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2000_Jul-31: BMW Japan Says It Has No Plans for Internet Bank
2000_Jul-31: Web Audience Rating in June Shows Yahoo Reigns in Top Spot
2000_Jul-31: Non-Governmental Venture Capital Enters Info-Tech Field
2000_Jul-31: Taiwan's Linux Market Booms
2000_Jul-31: Seasonal PC Sales Peak in Second Week of July
2000_Jul-31: China Sets up Internet Committee
2000_Jul-31: VIA, Acer Labs Aim to Monopolize DDR Chipset Market in 2001
2000_Jul-31: FIC Sales, Yano Research Collaborate to Market Web Terminal
2000_Jul-31: CMOS Image Sensors in Mobile Phones Are a Rising Star
2000_Jul-31: Motorola Japan Obtains Gov't Approval for Bluetooth PC Cards
2000_Jul-28: NTT Chief Calls for Redefinition of 'Universal Service'
2000_Jul-28: Hitachi Maxell to Sell Mobile Music Player Supporting Multi-Codec Music Formats
2000_Jul-28: Taiwan's Communication Firms Actively Go Public
2000_Jul-28: New Telecom Carriers to Use Wireless LAN, Fiber Optics, FWA for Services
2000_Jul-28: China Education Network Expanding Nationwide
2000_Jul-28: Taiwan's PC Prices Out of Line with United States
2000_Jul-28: Beijing Software Firm First to Open Shares, IP Rights to Staffers
2000_Jul-28: Hitachi Living Debuts 310,000-Pixel Digital Camera for E-Mail
2000_Jul-28: Japan Has 20 Million Internet Users: AC Nielsen Survey
2000_Jul-28: Taiwan's Barebones Computer Sector Exports to Top 40 Pct. of Global PC Shipments
2000_Jul-28: Sony Develops Stick Gum Size LCD Digital Camera
2000_Jul-27: Toshiba Leads in Unveiling Bluetooth Peripheral Equipment
2000_Jul-27: Sewon Telecom to Sell US$100M-150M GDRs in Europe
2000_Jul-27: Shenzhen's Exports of Machinery, Electronics Rise
2000_Jul-27: MPT Asks Council to Advise on Tech Upgrades, Effective Use of PHS with IMT-2000
2000_Jul-27: Nan Ya Tech to Upgrade DRAM Processing Skills in 2001
2000_Jul-27: National Computer Application Center Opens in Beijing
2000_Jul-27: NEC's Net Connection Service to Offer Flat Fee for Unlimited Use
2000_Jul-27: NTT DoCoMo to Focus on Data-Com for IMT-2000 I-Mode Phones, Exec. Says
2000_Jul-27: 'It's Time to Start Software Development in China': Livin' on the EDGE Director
2000_Jul-27: Japan's Telecom Laws to be Revised Drastically in 2003
2000_Jul-26: China to Build Information Security Base
2000_Jul-26: Contract DRAM Prices Rise in U.S., Europe, Asia
2000_Jul-26: Boom Expected for Cable-Free Notebook PCs
2000_Jul-26: Japan's E-Commerce Transactions Up 400 Pct. in FY99: Nikkei Survey
2000_Jul-26: Kyocera Debuts 3-Megapixel Digital Camera Priced at US$730
2000_Jul-26: Tele-Diagnostics System Put into Use in Tianjin
2000_Jul-26: Taiwan's Electronics Firms Prepare to Make Notebook PCs in China
2000_Jul-26: Semiconductor Mfg. Equipment for 300mm to Reach 30-40 Pct. of Sales by 2004, Tokyo Electron Exec. Says
2000_Jul-26: AIP, ISPs Stage Trial Distribution of Motion Ads Using Satellites
2000_Jul-26: Korean IT Venture Group to Enter Japan's B2C, B2B Markets
2000_Jul-25: JEIDA to Develop Evaluation Technology for International Security Standard
2000_Jul-25: Japanese Companies to Expand Purchases from Taiwan
2000_Jul-25: Laser Diodes with Two Wavelengths Become Viable
2000_Jul-25: LG Electronics Develops New Chip for DVD Players
