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2001_Apr-27: Intel, HP Japan to Conduct Video Content Delivery Experiment via Broadband Network
2001_Apr-26: Palm's Japan Unit to Enter Corporate Mobile Market
2001_Apr-26: Bell Labs Joins 'Next Generation Internet of China' Project
2001_Apr-24: E-Recruiting Markets in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan to Grow Sharply: IDC Survey
2001_Apr-24: Borland Japan to Sell Linux Packages Starting in May
2001_Apr-23: Nikkei, NTT Affiliates, HP Japan to Start Member Portal Biz in August
2001_Apr-20: Intel Means Business with Communication LSI Development for Mobile Phones
2001_Apr-19: Nomura Research Develops Content Distribution System Based on Multicast Tech
2001_Apr-18: Amazon Japan Launches Bookselling, Book Information Service for I-Mode Users
2001_Apr-13: Oracle, Toshiba, Accenture Establish ERP-Based SI Company
2001_Apr-13: TSMC Produces Graphic Chip for Xbox Game Console
2001_Apr-12: MP3.com Teams with Being Inc. to Launch Japanese Language Web Site
2001_Apr-12: Motorola Looking to Transfer Maintenance Division in Taiwan
2001_Apr-12: Compaq to Aim 10 Pct. Share of Japan's PDA Market with iPAQ
2001_Apr-11: U.S. Planetweb to Collaborate with Nifty for PS2 Browser
2001_Apr-10: ProsoftTraining.com of U.S. Establishes Japan Unit
2001_Apr-10: U.S. WiredPocket, NEC Collaborate on Web Conversion Software
2001_Apr-9: Motorola Develops Japanese Input Software with Prediction Feature
2001_Apr-6: PSINet Japan Says Domestic Services Won't be Affected by Parent's Restructuring
2001_Apr-5: Ultralife Taiwan Breaks Ground for New Factory at Hsinchu Industrial Park
2001_Apr-5: Optical Networking Parts to See Intense Price Competition: OpNext COO
2001_Apr-4: STMicroelectronics, Hitachi Collaborate to Develop, License SuperH Chips
2001_Apr-3: Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates Says Xbox is as Exciting as First PC He Saw
2001_Apr-3: NTT DoCoMo, Walt Disney Sign MOU for Mobile Content Development
2001_Apr-2: TI Launches Information Appliance Design Center in Taiwan
2001_Apr-2: Sega to Develop Game Titles for Xbox
2001_Apr-2: HomePlug Power Alliance Establishes Working Groups in Europe and Japan
2001_Apr-2: Microsoft, NTT Com Team Up for Network Service for Xbox Game Machine


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