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2000_Nov-30: Asia-Pacific to Be Digital TV Leader: Andersen Consulting
2000_Nov-30: China's Machinery, Electronic Products to Target New Markets
2000_Nov-30: Efficiency Yields Low-Priced FTTH Service, Usen Broad Networks President Says
2000_Nov-30: VerticalNet Opens Web Site for Semiconductor Industry Business
2000_Nov-30: Korea Stocks Plunge More Than 3 Pct. on Falling Spot Chip Price
2000_Nov-30: TSMC to Process 300mm Wafers at 50 Percent of Full Capacity in 2005
2000_Nov-30: SK Telecom to Offer Wireless Services in Russia
2000_Nov-30: DRAM Makers Poised to Enter IC Contract Manufacturing Market
2000_Nov-30: Taiwan's IC Foundries Face Unexpected Spare Capacity
2000_Nov-30: China to Host 69M Users of Wireless-Internet Service by 2004
2000_Nov-30: China, Taiwan Both Authorize Chinese Domain Name Registration
2000_Nov-30: Xinjiang Builds Digital Microwave Telecom Network
2000_Nov-30: NTT DoCoMo to Offer I-Mode Mobile Phone with Music Feature
2000_Nov-29: Net Venture Association Petitions Govt. to Revise Business Laws
2000_Nov-29: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices Still Declining; Recovery Seen After March 2001
2000_Nov-29: Macronix Int'l to Focus on System LSI Chips Based on Non-Volatile Memory
2000_Nov-29: Elpida Memory to Launch Plant for 300mm Wafers in NEC Hiroshima
2000_Nov-29: China's Exports of Machinery and Electronics Surge
2000_Nov-29: Japan's PC Sales in October See Double-Digit Growth, First Rise in Three Months
2000_Nov-29: Japan Must Bring TFT-LCD Design Expertise to Taiwan, Says Prime View Exec.
2000_Nov-29: Taiwan's UMC to Leverage 300mm Wafers, 0.13-Micron Technology in 2001
2000_Nov-29: Nintendo to Increase Procurement of Macronix Microchips
2000_Nov-29: Quanta Display Plans to Expand Production Capacity
2000_Nov-29: Guangzhou Internet Center to Offer Super-Speed Data Exchanges
2000_Nov-29: Computer Viruses Conference Convenes in Tokyo
2000_Nov-28: Govt. Panels Adopt Basic Strategies to Make Japan IT Leader in Five Years
2000_Nov-28: Antagonism Within NTT Group Deepens Over Long Distance Entry into Local Connections
2000_Nov-28: DRAM Spot Price Finally Outstrips Contract Price
2000_Nov-28: Cell Phone Users to Gain Access to NTT DoCoMo's Mobile VPN Service
2000_Nov-28: Sony Launches Second-Generation 'AIBO' Entertainment Robot
2000_Nov-28: LG to Induce US$2 Billion Worth of Foreign Capital
2000_Nov-28: Windbond to Strengthen Non-DRAM Businesses
2000_Nov-28: NEC's Notebook PCs Get 'Eco Mark' Approval
2000_Nov-28: CMC Wins CD-RW, CD-R Orders from Mitsubishi Chemical
2000_Nov-28: Motherboard Makers Reconsider Plans Due to PC Uncertainties
2000_Nov-28: Bell Labs, CAS Join Hands to Gear Up for Internet Development
2000_Nov-28: J-Phone to Enable Use of Multiple Terminals on One Contract for IMT-2000
2000_Nov-28: Zhuhai to Build High-Speed Information Network
2000_Nov-27: Japan Telecom to Offer Lowest Local Call Rate, Ignite Competition with NTT
2000_Nov-27: Online Transactions in Oct. Show Month-on-Month Decline, JCB Says
2000_Nov-27: TSMC's 12-In. Wafer Fab Begins Pilot Production
2000_Nov-27: Shanghai Grace Semiconductor Mfg. to Gear Up Operations
2000_Nov-27: Korea IMT 2000 Group Enters Technology Alliance with Ericsson
2000_Nov-27: Holidays Push PC Sales to Exceed Last Winter's Highest Level
2000_Nov-27: Hubei Province Seeks to Promote Photoelectronics Industry
2000_Nov-27: Mosel Vitelic to Shift from DRAMs to System ICs
2000_Nov-27: Taiwan's Wireless Telecom Output to Reach US$6B in 2005
2000_Nov-27: VIA Tech Lifts 2000 Pretax Profit Forecast a Second Time
2000_Nov-27: Tianjin Sets Up Nankai Industrial Park for Overseas Chinese
2000_Nov-27: China Begins Production of CMOS-Type Digital Cameras
2000_Nov-27: Murata Mfg. Markets DC-DC Converter for LCD Driver
2000_Nov-27: Datang Microelectric to Make 10 Million SIM Cards in 2001
2000_Nov-27: Sony Demos Walking Humanoid Robot Capable of 'Dancing'
2000_Nov-24: NTT Required to Open Fiber-Optic Networks, Supply Capacity in Dec.
