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2000_Jan-31: Asia Global Crossing, IRI Establish Data Center Business
2000_Jan-31: Linux Vendors Eager to Support Enterprise Users
2000_Jan-31: Level 3's H.K.-Japan Broadband Cable to Boost Web-Based Industries
2000_Jan-28: HP Japan to Sell PCs Online to Appeal SMEs
2000_Jan-28: Gateway Japan Seeks to Expand Service Lines for SOHOs, SMEs
2000_Jan-28: IBM Japan, Cisco Japan Tie Up for Network Solutions
2000_Jan-27: Electronics Shops Offer US$190 Cash Back to Windows 2000 Buyers
2000_Jan-26: Japan Telecom to Scale Down Overseas Businesses
2000_Jan-25: HP Japan to Offer Recovery Service From One to 72 Hours
2000_Jan-24: U.S. eGroups Set to Become World's Top E-Mail Service in 2000, CEO Says
2000_Jan-24: PC Makers in Taiwan Forced to Buy Intel CPUs from Black Market
2000_Jan-24: Lotus Japan Launches Promotional Campaign for Office Software
2000_Jan-24: Oracle Japan Ranks Top in RDB for UNIX/NT, Customer Satisfaction Survey Shows
2000_Jan-21: Taiwan's III to Coordinate Business-to-Business Supply Chain Virtual Hub
2000_Jan-21: HKPC, Sybase Launch Asian Solutions Center in Hong Kong
2000_Jan-20: Hanaro Telecom Plans to Take in US$200M Worth of Foreign Capital
2000_Jan-20: NRI, Exodus Tie up for Web Server Outsourcing in Japan
2000_Jan-20: High-School Visit Inspired Career in Japan, Says ValueClick Japan President Hendriksen
2000_Jan-20: Sotec Pays Up, Apple Ends Injunction: iMac-Like Dispute Settled
2000_Jan-19: Softbank Commerce, VerticalNet to Set Up Biz-to-Biz EC Firm
2000_Jan-18: Furuno Electric, Oracle Japan Team Up on ERP, Wireless LANs
2000_Jan-18: Matsushita Electric, U.S. Firms Halt Online Music Service Plan
2000_Jan-18: Six IC Makers Team to Develop DRAM Microchip for 2003
2000_Jan-17: Dell Tops in Japan's PC Servers, Compaq in UNIX Servers: Customer Satisfaction Survey
2000_Jan-17: NBCi, Asiacontent.com Ally to Launch Net Services in Pacific Rim
2000_Jan-17: U.S. Qualcomm Head Says CDMA Royalties are Appropriate
2000_Jan-14: Lotus Japan Unveils Domino For Linux OS
2000_Jan-12: NASDAQ Preparatory Co. President Aims to Boost Financial Infrastructure
2000_Jan-12: Seven-Eleven Japan, Others to Set Up EC Services via Internet, In-Store Terminals
2000_Jan-11: IBM Japan Ranks Top in Overall Rating of Service Satisfaction: Survey
2000_Jan-7: U.S., U.K. Emerge as Major Investors in Xiamen
2000_Jan-6: SGI Japan Spin-Off Aims to List Stock on Mothers in 2001


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