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2000_Dec-29: Real Networks, Four Partners Team for Broadband Net Broadcasting Project
2000_Dec-28: EAccess Offers ADSL Service at 1.5Mbps to Compete with NTT
2000_Dec-28: Credit Card Usage Increases in November Due to Popular 'Uniqlo' Clothing
2000_Dec-21: Pixo to Start Free Browser Download Service for Mobile Phones
2000_Dec-21: Misumi's IC Sales Site Reaches US$2.7M One Year After Launch
2000_Dec-20: NTT Com to Start ADSL Internet Service
2000_Dec-20: Broadband Internet Users in Asia Expected to Reach 7.6M in Five Years: Gartner
2000_Dec-20: China's Internet Data Center 263IDC.net to Expand Client Base
2000_Dec-19: NEC, Toshiba, Other Leading Chipmakers to Establish Semiconductor Portal Site
2000_Dec-19: Yokogawa, Wide Research Form Firm for IPv6 Biz
2000_Dec-19: Acer Maintains Earnings Goal of US$240 Million for 2000
2000_Dec-18: Online Brokerages Must Restructure to Survive Competition
2000_Dec-18: Softbank, Andersen Consulting Form Support Business in Japan
2000_Dec-18: JETRO, Alibaba Agree on 'Reverse Trade Fair' in Shenzhen
2000_Dec-18: Next-Generation Satellite Terminals Won't be Equipped with Web Browsers
2000_Dec-15: JPNIC's First Dispute Settlement Centers on Domain Name Transfer: Verdict May Come Before Year-End
2000_Dec-15: Shanghai Steel Strikes First E-Business Deal Worth US$2.6M
2000_Dec-15: Marubeni Solutions to Introduce Intel's Hosting Services for Electronics Marketplace
2000_Dec-14: China Opens First Metal Web Site
2000_Dec-13: Yomiuri Web Site Surges in Popularity for Domains Accessed from Workplaces
2000_Dec-13: Portal Corp. Sets Up Electronic Parts Marketplace
2000_Dec-13: KDDI, Hakuhodo, Three Others Set Up Ad Firm for 'EZweb' Browser Phone Service
2000_Dec-12: Daijob.com, Foreign Firms Ally for Global Job Info Service
2000_Dec-12: Commerce One Forms Japanese Arm to Expand Share in Asia
2000_Dec-12: I-Mode Subscribers Rise 1.4M in One Month to Reach 15M in November
2000_Dec-11: Number of Contract Leased Lines for Business Reaches 80,000 Among Japan's 40 Major ISPs
2000_Dec-11: Palm to Develop Mobile Internet Market in Taiwan
2000_Dec-11: China to Regulate Internet Broadcasting Bulletin System
2000_Dec-11: BBELE to Boost B2B Marketplace Operations
2000_Dec-11: NTT DoCoMo to Offer Int'l Roaming for I-Mode Service in Fall of 2001
2000_Dec-8: Jaccs Wins Japan's First Web Domain Name Court Dispute
2000_Dec-7: Lycos Korea to Invest US$100 Million in Korean Companies
2000_Dec-7: E-Logistics Joint Firm to be Established in Korea in January 2001
2000_Dec-7: Comparison with Rival Web Sites Necessary: Giga Information's VP
2000_Dec-6: Ricoh Begins Test Printing of I-Mode Images at Tokyo Convenience Stores
2000_Dec-6: Internet Exchange Center Opens in Shanghai
2000_Dec-6: EMarket Concepts Asia Opens in Japan, Eyes Asia's B2B Marketplace
2000_Dec-6: Korea's 'PC Bang' Net Cafe Makes Inroads into Japan
2000_Dec-5: JENS Allies with AT&T;, BT Ignite to Establish Global Data Center Business
2000_Dec-5: Taiwan Telecom Network to Cooperate in Online Auto-Industry Trade
2000_Dec-5: Nifty to Roll Out Full-Scale ADSL Connection Service
2000_Dec-4: ECubeNet to Expand Internet Procurement Service for Electrical Parts to Asia
2000_Dec-4: Sumitomo to Form E-Commerce Company Specializing in Digital Moving Pictures
2000_Dec-1: China to Promote Online Library


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