2000_Nov-24: Overseas Direct Investment in China Rises in Contract Volume
2000_Nov-24: Korea's Economic Growth to Slow in 2001: Samsung Research Unit
2000_Nov-24: TSMC Begins Processing 300mm Client Product Wafers
2000_Nov-24: Beijing's Exports Dominated by High-Tech Products
2000_Nov-24: Samsung Electronics Unveils MPEG4 Video Mobile Phone
2000_Nov-24: AMD Athlon Chips Shipped from Fab30 Reach 2 Million Units
2000_Nov-24: Bursting of Net Bubble Slows Development of Information Appliances
2000_Nov-24: Toshiba to Introduce 20.8-In. TFT-LCD Monitor
2000_Nov-24: High-Tech Projects Launched in Southern China
2000_Nov-24: New ICANN Board Member Katoh Aims to Represent Non-Western Nations
2000_Nov-24: TSMC Begins Making CMOS Image Sensors Using 0.25-Micron Technology
2000_Nov-22: J-COM Postpones Simultaneous Listings on Mothers, Nasdaq
2000_Nov-22: Hyundai Electronics to Separate Telecom Unit
2000_Nov-22: Guangdong Province Aims to Build 'Photon Valley'
2000_Nov-22: Honda Unveils Lighter-Weight Humanoid-Type Robot
2000_Nov-22: KDDI Suffers Slow Increase in Mobile Phone Business
2000_Nov-22: Beijing Begins Construction of Microelectronics Base
2000_Nov-22: LG Electronics Releases 15.7-In. TFT-LCD Monitor
2000_Nov-22: Casio Unveils Data Terminal with Digital Camera for cdmaOne Phones
2000_Nov-22: Acer Communications FY2000 Revenue Won't Reach Earlier Estimate
2000_Nov-22: Hefei Province to Set Up High-Tech Park for Investors from Taiwan
2000_Nov-22: IDC Japan Survey Says Japan's CRM SI Service Market to Grow Sharply
2000_Nov-22: [World DRAM Price] Memory Chip Prices Down More Than 10 Percent in Europe
2000_Nov-21: NTT Com to Enter Local Call Market in May 2001
2000_Nov-21: Olympus, Sanyo, Maxell Set Media Standards for Digital Cameras
2000_Nov-21: Memory Microchip Prices Continue to Decline
2000_Nov-21: AUDIOEXPO 2000 Show Features Devices Supporting New Media
2000_Nov-21: Au Group to Offer Contract-Free Net Connection Service
2000_Nov-21: Hanaro Telecom to Make ADSL Equipment in Pyongyang
2000_Nov-21: ICANN Decides on New Domain Names, Including 'biz' and 'info'
2000_Nov-20: Advisory Panel Hints at NTT Breakup in Draft Report
2000_Nov-20: PC Sales in Japan Increase in Fifth Week of October
2000_Nov-20: Taiwan to Open Telecom Market under U.S. Pressure
2000_Nov-20: Prices of 64Mb DRAM Microchips Plummet
2000_Nov-20: PC Shipments in Asia-Pacific Rise Sharply in 3Q, Dataquest Says
2000_Nov-20: Visual Tech Wins Parallel-Processing Computer Order from Univ. of Tokyo
2000_Nov-20: Single-Chip Bluetooth Device Coming Soon: ISSCC2001
2000_Nov-20: TSMC to Speed Up Implementing 0.13-Micron IC Processing Tech
2000_Nov-20: Seoul's Stock Market Weakens Despite Optimism on Hyundai
2000_Nov-20: Shanghai Bell Gets Large Telecom Contract in Laos
2000_Nov-20: Venture Firm Launches Japan's First Free Internet-Phone Service
2000_Nov-20: Samsung Japan to Boost Brand Awareness through E-Commerce
2000_Nov-17: Japan Online Securities, EWing Securities to Merge
2000_Nov-17: Samsung Electronics to Mass-Produce Rambus DRAMs
2000_Nov-17: Taiwan's Mosel to Ramp Up Two Lines for 300mm Wafers
