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2000_Feb-29: IBM Japan to Set Up E-Commerce Unit Under President
2000_Feb-29: Computer Associates, KT Hitel to Set Up Joint ASP Company
2000_Feb-29: Intel Opens Competence Center in Japan for Mobile Software, Service R&D;
2000_Feb-29: Sotec Registers 'E-One' Design with Patent Office
2000_Feb-29: Hitachi, Oracle Japan Tie Up in ASP Business
2000_Feb-25: Spyglass Sets Up Japanese Subsidiary to Explore Mobile Market
2000_Feb-25: Avex to Offer Music Distribution Service over Internet in April
2000_Feb-24: Palm Computer to Co-Exist with Mobile Phones, Manager Says
2000_Feb-24: Listen.com, Trans Cosmos to Set up Music Directory Firm
2000_Feb-23: Japanese Version of Windows 2000 Has Bugs, Security Hole
2000_Feb-23: Motorola to Set Up Telcom R&D; Center in Taiwan
2000_Feb-22: Viruses Found on Adobe CD-ROM Distributed at MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo
2000_Feb-22: Nihon Sun Microsystems to Change Name of StarOffice to SunOffice
2000_Feb-21: IBM Japan Sees Sharp Profit Rise
2000_Feb-21: NEC to Invest in EBay Japan
2000_Feb-18: Japan's Digital Certification Market to Exceed US$450M in 2006, MITI Says
2000_Feb-18: China Unicom, Qualcomm Sign CDMA Intellectual Property Agreement
2000_Feb-17: Corning to Expand Production of Optical Fibers in China
2000_Feb-17: Beijing to Invest US$12M in Education Information Network
2000_Feb-17: Samsung Electronics Forms Micro-Optic Venture with Corning
2000_Feb-15: Computer Makers Invest in Data Centers to Deliver Net Services
2000_Feb-15: Leading U.S. ASP to Enter Japan in First Half of 2000
2000_Feb-14: IBM Japan to Back Network Security Service with Insurance for Unauthorized Access
2000_Feb-14: TurboLinux to Unite Binary Code of U.S., Japan, China in Roadmap for 2000
2000_Feb-14: Windows 2000 Professional to Be Highly Popular, Survey Says
2000_Feb-10: Commtouch Steps Up Free E-mail Service Activities in Japan
2000_Feb-10: Yahoo! Auction Becomes Highly Popular, Senior Producer Says
2000_Feb-7: Sony Music Test Distributes Music Over the Net Using IBM Technology
2000_Feb-4: Fuji Xerox, Microsoft Collaborate to Build E-Commerce Web Site
2000_Feb-2: TurboLinux to Provide Dealer Support Scheme by Type of Business
2000_Feb-2: TI to Boost Outsourcing Orders for TFT-LCD Driver ICs
2000_Feb-1: Education Ministry's R&D; Lab Replaces IBM Computer with SGI Server
2000_Feb-1: Computer Virus Expert Issues 'W2K' Virus Alert After Y2K
2000_Feb-1: Korea Telecom Signs MOU with Microsoft
2000_Feb-1: 3Com's Palm Line of Products Stage Debut in Taiwan
2000_Feb-1: KDD, Nihon Cisco to Conduct Large-Scale IP Telephone Test


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