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2000_Nov-30: Pattern Recognition Needed for Content Management: Autonomy Inc. Executives Say
2000_Nov-30: Efficiency Yields Low-Priced FTTH Service, Usen Broad Networks President Says
2000_Nov-30: VerticalNet Opens Web Site for Semiconductor Industry Business
2000_Nov-30: China to Host 69M Users of Wireless-Internet Service by 2004
2000_Nov-30: China, Taiwan Both Authorize Chinese Domain Name Registration
2000_Nov-29: Net Venture Association Petitions Govt. to Revise Business Laws
2000_Nov-29: Guangzhou Internet Center to Offer Super-Speed Data Exchanges
2000_Nov-28: Govt. Panels Adopt Basic Strategies to Make Japan IT Leader in Five Years
2000_Nov-28: Amazon Japan Pres. Hasegawa Discusses Corporate Strategy
2000_Nov-28: Bell Labs, CAS Join Hands to Gear Up for Internet Development
2000_Nov-27: Online Transactions in Oct. Show Month-on-Month Decline, JCB Says
2000_Nov-24: IBM Japan Begins Online Sales of WorkPads with Built-In PHS
2000_Nov-24: TechnologyConnect.com Opens Web Site in Japan
2000_Nov-24: New ICANN Board Member Katoh Aims to Represent Non-Western Nations
2000_Nov-22: Mitsubishi to Operate Procurement Site for Industrial Materials
2000_Nov-22: Casio Unveils Data Terminal with Digital Camera for cdmaOne Phones
2000_Nov-21: E-Bookstore BOL Isn't Worried by Amazon's Launch in Japan
2000_Nov-21: Au Group to Offer Contract-Free Net Connection Service
2000_Nov-21: ICANN Decides on New Domain Names, Including 'biz' and 'info'
2000_Nov-20: Microsoft's MSN Hotmail Supports Korean, Chinese
2000_Nov-20: Venture Firm Launches Japan's First Free Internet-Phone Service
2000_Nov-17: Japan Online Securities, EWing Securities to Merge
2000_Nov-17: Online Shopping Remains Slow in China
2000_Nov-16: Melco to Sell Linux-Based Net Terminals
2000_Nov-16: DLJdirect to Return to Customers 90 Percent of Investment Trust Commission Fee
2000_Nov-16: NTT DoCoMo Aims High in Music Delivery Service for 3G PHS Phones
2000_Nov-15: Dentsu, Two Others to Jointly Make Movies for Internet Distribution
2000_Nov-15: Survey: Business People Say Web-Enabled Mobile Phones are Indispensable
2000_Nov-15: Marubeni Solutions Launches Marketplace for Electronics Industry
2000_Nov-14: InterQ Registers 10,000-Plus Japanese Domain Names in 3 Days
2000_Nov-14: NEC to Start ADSL Access Service as ISP Menu
2000_Nov-14: Yahoo-Kimo Acquisition Heralds Consolidation of Taiwan's Net Industry
2000_Nov-14: ICG Japan, Itochu Jointly Establish B2B Platform Company
2000_Nov-14: Microsoft, Hitachi Software Reach Agreement on Net Business
2000_Nov-13: JPNIC to Establish Private Company to Register, Manage ".jp" Domain Names
2000_Nov-13: Rush Ensues for Chinese Net Names
2000_Nov-13: Online Securities Trading in Japan Grows Sharply, IDC Says
2000_Nov-10: Furukawa Electric Explores Suppliers by Online Procurement
2000_Nov-10: TTNet to Sell 'Flexible' Internet-Enabled PHS Phone
2000_Nov-10: NSI Begins Accepting Registration of Two-Byte Code Domain Names
2000_Nov-9: Chinese Government Bans Unauthorized Web News
2000_Nov-9: Amazon CEO Says Company Posts First Profit in U.S.; Japan Earnings Will Come Faster
2000_Nov-8: IT Strategy Council Aims to Make Japan IT Leader in Five Years
2000_Nov-8: Digital Divide Widens in Japan: Survey
2000_Nov-8: Fujitsu Shizuoka Software Allows Use of Corporate Mail Systems on Cellular Phones
2000_Nov-8: Legend Computer Group Targets E-Commerce
2000_Nov-8: Computer Associates to Emphasize ASPs in Asia
2000_Nov-7: Japan Net Bank Provides Electronic Settlements Service
2000_Nov-7: Hyundai, Kia Motor to Open Car Component B2B Website
2000_Nov-7: Cable Internet Use Grows Dramatically, MPT Survey Says
2000_Nov-6: IIJ, CWC Kick Off Service for Broadband Content Providers
2000_Nov-6: Sony, Justsystem Form Alliance for Internet Services for LCD TVs
2000_Nov-6: Microsoft, Kinokuniya Bookstore to Market EBooks
2000_Nov-3: Japanese, Swedish Service Providers Agree on I-Mode-Like Mobile Service for World Market
2000_Nov-2: Nifty Cooperates With Six Overseas ISPs
2000_Nov-2: U.S. Enron to Enter Japan's Telecom Market, Set Up Broadband Infrastructure


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