2000_Jul-25: China Mobile Cuts Charges
2000_Jul-25: Major Overseas Corporations Increase DRAM Procurement In Taiwan
2000_Jul-25: Fujitsu to Triple Production of Ferroelectric Memory to 5M Units Monthly
2000_Jul-25: Shaanxi to Earmark US$265 Million for Telecom Upgrading
2000_Jul-25: Inventec Electronics Group Firms Compete for Notebook Orders
2000_Jul-25: IDO, DDI to Add Location-Info Service for CdmaOne Cellular Phones
2000_Jul-24: Matsushita Trails Sony in Notebook PCs, Matsushita Chief Says
2000_Jul-24: [G-8 Summit] Japan May Host Talks to Combat High-Tech Crimes, P.M. Mori Says
2000_Jul-24: Quarter of PC Owners to Use LANs in Homes: Nikkei Survey
2000_Jul-24: TSMC Devises 0.13-Micron Copper Interconnect Production Process
2000_Jul-24: PC Sales in First Week of July Lose Steam Due to Supply Shortages
2000_Jul-24: NTT Seeks to Expand ADSL Service Areas in Early 2001
2000_Jul-24: [G-8 Summit] G-8 Leaders to be Linked by E-Mail Network
2000_Jul-24: Taiwan's Economic Ministry to Launch E-Patent Alliance
2000_Jul-24: Taiwan's ASMC Revived in China by Former Chief
2000_Jul-24: Akia to Sell 14-in. TFT-LCD Monitor for US$550 with Desktop PC
2000_Jul-24: Brisk First-Half Sales of TFT-LCDs to Continue into Q3
2000_Jul-24: [G-8 Summit] Private Sector to Assume Role of Driving IT: G-8 Leaders Say in 'IT Charter'
2000_Jul-24: Shanghai Opens Internet Data Center to Promote E-Businesses
2000_Jul-24: IT Leaders Advocate Proposals at Internet Conference in Tokyo
2000_Jul-24: Taiwan's DynaLab to Enter Market for Net Home Appliances
2000_Jul-21: NKK, Mitsui, Sanyo to Set Up Home Appliance Recycling Joint Venture
2000_Jul-21: Toshiba Begins Sample Shipments of 256Mb DDR, Fast-Cycle RAMs
2000_Jul-21: Taiwan's Electronics Firms to Enter IP Telephony Market
2000_Jul-21: IC Designers Expected to Raise Second Half Sales Projections
2000_Jul-21: Infineon, Fudan University Set Up New Microelectronics Lab
2000_Jul-21: Sony Marketing to Introduce Digital Camera with CD-R
2000_Jul-21: NEC to Beef Up Lithium-Ion Battery Production
2000_Jul-21: Asia-Pacific Optical Cable Work Started in China
2000_Jul-21: Chartered to Start Full Production of RF CMOS IC for Bluetooth in Early 2001
2000_Jul-20: CD-R Disc Demand to Rise on New MP3 Players
2000_Jul-20: Cellular Phone Developers Optimistic about WAP Phones in China
2000_Jul-20: Comic Web Site to Go Overseas with Leading Publishers
2000_Jul-20: Taiwan's Banks, Insurance Companies Explore Synergies
2000_Jul-20: Linux Hits 4 Percent of Japanese Server OS Market: IDC Japan Survey
2000_Jul-20: Chartered Semiconductor Takes Lead in Telecom Microchips, Pres. Says
2000_Jul-19: Tu-Ka Group to Launch 28.8kbps Packet-Communication PDC Service Next Spring
2000_Jul-19: J-Phone Aims to Get 600,000 IMT-2000 Subscribers in Tokyo Area in First Year
2000_Jul-19: Dalian to Speed IT Development
2000_Jul-19: Samsung Electronics Sued for Patent on TFT-LCD
2000_Jul-19: Beijing Approves 534 Overseas-Funded Enterprises
2000_Jul-19: NTT DoCoMo Expects 100,000-Plus Users at IMT-2000 Introduction
2000_Jul-19: Wireless Japan 2000 Showcases Bluetooth Device Prototypes
2000_Jul-19: [World DRAM Price] 128MB DIMM Spot Prices Rise More Than 5 Pct.
