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2000_Mar-29: Canon to Sponsor Digital Camera, CG Photo Contest for US$120,000
2000_Mar-29: Internet Use Survey Companies Bloom in Japan
2000_Mar-29: China Unicom, China Telecom Spark WAP War
2000_Mar-29: China Sets Up Computer Testing Center to Assure Information Security
2000_Mar-28: China to Regulate Online Audio-Visual Business
2000_Mar-27: Ericsson, Sina.com to Collaborate on Mobile Web Service
2000_Mar-27: Sony Computer Aims to Develop PlayStation Industry
2000_Mar-27: Sharp to Sell Headphone-Style Music Player Called E-musee
2000_Mar-24: Beijing Launches First WAP Mobile Phone Web Site
2000_Mar-24: Chinese Web Site to Trade on U.S. Nasdaq
2000_Mar-24: Sony to Form Net Venture Using IP3 Image Technology
2000_Mar-23: NTT Com, 9 Record Companies to Test Net Music Distribution System
2000_Mar-23: Titus Experiments on VoIP on CATV Network
2000_Mar-23: Japanese University Students Eligible for USC's Online MBA Program
2000_Mar-22: Nissho Iwai, NTT-X to Set Up Net Trading House Joint Venture
2000_Mar-22: Seven Firms Establish 'Book1,' Japan's Largest Online Book Store
2000_Mar-22: China Promotes E-Commerce Among Small Businesses
2000_Mar-21: ECnet Upgrades Japan Branch to Subsidiary
2000_Mar-21: Dell Leads in PC Sales Over Internet to Corporate Users; Gateway First for Consumers
2000_Mar-21: China Encryption Rules Exclude Cell Phones, Windows, Browser Software
2000_Mar-21: E-Commerce Sites in Japan, Korea Collaborate on Online Shopping
2000_Mar-17: Kokuyo, Oracle Japan to Enter Office Supply Net Procurement Service
2000_Mar-17: Sino-Foreign Online Education Program Formed
2000_Mar-16: ValueClick Japan Aims for Stock Listing in 2000
2000_Mar-16: Toshiba's Digital Audio Players to be Compatible with IBM System
2000_Mar-16: Korea's Net Users to Grow to 25 Pct. of Population, Vice Chairman of Association Says
2000_Mar-15: Taiwan's Dot.Coms Hasten Local, Foreign IPOs
2000_Mar-15: Overseas Investors Keen on Shenzhen's Internet Industry
2000_Mar-14: Justsystem, Others Plan Joint Venture for Financial Institution Web Sites, Consulting
2000_Mar-14: IBM Seeks Local Allies for So-Called E-Taiwan Strategy
2000_Mar-14: Korea's InZen Sells 10 Pct. Share to Mirae Asset for US$16M
2000_Mar-13: Pirated Software Sales Rampant on Internet Bulletin Board
2000_Mar-13: Intellectuals Propose Policy on Digital Broadcasting
2000_Mar-13: Hoshin, Yam Digital, Microsoft to Build Corporate Portal
2000_Mar-13: Marubeni, Trans Cosmos, CyberSource to Form Japanese E-Commerce Company
2000_Mar-13: WAP Standards to Support NTT DoCoMo's iMode Service
2000_Mar-9: Dot-Com, Traditional Firms to See Common Business Models: IBM VP
2000_Mar-9: E*Trade Securities Cuts Online Fees by 20 Pct.
2000_Mar-8: Free 'Goo' E-Mail Service Attracts One Million Members
2000_Mar-7: AC Nielsen, NetRatings Begin Accurate Surveys of Net Use
2000_Mar-7: Mobile Phone to Open Up E-Commerce for Japanese Consumers
2000_Mar-7: China, U.S. Join to Build Largest Wideband E-Commerce Network
2000_Mar-6: Nokia to Enter iMode Business in Japan
2000_Mar-6: PlayStation2 Predicted to Become Hit Product of 2000
2000_Mar-6: Free Dreamcast Machines Are Distributed in Japan
2000_Mar-6: Sanyo to Sell Music Player Using Various Compression Methods
2000_Mar-3: Yahoo Founder Says New Merger Aims at Speed, Not Scale
2000_Mar-3: Yahoo to Invest US$60M into Korean Operations
2000_Mar-3: CATV Internet Users Total 150,000, Postal Ministry Says
2000_Mar-3: Venture Capital Firms Placing Big Bets on Internet
2000_Mar-2: Nintendo, Dentsu Establish Game Development Company
2000_Mar-2: NTT DoCoMo to Launch iMode Phone Supporting Car-Navigation
2000_Mar-1: Sumitomo Corp. Starts Intermediary Service for B-to-B E-Commerce
2000_Mar-1: MediaRing.com Offers Free Web Voice-Message Service in Japan


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