor Control Applications
2004_Jan-8: 'We Succeeded in Scaling Inorganic EL Panel from 17-In. to 34-In.,' iFire Claims
2004_Jan-7: China Central TV, Dayan, MEI to Jointly Develop TV Broadcast Production System
2004_Jan-7: Global Semiconductor Sales Rise 4.5% in November 2003
2004_Jan-7: Dowa Mining to Collect Gold from PCs, Cell Phones in China
2004_Jan-7: Linear's 2-Channel, 14-bit ADC Offers Simultaneous Sampling at 3Msps
2004_Jan-7: [World DRAM Prices] Declining Trend for Spot Prices Continues
2004_Jan-6: Look and Feel: NEC's Card-Sized Mobile Phone
2004_Jan-6: Canon, Sharp Rated Most Competitive in R&D;, Sony Falls to Fourth: Survey
2004_Jan-6: VIA Selects IBM as Foundry Partner for Next-Generation Processors
2004_Jan-6: STATS, Simmtech Enter into Alliance for Substrate Support, Technology
2004_Jan-6: Sony, Canon, NEC to Draft Green Procurement Rules
2004_Jan-6: Renesas Releases H8S/2114F 16-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller
2004_Jan-5: Renesas Technology Releases 16-Bit Microcontroller with Large-Capacity Flash Memory for Notebook PCs
2004_Jan-5: Shipments of Prerecorded DVDs Likely to Reach 250 Billion Yen in '03
2004_Jan-5: CDMA Community Advances International Roaming Capabilities
2004_Jan-5: Annual Growth for European Ethernet Services to Reach 60%
2004_Jan-5: Philips Debuts Nexperia Home Partner Program for ISVs
2004_Jan-2: Cell Phone Software by Japanese Start-Ups Goes Global


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