2000_Jul-18: Sharp to Begin Volume Production of High-Resolution LCD Panels in August
2000_Jul-18: Shanghai to Construct GPS Application Network
2000_Jul-18: Intense Competition Expected in Flash Memory IC Market
2000_Jul-18: Mitsui, Increment P to Enhance Accuracy of Online Map Search Service
2000_Jul-18: High Tech Enterprises Urged to List on Home, Overseas Exchanges
2000_Jul-18: Omron Launches Remote Monitoring/Warning System Using NTT DoCoMo Service
2000_Jul-18: Twenty-Seven Chinese Web Sites Licensed to Test Online Advertising
2000_Jul-18: NTT President Wants NTT Law Revised for Scope of Business, Management
2000_Jul-17: Tottori Sanyo to Withdraw STN-LCD Panel Production
2000_Jul-17: Matsushita to Launch Video Camera Capable of Recording 1M-Pixel Still Picture
2000_Jul-17: Beijing Plans Software Park in Haidian District
2000_Jul-17: Japan's Carriers See Growth in ISP Biz in May
2000_Jul-17: PC Sales in 4th Week of June See Double Digit Increase
2000_Jul-17: China to Issue New Rules for Telecom Operation
2000_Jul-17: Murata Develops Compact Wireless Bluetooth-Interface Module
2000_Jul-17: Microsoft Taiwan to Focus Future Investment on XML Applications
2000_Jul-17: Tomy to Launch Pocket-Size Toy-Type Digital Camera
2000_Jul-17: Keen Competition Ahead for Lucrative 3G Mobile Phone License
2000_Jul-17: China's IT Industry Continues to Grow Fast
2000_Jul-17: Japan's DoCoMo Eyes 20 Pct VoiceStream Stake-Source
2000_Jul-17: New Internet Domain Names OK'd
2000_Jul-17: TSMC's IC Production Capacity to be World's Largest in 2001
2000_Jul-17: 'Single-Chip-Mobile-Phone IC Inside' May Replace Bluetooth
2000_Jul-14: NEC, Sumitomo, Others to Establish Net E-Commerce Marketplace
2000_Jul-14: NTT-ME Begins ASP Service for Location Info Using Compact GPS Device
2000_Jul-14: NEC Aims for Strong Growth through FY2002, Focusing on Mobile Electronics Devices
2000_Jul-14: Six TSE-Listed Companies to Top US$324M Sales in 2000
2000_Jul-14: Small High-Tech Firms Receive State Support for Innovations
2000_Jul-14: Hitachi Debuts Monitor for Dioxin Generation
2000_Jul-14: Supply Shortage of PC Parts in Japan Worsens
2000_Jul-14: E-Business Lab Established in Nanjing
2000_Jul-14: CMC Magnetics Sets Sights on Chinese Domain Name Market
2000_Jul-14: Astel to Debut PHS Phone with Web Browser
2000_Jul-14: Keitaide-Music Delivery System to Spread Across Asia, MMCA Says
2000_Jul-13: Declining CD-R Prices Force Makers to Diversify
2000_Jul-13: Two Software Houses Tie Up for Commercial Bluetooth Consumer Electronics
2000_Jul-13: MOEA Considers Redefining Export Zone
2000_Jul-13: Seiko Epson to Invest US$262M to Boost Output of Reflective MD-TFDs
2000_Jul-13: Internet Users in Korea Top 15 Million in May
2000_Jul-12: NEC Denies Report of 128Mb Direct Rambus DRAM Production Termination
2000_Jul-12: NEC to Market PDP TV Set Priced at Less Than US$9,350
2000_Jul-12: [World DRAM Price] 128MB DIMM Spot Prices Rise Sharply
2000_Jul-12: NTT DoCoMo, NTT Com to Launch PHS-Capable Remote Access Service for Corporate Networks
2000_Jul-12: China Telecom Beijing Focuses on Net Infrastructure Construction
2000_Jul-12: TWNIC to Delegate Fourth-Level Domain Regulation to Private Concerns
2000_Jul-12: Global PDA Production to Reach 10 Million Units in 2000: Nikkei Survey
2000_Jul-12: SII Sets Up Firm in China to Make LCD Panels for Mobile Phones
2000_Jul-12: Shenyang Builds China's First Robot Manufacturing Company
2000_Jul-11: Tottori Sanyo to Transfer STN-LCD Technology to Taiwan Firm
2000_Jul-11: Allied Telesis Enters Korea's Communication Devices Market
2000_Jul-11: China Mobile, China Unicom Assure Inter-Network Connection
2000_Jul-11: High Premiums to Apply to More Taiwan High-Tech Businesses
2000_Jul-11: China.com to Invest Up to US$100M in Korean Internet Firms in 2000
2000_Jul-11: Ritek Gears Up to Enter Electro-Optical Market
2000_Jul-11: Chinese Firms Develop Handheld Computers
2000_Jul-11: 10art-ni Develops Java-Based PDA Prototype Using GPS Tech
