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2004_Mar-31: NEC Electronics Licenses Transmeta's LongRun2 Technologies
2004_Mar-31: US SolarFlare to Debut Transceiver Capable of 10Gbps Ethernet Operation on Existing Cat5e Cable
2004_Mar-31: IMEC Develops Architecture Template, Retargetable Compiler for Reconfigurable Processors
2004_Mar-31: AnalogicTech Opens New HQ in Hong Kong Science & Technology Park
2004_Mar-31: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Makers Switch More Production to SDRAMs on Profit Expectations
2004_Mar-30: Bridgestone Develops New Filter without Glass Substrate for PDP TVs
2004_Mar-30: CeBIT2004: US, European Manufacturers Go on the Offensive with Megapixel Mobile Phones
2004_Mar-30: Internet Traffic to Reach 15 Tbytes a Second by 2008, Says Probe
2004_Mar-30: Global Chipmakers Set to Invest 38% More in '04
2004_Mar-30: PolyCore Software to Distribute Quadros Systems' RTXC/mp Worldwide
2004_Mar-29: Sony to Release a Light, Thin E-Book Terminal Called 'LIBRIe'
2004_Mar-29: Elec, Chemical Makers to Cut Out Some Hazardous Materials
2004_Mar-29: Worldwide Semiconductor Industry Shows 14% Growth in 2003, Says Gartner
2004_Mar-29: AMD, Founder Form Alliance on 64-Bit Computing
2004_Mar-26: Epson, Sanyo to Merge LCD Operations
2004_Mar-26: Sony to Sell Second-Generation Blu-ray Disc Recorders by End of 2004
2004_Mar-26: Samsung Electronics to Invest Heavily in Memory Chip Line
2004_Mar-26: Synopsys Expands Shanghai Office
2004_Mar-26: TI's New Low-Voltage DC/DC Controllers Boost Gate Performance
2004_Mar-26: Sipex Introduces 28V Synchronous Step-Down PWM Controller
2004_Mar-25: NEC to Introduce 20-Plus Types of Mobile Phones in China This Year
2004_Mar-25: Matsushita Expands Production Facilities for Lithium-Ion Batteries
2004_Mar-25: AMD, Dawning Announce "Blazing" Campaign on 64-Bit Computing in China
2004_Mar-25: Linear Introduces White LED Drivers with Integrated Schottkys
2004_Mar-24: Taiwan's Electronic Devices Production Expands as Moves to China Progress: Fuji-Keizai Survey
2004_Mar-24: Hitachi Unveils Large Panel of Dye Sensitizing Solar Cells with High Efficiency
2004_Mar-24: Mitsubishi Electric Develops W-UXGA LCD Monitor with Adobe RGB Color
2004_Mar-24: [World DRAM Price] Contract Prices Rise as PC Makers Turn Aggressive in Purchases
2004_Mar-24: Qualcomm, ATI Join Forces to Create Wireless 3D Gaming Platform
2004_Mar-24: RFMD Announces CDMA PA Shipments to Korean CDMA Handsets OEM
2004_Mar-24: TFT-LCD Market Divided by Competition of Samsung/Sony and LG.Philips/Sharp
2004_Mar-23: Major Elec Parts Makers to Boost Output in China
2004_Mar-23: Nokia, Philips, Sony Establish NFC Forum for Touch-Based Interactions
2004_Mar-23: Infineon's Processor Enables Convergence to All-IP DSL Networks
2004_Mar-22: Fujitsu to Construct New Facility for Logic Chips Using 90nm/65nm Technology
2004_Mar-22: Sandisk Introduces Reduced-Size MultiMediaCard
2004_Mar-22: North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts February 2004 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.14
2004_Mar-22: Renesas was World's No. 3 Chipmaker in '03: Report
2004_Mar-22: LG.Philips LCD to Invest 25 Trillion Won in Paju LCD Plant
2004_Mar-21: Traffic Signal Makers Rush to Meet Growing Demand for LEDs
2004_Mar-19: Sony Computer to Sell USB Camera for PS2
