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2001_Jan-30: IBM Develops Music Distribution System Capable of File Exchanges
2001_Jan-30: What Caused American Electronics Association to Close Japan Office?
2001_Jan-29: U.S. Signia, TSMC Develop Bluetooth Transceiver LSI using 0.25-Micron Process
2001_Jan-29: Sony/Tektronix to Launch Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer
2001_Jan-29: IBM Japan Tackles Accessibility for 'Have-Nots' in Information Society
2001_Jan-26: Oracle Japan to Start Marketplace ASP Service in Japan
2001_Jan-25: Digital Island to Use Data Centers to Offer Streaming on Global Scale: CEO
2001_Jan-25: U.S. Xpeed to Start Shipping ADSL Modems to Japan
2001_Jan-25: AOL Japan to Change Name to DoCoMo AOL in February
2001_Jan-24: HP Japan Distributes Computer Virus from Web Site; Cause is Lax Linux Security
2001_Jan-24: Taiwan Anticipates Large-Scale Cell Phone ODM Orders from Motorola
2001_Jan-24: Sun to Support Start-Ups with Free Provision of Server Environment
2001_Jan-23: Empirix to Launch Japanese Site, Sell Tools for Web/Network Infrastructure
2001_Jan-22: Cybozu Ranks Tops in Customer Satisfaction in Groupware Market: Nikkei Computer
2001_Jan-22: DLJdirect SFG Offers Night Stock Trading Service in Japan
2001_Jan-22: AMD Japan Aims to Gain 30 Pct. Market Share in Japan, President Says
2001_Jan-19: Intel, Marubeni Solutions, Seven Others Form Consortium for Set-Up of EC Sites
2001_Jan-18: Yamaha to Establish Music Contents Company in U.S. with Two Music Publishers
2001_Jan-17: Yahoo Japan to Launch Auction Charge, ID Registry System
2001_Jan-17: Zentek to Distribute I-Mode-Supported Java Development Environment
2001_Jan-16: Accenture Aims to Match Sony, Toyota in Popularity Among Jobseekers
2001_Jan-16: SGI, Singapore's 3ui to Enter Strategic Cooperation for WAP Technology
2001_Jan-16: Carlyle to Buy Shares of Ssangyong Information & Telecom
2001_Jan-16: ADC Eyes South China Telecom Market
2001_Jan-16: Disney to Launch Online Game Business Focusing on Japan, Asia
2001_Jan-15: Sun's Financial Services Subsidiary in Japan Starts Full-Scale Operations
2001_Jan-15: Vanguard Intends to Jointly Build 12-Inch Wafer Plant in Taiwan with SST
2001_Jan-15: Lucent to Supply Optical Networking Systems for Liaoning Telecom
2001_Jan-12: Design Is Main Factor in Internet-Capable Cell Phone Purchases: Gartner Survey
2001_Jan-11: Qualcomm Announces Interest in Korean IMT License
2001_Jan-10: VeriSign Japan Raises US$13.8 Million through New Share Issuance
2001_Jan-10: Bell Labs, Fudan University to Set Up Joint Laboratory
2001_Jan-10: EBay to Acquire Korea's Online Auction for US$120 Million
2001_Jan-9: Dell is Undisputed Winner in Product Satisfaction Rating: Nikkei Computer
2001_Jan-9: Sun, IBM Rank Top in UNIX Server Product Rating: Nikkei Computer
2001_Jan-2: IBM Japan Shines in Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Services: Nikkei Computer
2001_Jan-2: Adaptive, Hitachi Kokusai Tie Up on Wireless Broadband Access for Homes


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