2000_Nov-17: Fudan University Develops Nanometric Electric Materials
2000_Nov-17: International Semiconductor Prices Stabilize
2000_Nov-17: Sony Develops Memory Stick-Based Peripheral Products
2000_Nov-17: Yamaha to Start Downloading Service for Mobile Phone Melodies in Taiwan
2000_Nov-17: Online Shopping Remains Slow in China
2000_Nov-17: Korea's Economic Growth to Slow to 5.5 Percent: IMF
2000_Nov-17: TSMC Develops 0.13-Micron RF Test Chip
2000_Nov-16: Melco to Sell Linux-Based Net Terminals
2000_Nov-16: Hitachi's New PC Records TV Programs for 24 Hours
2000_Nov-16: Taiwan Company Forecasts Cell Phone Production Excess in 2003
2000_Nov-16: Zhongguancun Science Park Needs More Funds for Success
2000_Nov-16: Kyushu Matsushita to Market PHS Phone with SD Card Slot
2000_Nov-16: NTT DoCoMo to Buy 20 Pct. Stake in KG Telecom, Report Says
2000_Nov-16: Chinese Consumer Market Surges in October
2000_Nov-16: NTT DoCoMo Aims High in Music Delivery Service for 3G PHS Phones
2000_Nov-16: NTT DoCoMo Sees Large Increases in April-Sept. Sales, Profits
2000_Nov-15: Hitachi, Samsung Develop Phone-Base Automatic Japanese-Korean Interpretation System
2000_Nov-15: Survey: Business People Say Web-Enabled Mobile Phones are Indispensable
2000_Nov-15: Jiangsu's Exports in Jan.-Oct. Surpass US$22 Billion
2000_Nov-15: Dentsu, Two Others to Jointly Make Movies for Internet Distribution
2000_Nov-15: Testing Industry's 2000 Output Value Likely to Increase 42 Percent
2000_Nov-15: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices in Europe Decline 10 Percent
2000_Nov-15: Marubeni Solutions Launches Marketplace for Electronics Industry
2000_Nov-15: Telecom Ministry to Study 'Beyond IMT-2000' Wireless System
2000_Nov-15: Epson to Set Up Magnetic Parts Base in Shanghai
2000_Nov-15: Kenwood Ties Up with Symbian of UK on W-CDMA Mobile Phones in Japan
2000_Nov-15: China's Cell Phone Users to Exceed 76M by Dec.-End, Gartner Says
2000_Nov-15: Qinghai Builds First High-Tech Park
2000_Nov-15: MPT Advises NTT Regional Companies to Improve Phone Number Changes for Users
2000_Nov-14: InterQ Registers 10,000-Plus Japanese Domain Names in 3 Days
2000_Nov-14: NEC to Start ADSL Access Service as ISP Menu
2000_Nov-14: Taiwan CD-R Makers Post Losses in October, But Remain Confident
2000_Nov-14: Technical Papers Focus on CMOS Sensors at ISSCC2001, None on CCDs
2000_Nov-14: Samsung Electronics Aims to Invest US$200 Million in India
2000_Nov-14: Shanghai's Exports Reach US$50 Billion in 10 Months
2000_Nov-14: China to Become World's Largest Phone Market
2000_Nov-14: NTT Develops Optical Device to Multiplex 1,000 Waves
2000_Nov-13: Computer Viruses Break Out at Record Rates in October
2000_Nov-13: Samsung Unveils HDTV-Ready 24-In. TFT-LCD Monitor
2000_Nov-13: Awareness of Digital TV is Low Among Japanese Public: Nikkei BP Survey
2000_Nov-13: Nintendo Unveils Next Generation Video Game Machine at Last
2000_Nov-13: JPNIC to Establish Private Company to Register, Manage ".jp" Domain Names
2000_Nov-13: Sony CSL Presents Concept of 'New Look' Society in 2020
2000_Nov-13: Beijing to Host Comdex/China 2001