2004_Mar-19: Alps Produces More Than 500,000 Units of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Tuners
2004_Mar-19: NTT DoCoMo's '506i' Mobile Handsets Gain JATE's Approval
2004_Mar-19: Philips Introduces Personal Media Player Platform Based on PNX1500 Media Processor
2004_Mar-19: Frontier Silicon Opens New Operations in HK, Shenzhen for Digital Radio/TV Markets
2004_Mar-18: NTT Communications Demonstrates 'm2m-x,' Device-to-Device Connection System Using Internet
2004_Mar-18: Philips to Show Future Technologies at CeBIT 2004
2004_Mar-18: China Semiconductor Equipment Market Worth US$1.16 Billion in 2003
2004_Mar-18: NEC, Marsushita to Double Cell Phone Shipments to China
2004_Mar-18: Hynix Plans to Establish Factory in Wuxi, China
2004_Mar-18: Digital Radio Baseband Processor IC from CML Serves Digital Radio
2004_Mar-17: Seiko Epson to Roll Out Rangefinder Digital Camera
2004_Mar-17: Sharp Leads Flat-Screen TV Market: Nikkei Market Access Survey
2004_Mar-17: [World DRAM Price] Prices Continue to Rise Despite Production Adjustment for Notebooks
2004_Mar-17: Samsung Electronics to Double Output of 12-Inch Wafers
2004_Mar-17: Matsushita to Hire More Chinese than Japanese
2004_Mar-17: SiGe Semiconductor Introduces New CDMA Power Amplifiers
2004_Mar-16: Matsushita Brings Blu-Ray Disc Recorder to Market in July 2004
2004_Mar-16: Philips' Satellite Tuner Chips Enable Simple Implementation of Digital Satellite Reception
2004_Mar-16: Vishay's Dual-MOSMIC Devices Combine VHF- and UHF-Optimized Amplifiers, Integrated Band Switch
2004_Mar-16: Epson, Renesas Develop Open-Standard Specifications for the Mobile Video Interface
2004_Mar-15: Hynix Develops 550MHz DDR Graphics Memory Chip
2004_Mar-15: Epson, Renesas Jointly Develop Open-Standard Spec for the Mobile Video Interface
2004_Mar-15: Japan's Mobile Phone Shipments in January Fall Below 3 Mln Units for First Time in 23 Months
2004_Mar-15: National Introduces Three New Audio Amplifiers for High-Quality Home Stereo Systems
2004_Mar-15: Renesas was World's No. 3 Chipmaker in '03: iSuppli Report
2004_Mar-15: Measuring Notebook Liquid-Crystal Displays
2004_Mar-13: Meiko Elec to Raise Circuit Board Sales to Carmakers in China
2004_Mar-13: Omron to Establish LCD Backlight Design Center in HK Science Park
2004_Mar-12: Taiwan's Spectrock Reveals TV Tuner Chip for Cell Phones
2004_Mar-12: LG Electronics, Intel Seal Alliance in Home Network Biz
2004_Mar-12: Linear's Micropower LDO Offers 500mA and 100mA Outputs in 4 x 3mm DFN
2004_Mar-11: Omron to Build LCD Backlight Design Center in Hong Kong Science Park
2004_Mar-11: Qualcomm, TSMC Collaborate on 90nm Low-Power Process for Wireless Apps
2004_Mar-11: Philips, IMEC Sign Agreement to Develop Semiconductor Processes
2004_Mar-11: Toshiba Semiconductor Eyes 1/3 Cut in PFC Emissions by '10
2004_Mar-11: Home Appliance Companies, PC Makers on Collision Course in LCD-TV Market
2004_Mar-10: NEC Develops CO2-Reduction Evaluation Method for Systems Using Mobile Devices
2004_Mar-10: Samsung Electronics, IBM Cooperate to Develop Logic LSI Process Technologies
2004_Mar-10: Linear's Synchronous Boost Regulator Offers Output Disconnect, SoftStart
2004_Mar-10: Agilent's Pluggable Transceiver Delivers Gigabit Ethernet over Copper Cable
2004_Mar-10: [World DRAM Price] Daily Spot Prices Stop Declining
