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2000_Jul-31: BMW Japan Says It Has No Plans for Internet Bank
2000_Jul-31: Web Audience Rating in June Shows Yahoo Reigns in Top Spot
2000_Jul-31: China Sets up Internet Committee
2000_Jul-31: FIC Sales, Yano Research Collaborate to Market Web Terminal
2000_Jul-28: China Education Network Expanding Nationwide
2000_Jul-28: Hitachi Living Debuts 310,000-Pixel Digital Camera for E-Mail
2000_Jul-28: Japan Has 20 Million Internet Users: AC Nielsen Survey
2000_Jul-27: Japanese Version of Gamebox to be Launched in August
2000_Jul-27: NEC's Net Connection Service to Offer Flat Fee for Unlimited Use
2000_Jul-27: 'It's Time to Start Software Development in China': Livin' on the EDGE Director
2000_Jul-26: Dell Opens Auction Site with DeNA to Sell Cancelled PC
2000_Jul-26: Japan's E-Commerce Transactions Up 400 Pct. in FY99: Nikkei Survey
2000_Jul-26: Diamond Multimedia to Debut MP3 Audio Player Supporting WMA
2000_Jul-26: AIP, ISPs Stage Trial Distribution of Motion Ads Using Satellites
2000_Jul-25: Korea Thrunet Signs Large Deal for Vendor Financing from Cisco
2000_Jul-24: Taiwan's Economic Ministry to Launch E-Patent Alliance
2000_Jul-18: Mitsui, Increment P to Enhance Accuracy of Online Map Search Service
2000_Jul-18: Twenty-Seven Chinese Web Sites Licensed to Test Online Advertising
2000_Jul-17: Japan's Carriers See Growth in ISP Biz in May
2000_Jul-17: China to Issue New Rules for Telecom Operation
2000_Jul-17: New Internet Domain Names OK'd
2000_Jul-14: NEC, Sumitomo, Others to Establish Net E-Commerce Marketplace
2000_Jul-14: NTT-ME Begins ASP Service for Location Info Using Compact GPS Device
2000_Jul-14: CMC Magnetics Sets Sights on Chinese Domain Name Market
2000_Jul-13: Internet Users in Korea Top 15 Million in May
2000_Jul-13: Disney Contents to Go into I-Mode, Walt Disney International President Says
2000_Jul-12: TWNIC to Delegate Fourth-Level Domain Regulation to Private Concerns
2000_Jul-11: LG Electronics to Form B2B Marketplace with IBM, 11 Others
2000_Jul-11: Calico Commerce Makes Inroads into Japan
2000_Jul-10: Salesforce.com Debuts Customer Relationship Management Services in Japan
2000_Jul-10: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan Form Regional E-Commerce Alliance
2000_Jul-10: ICANN to Launch More Top-Level Domains
2000_Jul-10: SinoBull.com Launches E-Finance Platform
2000_Jul-10: MSN Internet Access to be Moved to Plala; Firms to Integrate Content
2000_Jul-6: Goldman Sachs Rates Five Taiwan Firms Most Active in E-Commerce
2000_Jul-6: Sony Music Promotes Own Music with Electronic Card Service
2000_Jul-6: China to Popularize Internet Knowledge
2000_Jul-6: DoubleClick Japan to Offer Ad Effectiveness Measuring Service, Pres. Says
2000_Jul-5: UUNET Launches Japan's First Commercial Multicast Distribution Service
2000_Jul-4: Openfind Taps Portal Market with Gigamedia
2000_Jul-4: Toyota to Strengthen B2C Business with Multi-Functional Terminals in Convenience Stores
2000_Jul-4: Sun Microsystems Keen to Promote Online Project in China
2000_Jul-3: Chinese 'Ali Baba' Opens Doors to Virtual Trade Fair


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