2000_Nov-13: New Windows ME PCs Bring Prices Up
2000_Nov-13: MPT's New Competition Policy Unveiled; Focuses on NTT Reorganization
2000_Nov-13: Sony Makes Strategic Choice in Favor of Taiwan's IC Makers
2000_Nov-13: Rush Ensues for Chinese Net Names
2000_Nov-13: Online Securities Trading in Japan Grows Sharply, IDC Says
2000_Nov-10: Taiwan Will Be Cell Phone Production Center: MIC Analyst
2000_Nov-10: Furukawa Electric Explores Suppliers by Online Procurement
2000_Nov-10: Casio to Debut Crusoe-Based Notebook in Early 2001
2000_Nov-10: TTNet to Sell 'Flexible' Internet-Enabled PHS Phone
2000_Nov-10: Packaging Industry to Report Output Value of US$2.8B for 2000
2000_Nov-10: Tianjin Expects Double-Digit Growth
2000_Nov-10: Taiwan's DGT Encourages 3G Mobile Phone Operators
2000_Nov-10: NTT DoCoMo to Announce Java Specifications for I-Mode
2000_Nov-10: Microchip Makers Seek to Cut Dependency on DRAM Devices
2000_Nov-10: Beijing Aims to Become Microelectronics Technology Base
2000_Nov-10: Oki Transfers Recycling to Unit, Starts Full-Scale Business
2000_Nov-10: Fuji Xerox Establishes Optical Parts Company
2000_Nov-10: Japan's Internet Users Would Prefer CATV Broadband Services
2000_Nov-9: PC Usage Rising Sharply among Teenage Men, Women in Their 30s: NRI Survey
2000_Nov-9: KDDI to Develop Intelligent Traffic System as Key Mobile Telecom Service
2000_Nov-9: Sony to Give PS2 Microchip Orders to Taiwan's TSMC, UMC
2000_Nov-9: SK Global Enters Lithium Battery Business
2000_Nov-9: Toyoalex Unveils LAN-Equipped IT House Concepts in Tokyo
2000_Nov-9: J-Phone Group to Sell Mobile Phone with Color TFT-LCD Panel
2000_Nov-9: Taiwan's Chip Giants Abandon RDRAM Contract Manufacturing
2000_Nov-9: Korea Telecom Freetel, KT M.com to Merge in Feb. 2001
2000_Nov-9: China Steel Forecasts Lower Steel Prices in 2001
2000_Nov-9: Chinese Government Bans Unauthorized Web News
2000_Nov-8: IT Strategy Council Aims to Make Japan IT Leader in Five Years
2000_Nov-8: Fujitsu Shizuoka Software Allows Use of Corporate Mail Systems on Cellular Phones
2000_Nov-8: Digital Divide Widens in Japan: Survey
2000_Nov-8: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Microchip Spot, Contract Prices Decline
2000_Nov-8: CATV Broadband Technology Enters Chinese Households
2000_Nov-8: Sharp to Invest in UMC Subsidiary, Transfer Flash Memory Mfg. Technology
2000_Nov-8: Beijing Makes Law for Zhongguancun High-Tech Development Zone
2000_Nov-8: NTT Group Unveils Plans for 100Mbps FTTH Services
2000_Nov-8: Legend Computer Group Targets E-Commerce
2000_Nov-8: Hyundai Electronics Must Repay Debts of US$3.67 Million
2000_Nov-8: Taiwan's TFT-LCD Makers Expand on Improving Global Growth
2000_Nov-8: China Sets Up Research Center for Information Management
2000_Nov-7: IRI, NEC, Matsushita to Set Up Broadband Network Venture
2000_Nov-7: ON Semiconductor Looks to China for Further Growth
2000_Nov-7: Acer Expects Thriving PC Market Share in China Next Year
2000_Nov-7: Japan Net Bank Provides Electronic Settlements Service
2000_Nov-7: Inadequate Infrastructure May Drive High-Tech Firms Out of Taiwan