2004_Mar-9: Samsung, Sony Ink Deal to Set Up Joint Venture for Seventh-Generation TFT-LCD
2004_Mar-9: Toppan, Matsushita Introduce RFID Tag Reading System with Rewritable Paper
2004_Mar-9: Toyota to License Hybrid Car Technology to Ford
2004_Mar-9: KDDI, Others to Develop Innovative Digital Radio Receiver Attachable to PDA
2004_Mar-9: Mitsubishi Electric Develops New Facial Image Recording Techonology
2004_Mar-9: ADLINK Launches ETX-EV133, Based on VIA Eden
2004_Mar-8: NTT DoCoMo, NEC, Fujitsu Jointly Develop Technology for 4G System to Raise Throughput to 1Gbps
2004_Mar-8: Epson Introduces Mobile Graphics Engines for Camera Phones with Video Recording, Playback Capability
2004_Mar-8: Well-Designed Consumer Electronics Getting Nod in Japan
2004_Mar-8: USB Connectivity Providers Announce Hi-Speed USB Transceiver Interface
2004_Mar-8: Zetex Launches Packaging to Improve Transistor, MOSFET Efficiency
2004_Mar-8: Waterproof Appliances Gaining Greater Popularity
2004_Mar-6: Toray Develops Paper That Absorbs Electric Waves
2004_Mar-5: World's DSL Subscribers Reach 63.8 Million, China Sees Big Gain: DSL Forum
2004_Mar-5: Philips Research to Show Variable-Focus Lens at Upcoming CeBIT Exhibition
2004_Mar-5: Matsushita Electric Develops SoC Applicable to PAL, SECAM, & NTSC Formats
2004_Mar-5: Sharp to Increase Production of Sensors for Digital Cameras
2004_Mar-5: TI, HP Collaborate on New Image Engine in New Line of HP Digital Cameras
2004_Mar-5: Microchip Launches New Online Motor Control Design Center
2004_Mar-4: Panasonic Mobile Unveils Company's First Symbian Mobile Phone
2004_Mar-4: Sanyo Introduces Thin, Power-Saving 1 Megapixel CCD Camera Module
2004_Mar-4: Samsung Opens Semiconductor R&D; Center in China
2004_Mar-4: LG Electronics to Strengthen R&D; at Chinese Plants
2004_Mar-4: ON Semiconductor Launches Active Clamp Voltage Mode PWM Controller
2004_Mar-4: Philips' RF SiP Sets New Standard in GSM/GPRS/EDGE Radio Size
2004_Mar-4: Atrua Targets Asia with Fingerprint Sensor to Control Cell Phones: Marketing Director
2004_Mar-3: US Venture Taking Offensive with Video/Image Processors for LCD TVs
2004_Mar-3: Demand for Color Screens Boosts Mobile Phone Output to Record High in 2003
2004_Mar-3: New Memory Element Design Opens Door to 1Gb MRAM
2004_Mar-3: [World DRAM Price] Daily Spot Prices Continue to Drop
2004_Mar-3: TDK Unveils New Smartcard Interface IC for Conditional Access
2004_Mar-3: Sprint Launches IP Network Presence in Korea
2004_Mar-2: NTT Ready to Launch Gigabit FTTH Service in 2004
2004_Mar-2: Sophia Cradle Develops Tab Browser for BREW Mobile Phone
2004_Mar-2: Toppan Forms to Sell Worldwide-Use IC Tag Chips
2004_Mar-2: Fairchild's Web-Based Tools Speed Design Performance
2004_Mar-2: EM Microelectronic Introduces Smartcard IC with Flash
2004_Mar-1: Japan's Shipments of HDD Car Navigation Systems Rose Sharply: JEITA
2004_Mar-1: Sony Demonstrates H.264-based Real-time Video Reproduction
2004_Mar-1: NEC Electronics Acquires License of FlexRay IP from Bosch
2004_Mar-1: Sony Providing Suppliers with Nontoxic Materials List
2004_Mar-1: IR's New MOSFETs Deliver High Frequency, High Current DC-DC Performance
2004_Mar-1: Siliconix Announces SUR Family of TrenchFET Power MOSFET
2004_Mar-1: Personal Robots Become Mainstream after Substantial R&D;


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