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2000_Aug-31: Japan Units of U.S. Network Device Vendors to Partner on Market Development
2000_Aug-29: Usen, SGI Japan, NTT to Begin Satellite-Based Content Delivery Service
2000_Aug-29: Inventec @ppliances Expected to Win PDA Order from Palm
2000_Aug-28: Disney Internet Group to Start I-Mode Character Download Service
2000_Aug-28: Nortel to Offer Telecom Devices Complying with Japan's ADSL Specs
2000_Aug-28: Acer Aims to Win Palm Authorization of PalmOS Chinese Version
2000_Aug-28: Casio Adopts HAST-LCD Panel for Pocket PC
2000_Aug-25: EASP.Net Set to Kick Off in Taiwan
2000_Aug-25: Intel to Unveil Mobile Phone Strategy for Japan in Sept.: VP Says
2000_Aug-24: Major PC Server Makers Eager to Expand Linux OS Share in Japan
2000_Aug-24: Intel Sees Rising Sales in Taiwan
2000_Aug-24: LGIC, Lucent Join Hands for CDMA Biz
2000_Aug-24: Sony Europe to Use Certicom's Encryption Technology in Internet Mobile Phones
2000_Aug-24: Flat-Rate Downloads to Be Mainstream for Online Music: Listen.com CEO
2000_Aug-23: InterQ, Microsoft Venture Offers Web Hosting, Domain Registering Services
2000_Aug-23: Motorola to Invest US$1.9B More in China
2000_Aug-23: Motorola Invests in New Semiconductor and Telecom Factories in Tianjin
2000_Aug-22: Chartered, Lucent to Jointly Develop 0.13- to 0.08-Micron Technologies
2000_Aug-21: Microsoft Sues Chinese Company for Piracy
2000_Aug-17: Yahoo! Korea Launches Community; Talks Underway to Acquire More Sites
2000_Aug-17: Motorola Cancels Orders to Wafer Foundry Manufacturers
2000_Aug-16: Overseas Powerhouses Place IA Orders with Taiwan's Firms
2000_Aug-14: IBM, China Software Producer Promote E-Commerce
2000_Aug-14: Will Rambus Wage Litigation Battle Against Intel?
2000_Aug-11: Sony to Roll Out Crusoe-Powered PC
2000_Aug-11: Intel, Matsushita Develop Music Distribution Mgt. Software for SD Memory Cards
2000_Aug-11: Yahoo! in Talks to Buy Alumni Finder Site for US$45 Million
2000_Aug-9: Powerhouses Scramble for Taiwan's Undersea Cable Leasing Business
2000_Aug-8: Intel to Set Up Internet Exchange Center in Beijing
2000_Aug-7: TI Set to Help Taiwan Upgrade High-Tech Products
2000_Aug-4: Cisco-Motorola Joint Venture Invisix to Advance into Japan
2000_Aug-3: Oracle, Sun, Three Others Team to Support E-Commerce
2000_Aug-3: GBOT U.S. Online Exchange Finds Market in Japan
2000_Aug-3: Japan's CTI to be Global Growth Center, Genesys Telecom CEO Says
2000_Aug-2: Leading Foreign Venture Capital Firms to Start Public Offerings
2000_Aug-2: Hitachi, Intranets KK to Joint Market Service for E-Commerce Start-Ups
2000_Aug-1: IBM Japan Debuts 'WorkPad' with Built-in PHS Functions


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