2000_Nov-7: Inventec Appliances Vies for PDA Orders From Palm, Sony
2000_Nov-7: Hyundai, Kia Motor to Open Car Component B2B Website
2000_Nov-7: World Bank Predicts 7 Percent Growth for China's Economy in Next Two Decades
2000_Nov-7: AKT Proposes 1m x 1m Substrate CVD System for LCD Cost Reduction
2000_Nov-7: Taiwan's Digital Camera Makers Upgrade Production Lines
2000_Nov-7: Cable Internet Use Grows Dramatically, MPT Survey Says
2000_Nov-6: Company Launched to Trade Semiconductor Design IP
2000_Nov-6: TBS Demonstrates Digital Broadcast Service for IMT-2000
2000_Nov-6: Chartered Unveils RF CMOS Manufacturing Processes to 0.13-Micron Level
2000_Nov-6: Taiwan's Mobile Phone Makers to Double Production in 2001
2000_Nov-6: Taiwan's TFT-LCD Makers Search for Alliance Relations with Color Filter Makers
2000_Nov-6: Sony, Justsystem Form Alliance for Internet Services for LCD TVs
2000_Nov-6: IIJ, CWC Kick Off Service for Broadband Content Providers
2000_Nov-6: China's 35 Ventures Become State High-Tech Development Bases
2000_Nov-6: NEC's 0.1-Micron IC Integrates 62 Million Transistors
2000_Nov-6: China to Create Favorable Environment for High-Tech Ventures
2000_Nov-6: Microsoft, Kinokuniya Bookstore to Market EBooks
2000_Nov-6: Japanese Market for Tools to Build E-Commerce Sites Expands Rapidly
2000_Nov-6: PC Sales in Japan Rise in Volume, Value for Three Consecutive Weeks
2000_Nov-3: Hanaro Telecom, SK Telecom File for IMT-2000 License
2000_Nov-3: 12-In. Wafer Production Delay Could be Good News for DRAM Industry
2000_Nov-3: Information Industry Grows Fast in Shanghai
2000_Nov-3: Japan Telecom, J-Phone to Offer Portal Service for Fixed-Line, Mobile Phones
2000_Nov-3: Sanshin Electric Develops Thumbnail-Sized FM Tuner
2000_Nov-2: JEIDA, EIAJ Merge to Create New Electronics Industry Association
2000_Nov-2: Sony Designs 40GB Optical Disk Format
2000_Nov-2: Nifty Cooperates With Six Overseas ISPs
2000_Nov-2: Stock Index Recovers on Government Intentions to Restructure Korean Companies
2000_Nov-2: China Sets Up Nanometer Research Center
2000_Nov-2: Acer to Get First Permission to Sell Broadband Networking Devices in China
2000_Nov-2: China Develops Advanced GIS Software Development Platform
2000_Nov-2: China's Attractions Hold Allure for Taiwan's Motherboard Industry
2000_Nov-2: Engineer Training Essential to Save Japan's Semiconductor Industry: Project Head
2000_Nov-2: U.S. Enron to Enter Japan's Telecom Market, Set Up Broadband Infrastructure
2000_Nov-1: Sharp Unveils Four Prototypes of Color LCDs for Mobile Phones
2000_Nov-1: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices for Large-Volume Users Decline in North America
2000_Nov-1: AMD Japan Announces New Platform
2000_Nov-1: SK Group to Tighten Belt, Focus on Stability in 2001
2000_Nov-1: Digital Camera Ranking in Japan: Sony DSC-P1 Jumps to Top
2000_Nov-1: Walsin Technology Adopts Advanced MLCC Manufacturing Process
2000_Nov-1: Hitachi to Invest Heavily in Western China
2000_Nov-1: KDDI to Reduce Packet Fee for IMT-2000 to 1/100th of Present Level


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