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2000_Jan-31: Wireless LANs, ADSL Service for Fast Net Services Viable in 2003
2000_Jan-31: HP Japan, Mitsui Tie-up for Security Management Software Sales
2000_Jan-31: NTT DoCoMo to Establish Firm for Cellular Music Service
2000_Jan-31: Acer's 1to80 to Team Up with Four International Net Firms
2000_Jan-31: Level 3's H.K.-Japan Broadband Cable to Boost Web-Based Industries
2000_Jan-28: Government Panel to Set Up Anti-Hacker Organization
2000_Jan-28: Lite-On Group Makes Major Assaults on Net, Communications Markets
2000_Jan-28: E-Commerce Gateway Web Site Opens in Beijing
2000_Jan-27: Toshiba Pilots 'MPEG4 over Bluetooth' System
2000_Jan-27: NTT DoCoMo Unveils Palm-Size E-Mail Device with Digital Camera
2000_Jan-27: Formosa Plastics Ventures into E-Commerce Business
2000_Jan-27: CSK to Use Dreamcast to Build Community Internet Infrastructure
2000_Jan-26: Korea's Thrunet to Offer Free Internet Access Service
2000_Jan-26: A&P; Co-Ordinator Japan to Launch Graphics Design Web Portal
2000_Jan-26: NTT West Develops Speedy Search System for Radio/TV Programs
2000_Jan-25: Web Site of Japan's Science and Technology Agency Hacked
2000_Jan-25: China Launches First E-Commerce Portal
2000_Jan-24: U.S. eGroups Set to Become World's Top E-Mail Service in 2000, CEO Says
2000_Jan-24: Sina Ranks As Top Integrated Online Service in Online Voting Contest
2000_Jan-24: Taiwan Internet Service Sector Seen Absorbing More Funds in 2000, IDB Says
2000_Jan-24: NTT-ME to Start Full-Time, Low-Cost Net Access Via FTTH
2000_Jan-21: Liton Group to Invest US$162M in E-Commerce
2000_Jan-21: Sony Computer to Set Up Internet Service Firm for PlayStation2
2000_Jan-21: China Gives Green Light to Online Stock Trading
2000_Jan-21: HKPC, Sybase Launch Asian Solutions Center in Hong Kong
2000_Jan-20: Seven-Eleven Japan Eyes U.S., World with E-Commerce System
2000_Jan-20: High-School Visit Inspired Career in Japan, Says ValueClick Japan President Hendriksen
2000_Jan-20: Sony Licenses Net-based Technology for Recording TV Programs
2000_Jan-20: NRI, Exodus Tie up for Web Server Outsourcing in Japan
2000_Jan-20: Internet Users in China Reach 8.9 Million
2000_Jan-19: Seiko's Web Surveys Suffered Leaks of Personal Data
2000_Jan-19: Softbank Commerce, VerticalNet to Set Up Biz-to-Biz EC Firm
2000_Jan-19: Tanpopo-no-Ye, NEC Exhibit Calligraphy Art by Handicapped People
2000_Jan-18: IPv6 'Next-Generation Internet Protocol' to Become More Widely Available
2000_Jan-18: CITIC, Softbank Take Equity Stakes in ChinaWeb
2000_Jan-18: SAP's EC Site mySAP.com to Make Japan Debut in June
2000_Jan-18: Matsushita Electric, U.S. Firms Halt Online Music Service Plan
2000_Jan-17: DDI Pocket to Launch Service Allowing PHS Users to Access Web Pages
2000_Jan-17: NBCi, Asiacontent.com Ally to Launch Net Services in Pacific Rim
2000_Jan-14: Mobile Phones Give Rise to Japanese Style E-Revolution
2000_Jan-13: Taiwan E-Commerce Organization to Launch Cyber City Virtual Hosting Services
2000_Jan-12: NASDAQ Preparatory Co. President Aims to Boost Financial Infrastructure
2000_Jan-12: Mitsubishi, Singaporean Firm, Five Others Set Up Web Portal For Businesses
2000_Jan-12: Seven-Eleven Japan, Others to Set Up EC Services via Internet, In-Store Terminals
2000_Jan-12: Casio to Release Wristwatch-Type Digital Camera, MP3 Player
2000_Jan-11: CarPoint to Provide Used Car Data Service over the Internet
2000_Jan-6: Taiwan's ITRI Calls for Cooperation of Industries to Develop IP-VPN Services


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