2000_Jul-11: IDO Manager Suggests Ways to Use Bluetooth
2000_Jul-10: J-Phone Group's Mobile Internet Access Service Sees Surge in Subscribers in June
2000_Jul-10: Net Business Investment Doubles, Say 40 Pct. of Japanese Companies Surveyed
2000_Jul-10: Sharp Reports US$85M Deficit in Environmental Accounting for FY99
2000_Jul-10: Wuhan Sets Up Large Optical Electronics Training Base
2000_Jul-10: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan Form Regional E-Commerce Alliance
2000_Jul-10: Japan's FY99 Printer Shipments Up 36 Pct. Y-O-Y: IDC Report
2000_Jul-10: ICANN to Launch More Top-Level Domains
2000_Jul-10: PC Sales in Third Week of June See Recess, with Beckoning Summer Shopping Season
2000_Jul-10: VIA Technologies Transfers Wafer Orders to Korea
2000_Jul-10: Shanghai Customs Allows Online Tariff Payments
2000_Jul-10: NTT DoCoMo Issues Call for Handset Prototype with Memory Stick Slot
2000_Jul-10: SinoBull.com Launches E-Finance Platform
2000_Jul-7: Mitsubishi Electric Upps Semiconductor Capital Spending to Record
2000_Jul-7: IDO/DDI to Enhance 'EZweb' Mobile Internet Service to Challenge I-Mode
2000_Jul-7: Japan's Mobile Phones Debut at Summit in Okinawa
2000_Jul-7: Semiconductors, Packing Test, Software Set for Steady Second-Half Growth
2000_Jul-7: Korea's Top 30 Groups Expand, Launch into Internet/Telecom Sectors
2000_Jul-7: Nagano Police Investigate Video Game Piracy
2000_Jul-7: Compaq Places Notebook Orders to Quanta
2000_Jul-7: Orion Electric Forms Alliance with Zulauf of Germany
2000_Jul-7: Hitachi's Face-Reading Tech to Help Handicapped People Operate PCs
2000_Jul-7: Fujitsu Ships Samples of Stack MCP Combining 16Mb Flash, 16Mb FCRAM
2000_Jul-7: SGI Japan Stages an Entry Into Linux Business
2000_Jul-6: Sony Develops 1.3GB Double-Density CD Formats
2000_Jul-6: Goldman Sachs Rates Five Taiwan Firms Most Active in E-Commerce
2000_Jul-6: Beijing Univ., Wuhan Firms to Develop Optical, Electronics Devices
2000_Jul-6: Surface Mount Technology Equipment Manufacturers Respond to Rising Demand
2000_Jul-6: Legend Group Eyes World's Top 500 Slot
2000_Jul-6: Dongbu Group to Begin Producing Non-Memory ICs from 2001
2000_Jul-6: More Wireless Internet Access Services Start in Japan
2000_Jul-6: Sony Music Promotes Own Music with Electronic Card Service
2000_Jul-6: China to Popularize Internet Knowledge
2000_Jul-6: Japan Telecom Seeks to Enter Local Call Service, But NTT's High Fee is an Obstacle
2000_Jul-5: Hitachi Pres. Calls for Careful Decision on Lifting of Zero Interest Rate Policy
2000_Jul-5: UUNET Launches Japan's First Commercial Multicast Distribution Service
2000_Jul-5: Legend Ranks Eighth on Top 100 IT Company List
2000_Jul-5: China Telecom Establishes Subsidiary in Shanghai
2000_Jul-5: Acer Restructures Outsourcing Network to Bolster Efficiency
2000_Jul-5: NEC's UNIX-Based Banking System to Go into Overseas Markets
2000_Jul-5: [World DRAM Price] 128Mb DRAM Spot Prices Rise Above Contract Prices
2000_Jul-4: Govt. Approves Licenses, Frequencies for 3G Cell Phones
2000_Jul-4: Openfind Taps Portal Market with Gigamedia
2000_Jul-4: MPT to Support Development of Quantum Information for Future Telecom Technology
2000_Jul-4: Toyota to Strengthen B2C Business with Multi-Functional Terminals in Convenience Stores
2000_Jul-4: Matsushita to Begin Sample Shipments of Lightweight FDDs in October
2000_Jul-3: Sony, NEC Desktops Drive Japan's PC Sales into High Gear
2000_Jul-3: Powerchip, Vanguard Advance to 0.18-Micron Production
2000_Jul-3: Takagi to Offer Easy-Use 100,000 Pixels Digital Camera
2000_Jul-3: NEC, Fujitsu Regain Popularity Among PC Buyers, Survey Says
2000_Jul-3: Taiwan's Wireless Handset Output Likely to Reach 500,000 in 2000
2000_Jul-3: Chinese 'Ali Baba' Opens Doors to Virtual Trade Fair
2000_Jul-3: Rambus CEO Says Company Not Licking Lips at Prospect of DDR Royalty Payments from Hitachi


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