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2004_Oct-29: IDT Introduces Three-Port SPI-4 Packet-Exchange Devices
2004_Oct-29: Sharp Releases 1/1.8-Inch, 8-Megapixel CCD
2004_Oct-28: Shanghai Simcom Teams with ADI, TTPCom to Deliver EDGE Cellular Phones
2004_Oct-28: Showa Denko Enters Blue LED Market
2004_Oct-28: NEC Introduces Wireless RFID Tags in PC Production Lines
2004_Oct-28: Zetex's Current Monitor Handles Automotive Rigors
2004_Oct-28: Fairchild's New Video Switch Allows Design Flexibility for High-Resolution Displays
2004_Oct-28: Shanghai Realtrust, ILOG Partner to Promote Software Component Technology
2004_Oct-28: Price of DRAM Expected to Increase
2004_Oct-27: Philips Unveils Electro-Static Discharge Protection Diodes
2004_Oct-27: Linear's Versatile Amplifiers Require No External Components
2004_Oct-27: Sharp Ships IC Module for E-passports to Australian Government
2004_Oct-27: ITS World Congress: Hitachi Shows Car Navigation System with iVDR HDD
2004_Oct-27: Sanyo Developing Chipset for Wireless USB
2004_Oct-27: AIT Introduces High-Density Etched Leadless Package Family
2004_Oct-27: Atmel Targets PC, Network Connectivity Market with IDE Parallel ATA to Serial ATA
2004_Oct-26: Actel, Motorola Announce License Agreement for DirectCore IP, FPGAs
2004_Oct-26: TI Brings Live Digital TV to Cell Phone
2004_Oct-26: Omron Develops Reversible Light Module for Mobile Phone Displays
2004_Oct-26: Samsung Hopes to Expand Sales in China
2004_Oct-26: Mimix Broadband Introduces GaAs MMIC High Power Amplifier
2004_Oct-26: ITS World Congress: Fujitsu Ten Exhibits New Type Milliwave Radar, Digital Broadcast-Supporting TV Tuner
2004_Oct-25: NEC Displays Notebook PC with Built-in Fuel Cell
2004_Oct-25: Radiotronix Unveils Wi.232DTS Embedded Wireless Module in European Version
2004_Oct-25: Linear's AC Measurement IC Operates to 500kHz with 1% Accuracy
2004_Oct-25: TI Introduces LIN 2.0-Compliant Physical Interface Device
2004_Oct-25: Vitex Systems Expands Presence in Japan
2004_Oct-25: IPWireless, Atmel Partner to Develop UMTS TDD/VoIP Mobile Handsets
2004_Oct-25: Nissan Exhibits IEEE1394-Compatible Multimedia Car
2004_Oct-25: Mitsubishi Releases 4-Megapixel Camera Module for Mobile Phones
2004_Oct-25: NEC Electronics to Ship More Chips for DVD Recorders
2004_Oct-22: Toshiba-Matsushita LCD Panel Provides Enhanced Viewing Security
2004_Oct-21: Kilopass Introduces 90nm CMOS Embedded NVM Technology
2004_Oct-21: austriamicrosystems Develops New Multi-Channel Narrow Band Transmitter
2004_Oct-21: Spansion Expands System Engineering Capabilities at Design Centers
2004_Oct-21: Xilinx Unveils FPGA, CPLD Solutions for Automotive Market
2004_Oct-20: Atmel Unveils LF Antenna-Driver IC for Handsfree Car PEG Applications
2004_Oct-20: SE Asia's Electronics Industry to Reach US$96 Billion by 2010, Says Fusion Consulting
2004_Oct-20: ST Introduces New Single-Chip Silicon Tuner to Satellite Set-Top Box IC Family
2004_Oct-20: Shinko Electric Develops 10 x 10mm Module for RFID Tag Reader/Writer
2004_Oct-20: Pentek Announces PCI-Based Multiband Receiver
2004_Oct-19: Fairchild Announces Foundry Agreement with Jilin Sino-Microelectronics
2004_Oct-19: Chronology's TimingDesigner Version 7.0 Tackles Project Management
2004_Oct-19: ST Unveils Low-Voltage MOSFETs Based on STripFET Technology
2004_Oct-19: NS Opens First Manufacturing Facility in Suzhou
2004_Oct-18: Toshiba to Make FPGAs for Xilinx Using 90nm Technology, 300mm Wafer
2004_Oct-18: ST, HDIC Establish China JV for Digital TV Software
2004_Oct-18: Philips' Smart Card Chip for e-Government Projects Receive Certification
2004_Oct-18: TI Introduces 20A Isolated Plug-In Power Module with Auto-Track
2004_Oct-18: Linear Launches Boost and Inverting DC/DC Converter for CCD Bias
2004_Oct-18: Victor to Commercialize NA 0.95 Lens for Mobile Blu-ray Disc Players
2004_Oct-18: Atheros Introduces Single-Chip IEEE802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN LSI
2004_Oct-17: NTT DoCoMo to Unveil Business-Use FOMA Cell Phones
2004_Oct-15: Samsung SDI Researches Use of Fuel Cells in Mobile Phones
2004_Oct-15: TI Unveils Power Management IC for Portable TFT-LCD Displays
2004_Oct-15: NS' Dual Mode Op Amp Targets Critical Sensor Applications
2004_Oct-15: Anadigics Introduces New 6 x 6mm GSM/GPRS Power Amplifier Modules
2004_Oct-15: Linear's Hot Swap Controller Includes On-Chip ADC
2004_Oct-15: Aeroflex Adds RAID Storage to BSA, BSG Systems
2004_Oct-14: Linear's Quadrature Demodulator Offers High Spurious-Free Dynamic Range
2004_Oct-14: AMD's APM Technology Facilitates Fab Transition
2004_Oct-14: IMEC Opens System-Level-Integration Program
2004_Oct-14: Toshiba Unveils 90nm SoC with 30Mb, 600MHz DRAM for Car Navigation Systems
2004_Oct-14: ISOM'04: Next-Gen Technologies, 200GB Blu-ray Disc Media Introduced
2004_Oct-14: EM Microelectronic Unveils Ultra Low-Power 8-Bit MCU with Flash Memory October 14, 2004 (TOKYO) -- Haier Group Co Ltd, China's leading home electronics maker, expects that its sales will grow 24% on the year to 100 billion yuan, or about 1.4 trillion yen, this year, CEO Zhang Ruimin told The Nihon Keizai Shimbun Wednesday.The sales projection exceeds 1.22 trillion yen Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd expects to generate from its white goods business.
