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2000_Oct-31: Fujitsu, TEPCO, Others to Unify Cable Businesses, Set Focus on CATV/Internet
2000_Oct-30: Singapore Similan.com Includes Japan in Pan-Asian Online Auction, Classified Marketplace
2000_Oct-30: China.com Corp. Expects Profit by End of 2001
2000_Oct-27: Some 60 Percent of E-Commerce Sites to Use DRM Technology by 2002, Gartner Says
2000_Oct-27: Anti-Counterfeit Group Asks Yahoo Japan to Ensure Auction Fairness
2000_Oct-27: NTT Com to Launch Authentication/Settlement over Net Via IC Card
2000_Oct-27: NTT, Honda to Jointly Develop Next-Generation Car Navigation System
2000_Oct-26: Intel, Beijing Telecom to Jointly Provide Web Hosting Service
2000_Oct-26: Sega to Buy U.S. Online Retail Shop FamilyWonder
2000_Oct-26: 'Net Voting Will Enlighten People to Move the World,' Dick Morris Says
2000_Oct-26: Kansai Multimedia Launches Free Movie Service for Broadband Users
2000_Oct-25: Matsushita, Toshiba, 12 Others to Standardize STB for Satellite Digital Broadcasting
2000_Oct-25: MOF Issues Suspension Order to Online Securities Brokerage
2000_Oct-25: DataPlay of U.S. Establishes Japanese Optical Disc Corporation with Toshiba
2000_Oct-24: NEC's Biglobe Lets Users Preset TV-Recording Times via I-Mode
2000_Oct-24: [WPC2000] Olympus Exhibits I-Mode-Based Remote Control System for Digital Camera
2000_Oct-24: [WPC2000] 4D Matrix to Offer Online Payment Solutions to Web Merchants
2000_Oct-24: Softbank to Invest Nihon Ariba for B2B Software Sales
2000_Oct-23: Palm Preps Web Clipping Service for PDAs Based on Packet Communication
2000_Oct-23: [WPC2000] Kobe Steel Shows Wireless Information Kiosk Prototype
2000_Oct-23: Major E-commerce Web Opened for Enterprises in Shanghai
2000_Oct-23: Online Credit Card Use Surges, Yet Drops in Value: JCB Survey
2000_Oct-23: [WPC2000] IBM Japan Pres. Says CEO Should be "Chief E-Business Officer" in IT Era
2000_Oct-23: [WPC2000] China - A Sleeping E-Commerce Dragon?
2000_Oct-23: NTT Regional Carriers to Launch Internet Service for Landline Phones
2000_Oct-20: [WPC2000] Common Industry Framework for Secure Mobile Commerce Vital, Nokia Japan VP Says
2000_Oct-19: Korean Venture Launches Travel Site for Japanese Tourists
2000_Oct-19: Sony's New Vaio PC Delivers Live Broadcast
2000_Oct-18: Sun, Cisco, Seven Others Begin Promoting for Internet Data Center Business in Japan
2000_Oct-18: [WPC2000] Acer Japan to Tie Up with DreamNet for Expanding Share in Japan
2000_Oct-18: [WPC2000] Taiwan's Micro-Star Int'l to Show Set-Top Boxes for Japan
2000_Oct-18: I-Broadcast Develops Location Monitoring System Using Mobile Phone
2000_Oct-17: Nikkei BP Unveils Results of PC Software Popularity Survey
2000_Oct-16: Travel, Air Ticket Sales Up in JCB Card Transactions: Survey
2000_Oct-16: Korea's Skylove Online-Chatting Firm to Enter Poland
2000_Oct-13: Japan Net Bank Kicks Off with Higher Savings Rates, Lower Fees
2000_Oct-13: Chinese Consumers to Purchase US$96 Million Worth of Goods on the Internet
2000_Oct-13: Chinese Newspaper in Japan Starts E-Commerce Site on Japan
2000_Oct-13: JPNIC Publishes Policy on General-Use '.jp' Domain Names
2000_Oct-13: Animation Characters, Music to be Delivered to Mobile Phones and PDAs
2000_Oct-12: Dentsu, MarchFIRST to Launch Net Business Joint Venture
2000_Oct-12: New Target Clients Include Media and Entertainment, IBM Execs Say
2000_Oct-11: Zurich Insurance Starts Selling E-Commerce Insurance
2000_Oct-11: Japan's Internet Penetration Rate Reaches 30.6 Pct. in Aug.
2000_Oct-11: TTNet Opens Content Description Language Specifications for PHS Phones for Internet Connection
2000_Oct-11: Lawson, Others to Open Convenience Store in I-Mode
2000_Oct-11: Korea's IT Venture Incubator Sets up Japanese Subsidiary
2000_Oct-10: KDDI Seeks Registrar Title for Two New Domain Names
2000_Oct-10: New Internet Domains '.web,' '.site,' '.info' to Emerge
2000_Oct-10: Convenience Stores Make Major Moves into Net-Enabled Commerce, Financial Services
2000_Oct-6: Toysrus.com of U.S. to Form Japanese Affiliate for Online Sales
2000_Oct-6: NSI Ready to Start Registration Service for Domains in Asian Languages
2000_Oct-5: Korean Companies Launch B2B MRO Consortium
2000_Oct-4: JPNIC to Delay Registration of New Domain Names to Protect Trademark Holders' Rights
2000_Oct-4: Yahoo Accesses Exceed 70 Percent on Web Audience Rating: Survey
2000_Oct-4: Sony Unveils LCD TV with Tuner, Screen Linked via Wireless Connection
2000_Oct-4: Sinoprojects Joins Hands With China Hewlett-Packard
2000_Oct-4: Cofacerating.jp to Start Debt Rating Service for International Trade
2000_Oct-4: DDI Pocket to Begin Music Distribution Service for Sanyo's PHS Phone
2000_Oct-3: SagaC.com to Open Missing Persons I-Mode Homepage
2000_Oct-3: IBM Moves into Internet Data Center Market in Taiwan
2000_Oct-2: China's Top Web Site Now Runs in Eight Languages
2000_Oct-2: CD, DVD Retail Group Sees Brisk Sales Via Mobile Phones
2000_Oct-2: Japanese Firms Winning Back Dot-Com Names from Cyber-Squatters


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