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2000_Jul-31: Packet Video Establishes Japanese Company
2000_Jul-31: IBM, Chinese Universities Launch Research Institute
2000_Jul-27: Japanese Version of Gamebox to be Launched in August
2000_Jul-26: Dell Opens Auction Site with DeNA to Sell Cancelled PC
2000_Jul-26: Diamond Multimedia to Debut MP3 Audio Player Supporting WMA
2000_Jul-25: Korea Thrunet Signs Large Deal for Vendor Financing from Cisco
2000_Jul-24: IBM Begins E-Commerce Cooperation with City in Guangdong
2000_Jul-21: Boeing-Related Venture Starts Plant Construction in Tianjin
2000_Jul-20: TI Japan, IBM Japan Devise Transmitter Technology for LCD Panels
2000_Jul-19: U.S. Oracle Corp. Approves Japanese Version of Oracle Exchange
2000_Jul-18: Microsoft Japan Unit to Focus on Customer Satisfaction, Pres. Says
2000_Jul-17: Motorola, China Unicom Pursue GSM Multi-Contract Network Expansion
2000_Jul-17: U.S. Venture Capital Pouring Into China Net Start-Ups
2000_Jul-13: Compaq, NTT DoCoMo, DreamArts to Co-Market I-Mode-based Business Systems
2000_Jul-13: Disney Contents to Go into I-Mode, Walt Disney International President Says
2000_Jul-13: Oracle Japan to Release HTML Conversion Middleware for Cellular Phones
2000_Jul-12: Sharp, Pioneer to Develop Next-Generation Digital Devices
2000_Jul-12: Intel to Slash Prices of Pentium III Microprocessors
2000_Jul-11: Calico Commerce Makes Inroads into Japan
2000_Jul-11: Lucent Moves Into Production, Sales and Research in China
2000_Jul-10: Salesforce.com Debuts Customer Relationship Management Services in Japan
2000_Jul-10: MSN Internet Access to be Moved to Plala; Firms to Integrate Content
2000_Jul-10: Gateway Japan, Dell Share Top Place in PC Maker Support Rankings
2000_Jul-7: Japan's Mobile Phones Debut at Summit in Okinawa
2000_Jul-6: Adobe Systems Wins Chinese Copyright-Infringement Lawsuit
2000_Jul-6: DoubleClick Japan to Offer Ad Effectiveness Measuring Service, Pres. Says
2000_Jul-4: Sun Microsystems Keen to Promote Online Project in China
2000_Jul-3: Intel KK Begins Data Center Services In Japan
2000_Jul-3: AMD Unveils New Duron Processor in China


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