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2000_Nov-30: Ergosoft Ties Up With U.S. Partner to Market Browser for PlayStation 2
2000_Nov-30: Sony Recalls Crusoe Notebooks, Following NEC
2000_Nov-28: Amazon Japan Pres. Hasegawa Discusses Corporate Strategy
2000_Nov-24: IBM Japan Begins Online Sales of WorkPads with Built-In PHS
2000_Nov-24: TechnologyConnect.com Opens Web Site in Japan
2000_Nov-22: Mitsubishi to Operate Procurement Site for Industrial Materials
2000_Nov-21: TI, Conexant to Source More Devices from TSMC, UMC in 2001
2000_Nov-21: Sharp, IBM Japan to Establish ERP/SCM Service Venture
2000_Nov-21: Altera Sets Up Applied Engineering Center in Shanghai
2000_Nov-21: Intel to Invest US$200 Million in Pudong Production Base
2000_Nov-20: Microsoft's MSN Hotmail Supports Korean, Chinese
2000_Nov-20: Citicorp to Acquire Telecom Network Unit of Daewoo Telecom
2000_Nov-17: Microsoft Opens Technology Club at Sichuan Univ.
2000_Nov-16: HP Japan Aims to Expand PC Direct Sales Business
2000_Nov-16: Technology Difficulties Hurt Taiwan's LCD IC Foundries
2000_Nov-16: DLJdirect to Return to Customers 90 Percent of Investment Trust Commission Fee
2000_Nov-14: Yahoo-Kimo Acquisition Heralds Consolidation of Taiwan's Net Industry
2000_Nov-14: Japanese-Designed PCs to Spread Across Globe, Compaq CEO Says
2000_Nov-14: IBM, Cisco, Oracle Cooperate with Chinese Automaker
2000_Nov-14: ICG Japan, Itochu Jointly Establish B2B Platform Company
2000_Nov-14: Sega Toys' Pet Robot 'Poo-Chi' Ships More Than 10 Million Units
2000_Nov-14: Microsoft, Hitachi Software Reach Agreement on Net Business
2000_Nov-13: Nintendo Unveils Next Generation Video Game Machine at Last
2000_Nov-13: Rambus CEO Predicts RDRAM Can Win 40 Pct. of Memory Market in Three Years
2000_Nov-10: NSI Begins Accepting Registration of Two-Byte Code Domain Names
2000_Nov-9: Taiwan's Chip Giants Abandon RDRAM Contract Manufacturing
2000_Nov-9: Amazon CEO Says Company Posts First Profit in U.S.; Japan Earnings Will Come Faster
2000_Nov-8: Fairchild Korea Completes Construction of 6-In. Wafer Line
2000_Nov-8: Hyundai Electronics Names Citigroup as Financial Adviser
2000_Nov-8: Computer Associates to Emphasize ASPs in Asia
2000_Nov-6: Japanese Market for Tools to Build E-Commerce Sites Expands Rapidly
2000_Nov-2: Nifty Cooperates With Six Overseas ISPs
2000_Nov-1: SSA Japan, JMAC to Collaborate in ERP Solution Marketing
2000_Nov-1: Motorola Computer Group to Open Design Center in Shanghai


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