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2000_May-31: Justsystem to Launch ASP Business for Individuals
2000_May-31: DDI Sets US$37B Sales Target in Five Years as Post-Merger Strategy
2000_May-31: Chinese to Emerge as 2nd Largest Language for E-Commerce
2000_May-31: Taiwan's Portals Prepare for E-Commerce Arena
2000_May-31: KT, Hyundai, Samsung, POSCO, Hanjin to Form Joint Firm
2000_May-31: U.S. Venture Firm Sets Up Japanese Office to Help its Investments Enter Market
2000_May-31: VeriSign Japan to Expand 128-Bit SSL License to Japanese Businesses
2000_May-30: [Net Economy in Asia] Singapore: 'Planned Economy' Gives in to Internet
2000_May-30: [Net Economy in Asia] Malaysia: Multimedia Super Corridor Project Appears Unsteady
2000_May-30: Sakura.ne.jp Attracts Young Internet Users: Nikkei BP Audience Survey
2000_May-26: NTT DoCoMo to End Curb on Accepting New I-Mode Users
2000_May-26: Convenience Store Chains Stage E-Commerce War
2000_May-26: Internet Users Reach 100,000 in Anhui Province
2000_May-25: KG Gears Up Broadband Investment
2000_May-25: Future of Net Distribution Depends on Artists Themselves
2000_May-24: China, India to Outpace Japan in Internet Subscriber Growth
2000_May-24: DDI Pocket's New Gateway Allows PHS Phones to be Used as Intranet Clients
2000_May-24: Recruit to Start ASP Service for Mobile Phones
2000_May-23: DDI/IDO's WAP Service Subscribers Hit 2 Million
2000_May-22: [Net Economy in Asia] China: 'Alibaba.com,' the Next Yahoo
2000_May-22: [Net Economy in Asia] Taiwan: High-Tech Industry Nurtures Start-Ups
2000_May-22: Korea's Freechal Gets US$10M from GE Capital-Led Consortium
2000_May-19: IBM Japan Adds Color I-Mode Support to HomePage Builder Software
2000_May-19: U.S. Razorfish to Launch Japanese Operation
2000_May-19: More Security Holes Discovered in IE for Mac OS, Java ML Says
2000_May-19: China's Online News Regulation Effective by July
2000_May-19: Hinet Cuts XDSL Rates to Compete for Market Share
2000_May-17: Hitachi Sells Lab Technology on Web
2000_May-17: Bestlot.com Opens Japan Site to Cross Search Net Auction Sites
2000_May-17: Serome Technology Seeks to List Dialpad.com on U.S. Nasdaq
2000_May-17: AltaVista Acquires 60 Pct. Share of Pyungchang Computer to Make Inroads into Korea
2000_May-17: J-Phone's 'J-Sky' Subscribers Surpass 1 Million
2000_May-16: Lawson Convenience Stores Start Settlement, Distribution Service for E-Commerce
2000_May-16: WAP Mania Sweeps Across Taiwan's Handset Makers
2000_May-16: MITI Committee Seeks Opinions on Spread of IT
2000_May-15: [Net Economy in Asia] Hong Kong: Internet Bubble Bursts, but Business Heads for Recovery
2000_May-15: [Net Economy in Asia] Korea: Net Ventures Absorb Unemployed
2000_May-15: Ericsson President Sees China as Largest Future Mobile Internet Market
2000_May-12: NEC Ties with BroadVision on E-Commerce Site Construction
2000_May-12: Oracle, Taiwan Enterprises Form E-Commerce Strategic Alliance
2000_May-12: Freeway Provides PC Information for I-Mode Users With Short URL
2000_May-12: Serome Technology Allies with CMGI of U.S.
2000_May-12: 'Palm' to Lead in Japan as Well?
2000_May-11: E-Mail a Key to E-Commerce Success: ActivMedia Research
2000_May-11: PCCW, Taiwanese Groups Join to Create Chinese Internet Content
2000_May-11: E-Commerce Web Sites Flourish, But Users Worry About Security in China
2000_May-10: Computer 'Love Bug' E-Mail Virus Hits Guangzhou
2000_May-10: Japan's Dial-Up Net Subscribers Reach 15.7M: Nikkei Survey
2000_May-9: China Establishes Commission to Promote E-Business
2000_May-9: ANA Tops Shopping Web Site List for Men, Cecile for Women: InfoCom Survey
2000_May-9: Sina.com, Seednet Ready to Access E-Commerce
2000_May-9: Chinese Art Auction Web Site Slated to Debut in June
2000_May-8: Japanese Small Firms Set to Catch Up on Net Use: IBM Survey
2000_May-8: Web Diffusion Rate is 23.7 Pct. in Japan, Up 9 Pct. from Sept. 1999
2000_May-8: Gigamedia, PCCW Tie Knot
2000_May-8: Samsung Electronics to Set Up E-Commerce Business with 11 Others
2000_May-4: NEC to Enter U.S. ASP Market Via Corporate Accounting Services
2000_May-4: J@pan Inc. Fosters Relationship Between Japanese Ventures, U.S. Investors
2000_May-3: Hitachi, Sanyo Push Music Download System for Mobile Phones
2000_May-3: China's E-Commerce Web Sites Surpass 1,100, Survey Says
2000_May-2: ComTec, Korea's E-Motion Establish Membership Giveaway Site
2000_May-1: Linc Media Establishes Company to Operate Job Search Site


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