2004_Oct-13: IDT Unveils New Devices for Enhanced Network Service Platforms
2004_Oct-13: TSST Korea Selects Fairchild's 7-Channel Motor Driver for DVD-RW Product
2004_Oct-13: Philips, Xilinx Collaborate in Low-Cost PCI Express Solutions Design
2004_Oct-13: Actel's New IP Core Simplifies Integration for Avionics Systems Designers
2004_Oct-12: Matsushita Components Develops ESD-Filter with 3218 Size
2004_Oct-12: DEK's Stencils Enable Multiple Deposit Heights in Single Pass
2004_Oct-12: Power Systems Demonstrates Dual Electric Layer Capacitor
2004_Oct-12: NTT DoCoMo to Co-Promote W-CDMA with Qualcomm
2004_Oct-12: Linear's NiMH/NiCd Battery Charger Requires No Microcontroller or Firmware
2004_Oct-12: Soitec Announces Strained SOI Technology for Partially-Depleted Applications
2004_Oct-12: STMicroelectronics Introduces New Technology for Automotive Applications
2004_Oct-11: NEC Hits World's Top Output of 300mW with Blue-Violet Laser
2004_Oct-11: Mitsumi Exhibits 180mW Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting Tuner Module
2004_Oct-11: Zetex Introduces New Miniature Schottky
2004_Oct-11: Microchip Unveils Programmable MCUs Capable of Driving 192 LCD Segments
2004_Oct-11: IMEC, KLA-Tencor Partner in Sub-65nm Lithography Process Control
2004_Oct-11: KDDI to Commercialize Fuel Cell-Powered Mobile Phones in Two Years
2004_Oct-8: EaglePicher, Kokam Sign Acquisition and Licensing Agreements
2004_Oct-8: CSR Unveils Bluetooth Profile Pack for Symbian Smart Phones
2004_Oct-8: Freescale Joins IMEC to Enhance Reconfigurable Technology
2004_Oct-8: CEATEC: Pioneer Unveils Blu-ray Disc Recorder
2004_Oct-8: Anadigics Delivers GSM/GPRS Power Amplifier Modules to Eastcom
2004_Oct-8: CEATEC: Victor Exhibits Full HDTV-Compatible 46V-Inch LCD TV
2004_Oct-7: KLA-Tencor Expands Data Storage Business With Candela Instruments Acquisition
2004_Oct-7: Philips Expands CAN-LIN System Basis Chips for In-Vehicle Networking
2004_Oct-7: Frontier Silicon Supplies DAB Chip for In-Car Digital Radio Product
2004_Oct-7: HPL Technologies Releases DFM Software for 130nm or Below Process Technologies
2004_Oct-7: Sony, Matsushita to Debut Blu-Ray Disc Camcorders in '05
2004_Oct-6: Hong Kong Startup Launches Digital Signal Processor
2004_Oct-6: Qualcomm to Acquire Chip Design Company Spike Technologies
2004_Oct-6: Panasonic Develops SD Memory Card with Non-Contact IC Functionalities
2004_Oct-6: New Japan Radio Releases Li-ion Battery Charge Control IC
2004_Oct-6: NTT DoCoMo Develops Fuel Cell for Mobile Phones
2004_Oct-5: Rio, SigmaTel Forge Partnership for MP3 Controller Chips
2004_Oct-5: IMEC Program Seeks Nanotechnology Solutions for Post-CMOS Era
2004_Oct-5: Linear's Li-Ion Battery Charger Controller Delivers Up to 4A in 4cm²
2004_Oct-4: NEC Adopts MIPS Architecture for DVD Recorder Solution
2004_Oct-4: Content Access, Early Market Entry Key to Win HD-DVD Race, Says ABI Research
2004_Oct-4: Toshiba LCD TVs Capable of Recording High Definition Video to External LAN HDD
2004_Oct-4: Next-Gen DVD Drives for PCs to Hit Market in 2nd Half of '05
2004_Oct-3: ANALYSIS: Fox's Move to Back Blue-ray Likely to Affect DVD Industry
2004_Oct-1: Oki Introduces Driver IC Chip for Mobile Phones to Show 260,000 Colors
2004_Oct-1: Sharp Develops 2M-pixel CCD Module for Camera Phones
2004_Oct-1: Renesas Technology to Take Over SuperH CPU Core Business
2004_Oct-1: Maxim's Step-Up DC-DC Converters Power Up to 8 LEDs
2004_Oct-1: Summit Microelectronics' Power Managers Link Up to 30 Channels of Operation
2004_Oct-1: Linear Unveils DC/DC Converter with Quiescent Current of 100micro-A
2004_Oct-1: Matsushita to Boost Output of Car Audio Gear in Taiwan, China


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